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Responsible Citizenship A Technology Plan by La’Tausha Daniels-Rogers and Alvin Taylor.

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2 Responsible Citizenship A Technology Plan by La’Tausha Daniels-Rogers and Alvin Taylor

3 Overarching Goals for the Use of Computers and other Technologies Students will compose, print, and edit work in Microsoft Word. Students will design, develop, publish, and present products using technology resources. Students will collaborate with peers, experts, and others using telecommunications. Goals Adopted from NETS 1,4,5, and 6

4 Learning during the Unit with Technology Students will have access to the Internet to research local, state, and national elections across time. Students will be able to communicate with relevant people outside of the classroom to gather more information.

5 Learning From Technology Students will learn from Technology by Viewing prepared Power Point presentations authored by the educator. Completing Activities embedded in software that can be loaded onto class computers.

6 Learning About Technology Students will learn how to properly use Microsoft Word. Students will learn to identify the parts of the computer by name. Students will experience communication outside of the telephone.

7 Technology vs. Standard Text Technology prepares children for the advances of society. Technology allows the child to be more attentive to the lesson taught. Standard Text may be outdated and new information isn’t readily available. Standard Text and paper work requires the eyes to look down, which eventually will make the student sleepy.

8 Websites for Teachers - The active citizenship website provides a curriculum unit about citizenship. After reading the information provided for civic values, I will refresh my knowledge on responsible citizenship and how to deliver my unit to my students. - This position statement, by the National Council for the Social Studies, expresses the mission of the social studies profession. The mission has been to develop informed and active citizens. This website will assist me, as I prepare lessons for my unit. In order for the lesson to be successful, students must have access not only to content knowledge and core democratic values, but also to opportunities to learn citizenship skills and apply them to problems and needs in the community beyond the classroom. - The National Alliance for Civic Education provides a list of articles about the components of citizenship. As professional development, I can read and collect the relevant information in the articles.

9 Websites for Students http://www.kidsvotingusa.org - This site has hands-on civic activities with an authentic voting experience that will get students involved. It also encourages family and community involvement. This site is appropriate for seventh grade social studies. - Through the Smithsonian education link, the students will be able to view a short movie clip about the Star Spangle Banner. This will allow them to learn the song and its history. This site is appropriate for seventh grade social studies. - The Library of Congress sponsors this site that provides students with interactive games on Alabama history. This will assist the teacher with the objectives on the Alabama State Constitution.

10 Software Available for Unit Social Studies Tutorial by TAKS- The software for grades 6–8 covers U.S. History from 1607 to Reconstruction, and includes studies of geography, economic and social factors, and the growth of representative government in early America. RocketPost -blogging software is the fastest way to write your weblog. It’s the only blog editor with WYSIWYG editing, post filing and full blog import. And it works just like email, so you already know how to use it. weblog Other standard computer software such as Microsoft Word, Power Point, Publisher, etc.

11 The End Remember … Students look up to us, therefore we should keep their attention there… UP! ~La’Tausha

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