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Wikis, Blogs & Web Publishing Graeme Oswin

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1 Wikis, Blogs & Web Publishing Graeme Oswin

2 Why Web Publishing?  Real and relevant publishing opportunities for teachers and students  Collaborative learning within the classroom, school or with students in other schools  Creates community through communication

3 Problems with Traditional Web Publishing  Where to publish – school website or elsewhere  Understanding the Website creation software – steep learning curve  Problems with collaboration  Technical issues with uploading information to the net  Required support from technicians and other specialists

4 The Web 2.0 Revolution  The ‘new’ democratic internet – not just for the technically literate.  New ideas Wikis Blogs MySpace – Facebook Twitter File sharing Instant messaging Podcasting VOIP telephone

5 What is a Wiki?  A Wiki is a website. Unlike typical websites, a Wiki is created live on the internet. No special software is required to create a Wiki apart from a connection to the internet and Web Browser software such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.  Wikis are also designed for collaborative internet publishing - this means that you can have many 'authors' contributing to a Wiki site. The most famous Wiki site is Wikipedia.Wikipedia

6 What is a Wiki?  Wiki is the Hawaiian word for 'quick'. Ward Cunningham developed the concept in the late 1990's around the idea of 'quick web' - a way to build websites quickly.  It is also an alliterative substitute for World Wide Web. ie: Wiki Wiki Web.

7 What is a Blog?  Blog is short for 'Web Log'. A Blog is a website that is organised usually as an online diary or comment site for an individual. The author of a Blog would make regular additions to the Blog. A Blog can include other media apart from text.  Wikis and Blogs are related in that they operate very similarly. You do not need any special software to create a Blog, just an internet connection, a web browser and a Blog hosting site.

8 How to create a Wiki site  The easiest way is to create one through As long as it is used exclusively for educational purposes then the site remains free of cost and free of advertising.  The Department's Connect Teacher site has more information.

9 How to create a Wiki site  Register with to create a site. This registers your email address and gives you authoring rights on your wiki  You will need to name your site as well. Choose a name that reflects the content.

10 How to create a Blog site  See the Department of Education Connect Teacher site for more information. The site provides links to site that provide free Blogs for teacher and students as well as other information on Blogging for education.  The Department is sponsoring Blogs for Teachers and Students  is a very good site for creating Blogs for educational purposes.

11 Examples of Educational Wiki sites  Start at the Department's Connect Teacher site.  A Wiki site on lists many educational wiki sites where you can get some inspiration.

12 Things to Consider  Ensure that your wiki or blog site is not blocked by the Department's filtering software.  Go to the Department page and fill out the online form to suggest the site be included in the cache.

13 Things to Consider  Have a legitimate and sustainable educational purpose for creating the site.  Do not publish any personal, identifiable information on students on wiki or blog sites. Do not publish email addresses.  Think about the process of creating content and editing the wiki site. Remember this may involve collaborative publishing.

14 Things to Consider  Define and divide the task amongst the students involved.  Make sure you do the pre-planning.

15 Things to Consider  Make sure you acknowledge any references used and copyright issues are addressed.  Get clearance from the school administration.  At the end of the project, if the sites are no longer needed then remove them.

16 Links  WIKIS & BLOG sites  Education –

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