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The Power to Excel. LIUNA Training Joint Labor-Management Training Trust Fund – Established 1969 Training Arm of LIUNA Services 70+ Affiliated Training.

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1 The Power to Excel

2 LIUNA Training Joint Labor-Management Training Trust Fund – Established 1969 Training Arm of LIUNA Services 70+ Affiliated Training Funds in the United States and Canada

3 LIUNA Training Mission LIUNA Training provides its affiliated training funds with products and services designed to improve the lives of LIUNA apprentices and journey workers and the competitive position of LIUNA and its signatory contractors.

4 Products and Services Competency-based industry curriculum Instructor development and credentialing Industry and professional skills standards Affiliate capacity building

5 Products and Services Construction Craft Laborer - Commercial Apprenticeship Program Home Performance Laborer - Residential Apprenticeship Program Program development and administration Strategic partnerships for growth, education, and leadership

6 Quality Commitment Deliver quality products and services that meet Training Fund, LIUNA member, and signatory contractor needs Set the standard for trade education

7 Independent Accreditation Awarded by International Accreditation Service (IAS) in 2008 Re-accredited in 2009 Accredited in two industry fields: –Curriculum Development for Work Force Qualification Programs –Training Agency for Work Force Qualification Programs

8 Curriculum More than 50 programs and 200 modules Learner-centered, competency-based Built upon industry skills standards Clear and measurable learning objectives Written and performance assessments Peer reviewed and pilot tested College credit recommendations

9 Course Materials Instructor and Participant Guides PowerPoint Presentations Instructional DVDs Written Examinations and Performance Assessments Exercises, handouts, worksheets

10 Worker Training Programs Building Construction Heavy/Highway and Infrastructure Environmental Remediation Demolition and Deconstruction Residential and Light Commercial Weatherization, Retrofit, and Renovation Supervisory

11 Instructor Training/Certification Core competencies based upon industry and professional standards Trade and educational skills assessments for credentialing Continuing education and advanced skills certifications Education and career growth opportunities (college degree, instructor training, program monitoring)

12 Training Fund Support Technical Assistance (industry updates, government regulations, program assistance) Technology Support (TRAC database, web portal, online reimbursement system, online bookstore) Resource Development (grant programs, proposal writing/support) Accreditation Support (IAS accreditation, EPA Lead and Asbestos, state certifications)

13 Training Trends Competency Based Apprenticeship and Worker Certifications Disadvantaged worker programs and community development partnerships Green Jobs (weatherization, retrofit, renewable energy) Green Construction (LEED, sustainable construction, waste management, new technologies)

14 Partnerships Enhance training effectiveness Build and expand LIUNA Training capabilities Create opportunities for new ventures Promote LIUNA Training programs Provide access to industry and professional expertise

15 LIUNA Training Partners Industry and professional organizations (AGC, ACI, USGBC, ICC, Affordable Comfort Inc, CPWR, Blue Green Alliance) Government agencies (NIEHS, DOE, USFS, OSHA, EPA) Community Based Organizations Education Institutions and Professionals

16 Industry Partnership Action Approved and certified to train and examine instructors and workers in specialty skills –ACI: Concrete Flatwork Finisher/Technician –CPWR: OSHA Construction Outreach Trainers Peer review and assist training development Affordable Comfort Institute: review, pilot, support, and participate in LIUNA Training Weatherization Programs

17 Industry Partnership Action Educate constituents and promote new initiatives –USGBC, Blue Green Alliance, ACI: develop recommendations, conduct conferences, give presentations to promote weatherization, retrofit, and green construction Advance industry and workforce development –AGC: identify training needs, worker skill sets, and emerging trends to guide training development

18 Government Support Funding to expand training and develop innovative training –NIEHS: Hazardous Waste Worker and Minority Outreach Programs –OSHA: Safety Training Grants, apprenticeship promotion, and disaster worker curriculum –DOE: Remediation Worker Training for HQ staff, workers, and law enforcement –USFS: Job Corp young adult career training

19 Professional and Educational Partnership Actions Quality assurance –ICC/IAS: accreditation for workforce training –Subject Matter Experts: skills standards, adult education, and curriculum content –ACE: recommendations for college credit –Schools and Colleges: School to Work, charter and vocational school development, Training Center/Community College matriculation agreements

20 CBO Partnership Actions MOP, Super JTI, WIB: Disadvantaged worker training and employment assistance WAP, Partnership for Working Families: Community development through local projects

21 Accomplishments Changed the perception of CCL by pursuing designation as an apprenticeable trade. Pioneered professional instructor development through intensive construction and education skills training and certification. Prepared workers for new careers in environmental remediation, reconstruction, and energy efficiency. Transformed worker training through activity-based learning, skills standards, and competency assessments.

22 Accomplishments Improved new entrant success and outreach to disadvantaged and minority workers through language and employability skills training. Affirmed commitment to quality service by attaining accreditation of curriculum and training programs. Created standardized national training for weatherization technician, supervisor, and energy auditor.

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