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Traditional Ibo Religion

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1 Traditional Ibo Religion
Patrick Jahn

2 Major Gods Ala – the earth-goddess Igwe – the sky-god
Ikoro – the drum spirit Ekwu – the hearth spirit Mbatuku– the spirit of wealth

3 Religious Leaders Priest and significant men were given religious responsibilities

4 Birth and naming No family names
A person is known through their immediate male lineage

5 Other information Extremely religious people
Believed in two levels of the universe, natural and spiritual

6 More information Some aspects of the religion varied throughout Africa

7 Igbo Religious Rituals
Brad Siek

8 Ibo Relgion The funeral ceremonies for the Igbo people are very complex. The most complex are of the dead chiefs. They also considered some deaths were considered shameful and were not buried at all.

9 The dead are sat in a stool in their finest clothes.
animal sacrifice then a burial

10 Marriage The process of marriage normally includes asking the woman’s consent, testing the bride’s character, and paying the brides wealth.

11 Marriage Men use to practice polygamy, but after the European colonization men began to practice monogamous marriage

12 Works cited Obi, Celestine A. "Traditional Marriage among the Igbos of Nigeria." PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR DIRECTION. Web. 23 Mar < marriage.htm>. Ta Khoi. "Ibo Religion." Web. 23 Mar <>.

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