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The Masonry Society (TMS) Advancing the knowledge of masonry.

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1 The Masonry Society (TMS) Advancing the knowledge of masonry

2 WHAT IS THE MASONRY SOCIETY ? The Masonry Society is... a scientific and technical organization dedicated to the advancement of scientific, engineering, architectural and construction knowledge of masonry

3 WHO CAN BELONG TO THE MASONRY SOCIETY ? Architects Engineers Masonry Manufacturers Masonry Suppliers Masonry Contractors Masonry Craftsmen Building Officials Educators anyone interested in masonry

4 WHAT DOES TMS DO ? Committee Activities Publications and Slide Sets Twice - Yearly Meetings University Professors’ Masonry Workshops Seminars, Conferences Disaster Investigations Scholarships Service to the Profession

5 Numerous Member Opportunities for Professional Growth and Recognition Committee Involvement – Participate, Contribute, and Learn while building lifelong friends! Peer Reviewed Journal TMS Speakers’ Bureau. A list of recognized experts in different aspects of masonry. Masonry Consultant’s List Awards Many More

6 TMS COMMITTEES Opportunities to Serve and Grow! TMS Committees are the “work horses” of the Society and perform the primary duties, tasks and projects of TMS Administrative Committees - oversee the administration of the Society Technical Committees - oversee all technical activities of the Society including production of MSJC, MDG and other technical publications, projects and programs

7 TMS Technical Committees We need people like you! Architectural Practices Committee Certification Committee Construction Practices Committee Design Practices Committee Education Committee Existing Buildings Committee Committees are our mechanism to produce needed standards, resources and guides Fire Resistance Joint Committee Investigating Disasters Project Team Masonry Standards Joint Committee Research Committee Standards Development Committee Sustainability Committee

8 Resources and Publications Standards Development To provide uniformity, safety, protection of markets, … To gain ideas, insight, opinions, and data from all To debate industry differences internally rather than on code floor

9 Current TMS Standards TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5 Building Code Requirements and Specifications for Masonry Structures Fire Resistance Standard for Concrete and Masonry (ACI 216.1/ TMS 0216) Sound Transmission Class (STC) Rating Standard (TMS 0301)

10 Possible new standards on? Masonry Construction in High Wind Areas Direct Design of Typical Masonry Buildings Criteria for “Green” Masonry Buildings Others?

11 Some Popular Resources from TMS

12 Other New Publications from TMS MDG-5 (Masonry Designers Guide, 5 th Edition) Completely updated, and including revised, easy to use chapter layout, with new Chapter on Model Code requirements Annotated Guide to Masonry Specifications Available as hard copy for easy reference, pdf for electronic review, and editable Word file for use in creating your own Master Specification for Masonry! Masonry Inspection Checklist Available for free download through TMS’s Website Transition Guide from 2005 to 2008 MSJC Perfect to familiarize yourself with the major changes in the 2008 MSJC Watch our website for new offerings at

13 Masonry Designers’ Guide -MDG The MDG is a valuable resource for masonry designers & students to help understand and apply the MSJC provisions New chapter on Model Code provisions related to masonry A Student CD is available for the classroom

14 Masonry Structures - Behavior and Design Unparalleled text by Drysdale & Hamid 3 rd Edition entirely updated with new discussion and examples While not “code based”, references to the MSJC provided as appropriate.

15 MASONRY COURSE NOTES Masonry Course Notes, Klingner, 2008 – updated to be based on 2008 MSJC A Set of Classnotes for a Course in Masonry, Abrams, 2000 Masonry: The First 10,000 Years, Grimm & Klingner Course notes for architects (needed!)

16 TMS POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS AND SLIDE SETS Masonry: The First 10,000 Years Causes and Prevention of Cracks in Masonry Any Shape of Form Architectural Observation of Masonry Construction Ecclesiastical Masonry

17 TMS JOURNAL Peer-reviewed technical articles dealing with all aspects of masonry analysis, behavior and design Keyword database of all past papers now available on TMS Webpage

18 TMS E-Newsletter The Society’s former Newsletter (pictured to the right) has been recently been supplemented by an E-Newsletter. Both keep members informed of Society’s business and opportunities to the members.

19 TMS Responds A question and answer piece produced by TMS Members to answer questions on design, construction, evaluation and repair.

20 Resources Under Development 2011 MSJC Code, Specification and Commentaries (TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5) Masonry Designer’s Guide, 6 th Edition Masonry Façade Inspection Checklist Maintenance Checklist Guide for Metal Connectors for Masonry Guide for the Design and Construction of Water-Resistant Masonry Walls Many more… Needed – Interested Committee Members like you!

21 Disaster Investigations Monitor performance of masonry so that: Accurate information on masonry performance is disseminated, So we can learn from these disasters, and make changes if needed, So industry can defend performance of masonry, and market to its strengths Recent Investigations Peru Earthqake (2007), Hurricane Katrina (2005), Ivan and Charlie (2004) Masonry Aspects of World Trade Center Disaster Investigators for Teams Needed

22 Educational Programs North American Masonry Conference (NAMC) University Professors Masonry Workshop (UPMW) Disaster Investigation Workshop Seminars Masonry Design Inspection of Masonry Using Masonry in Sustainable Design and to assist with LEED Credits Webinars

23 UPMW University Professors’ Masonry Workshop Training the trainers By educating professors, we hope to improve and expand masonry education, and thus help young architects, engineers and construction managers feel comfortable with masonry (and thus, more likely to use it!).

24 TMS Website: Recently updated and includes information on the Society, services, meetings, seminars, and publications. Searchable databases Online services

25 Historic On-line Bibliography Contains over 6500 abstracts Papers being added as copyrights expire Sponsored by NCPPT and NPS

26 Masonry Consultant/Speaker Database Excellent resource to find consultants and speakers with expertise matching you needs Can search by area of expertise, geographic area, firm name, etc. Inexpensive way to advertise your firm to those needing help with masonry projects

27 A Few Other TMS Activities of Interest Certification Programs Now co-sponsor to ICC Structural Masonry Special Inspectors Examination Considering Masonry Field Technician Certification Program with ACI White Paper on Sustainable Design related to Masonry – being developed by Pat Rand, chairman of TMS’s Sustainability Committee

28 TMS MEETINGS Annual Meetings. Public presentations, seminars, and committee meetings. Chicago/Evanston IL, October 15-20 Spring Business Meetings Orlando, FL, May 11-15, 2011

29 TMS Awards and Scholarships President’s Award TMS Service Award Clayford T. Grimm, P.E. Student Scholarship John B. Scalzi Research Award Haller Design Award Outstanding Master’s and PhD Thesis Awards James Noland Student Fellowship Journal Paper Awards Others

30 For more information: The Masonry Society 3970 Broadway, Suite 201 D Boulder, CO 80304-1135 Phone : (303) 939-9700 FAX : (303) 541-9215 E-mail: Website:

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