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Marriage Customs in the Nigerian Culture By: Megan Slabicki.

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1 Marriage Customs in the Nigerian Culture By: Megan Slabicki

2 Polygamy Polyandry is taboo More wives means greater wealth Able to supply Able to support

3 Choosing a Wife From another village 3 ways Arranged before birth Relatives could choose during childhood Man and woman can choose

4 Male Maturity Not liking childhood stories Preferring not to clean or cook Taking bigger risks Spending time with father and elders No childhood perks

5 The First Step Family friend knocks on female’s door Presents kola nuts and palm wine Intermediary proposes Family gives answer

6 The Inquiry Family, friends, and gods are consulted Genealogy Social standing Medical histories Family history Continues through entire marriage process

7 The Probation Groom proves his family worthy Bride lives with groom’s family Bride given tasks by mother-in-law Returns with gifts if she passes

8 Bride Price Groom’s family goes to bride’s family Not too high Gift for raising a beautiful daughter Usually money, branches, and goats

9 Marriage Considered married upon payment Large feast in bride’s compound 70-100 people Couple dance and guests throw money

10 Christianity Formal ceremony Bride dances in followed by single female friends Guests bless her by throwing money Large feast after ceremony Includes entire village

11 Living Situation Man lives in Obi Women live in huts on land Children stay with birth mothers Men do not stay with women

12 Food Women made food Father first to eat Children helped in fields

13 First Wife Oldest Gets something first when offered Wears an anklet for husband’s titles

14 Bearing Children Man sleeps with women in their respective huts Males preferred

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