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Done by: Ryan Kho(11), Ko Giap Shin(12), Randal Lee(13), Lee Zhi Yuan(14), Lim Tian Yi(15)

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1 Done by: Ryan Kho(11), Ko Giap Shin(12), Randal Lee(13), Lee Zhi Yuan(14), Lim Tian Yi(15)

2  Introduction and Background 1.Research questiond 2.Rationale for choice of project 3.Hypothesis  Main Body of presentation 1.Procedure 2.Methodology 3.Results and Discussion 4.Final analysis- conclusion of research application  Conclusion of Presentation 1.Self Reflection 2.References and Acknowledgement

3 Does addiction to Social networking sites affect not only students’ studies and academic lives, but also their social circle and relationship with their family and friends? The focus of our project is to give the community a deeper understanding of our project topic which will raise awareness of FB, Twitter etcetera addiction.

4 Why we chose this topic  To increase public awareness of addiction to social networking sites.  To help the community understand more about the dangers of S/N addiction.  Many sources are readily available for the research of this project topic.  Many people in Singapore are on the verge of or are addicted to S/N sites.  Social networking is used by countless members worldwide. Presenting them with useful facts may finally curb social networking addiction.  This project is possible to carry out, as we can find information on the internet and libraries, and we have a readily-available number of RI students to survey on.  The topic “Addiction to S/N sites” is very feasible as with the common use of S/N sites nowadays, we have many references. The material thus ensures that we have a reliable and wide range of data to choose and research on. What we will cover in this project We will cover the negative effects of addiction to social networking and some useful solutions the public has come up with to curb and prevent addiction.

5 Social networking sites negatively affects youth of today’s community and if the public is not well-informed of the dangers of addiction to S/N sites, the results would be catastrophic. We predict that our project will help inform the school community of the hazards of addiction to S/N sites.

6 1. We each completed our own personal Preliminary Idea. 2. We thus compiled all our PIs and did the GPP. 3. We then had to arrange a set of survey questions and administer the survey. 4. Ryan then arranged the results collected through the survey while the rest(Giap shin, Randal and Zhi Yuan) worked on the data representation/survey report. 5. We formulated a set of interview questions according to the rubrics given. 6. After completing the survey report, we were instructed to do an interview. Thus, we chose Mr. Wong, the school Discipline master. 7. During the interview, we recorded the verbatim and afterward converted it into a interview transcript, after which we interpreted it and wrote a interview report.

7  Methodology(PI)  For the Personal Idea, we mainly did it ourselves.  We mostly did it by adapting a model text for our situation and researching the relevant websites.  Methodology(GPP)  For the Group Project Proposal, we met up in the library to discuss how to write the GPP.  We researched relevant websites and also consulted a model text on how to write the text.

8  First, we did came up with 10 survey questions, and sent them to Mr. Yap for checking.  After that, we edited the questions and printed out 20 copies.  Then we administered the survey and converted the data on Microsoft Excel.  Then we interpreted the data and formulated the Survey Report, again using a model text as a basis.

9  First, we came up with 10 interview questions.  Then, we selected Mr. Joseph Wong, the school discipline master and our History teacher, to be the interviewee.  We came up with the invitation email and then received confirmation that we could interview Mr. Wong.  We conducted the interview and recorded the verbatim.  We made the interview transcript and wrote an interview report, using a model text as a guide.

10  This set of results was very surprising. We expected the norm of our respondents to use S/N sites only up to 30 minutes per day, but many of them used the sites more than an hour a day. We can infer from this that many youth these days spend a lot of their free time on S/N sites.

11  We feel that the public should be educated more on spending more time with actual friends and socialising not via S/N sites, but face-to-face.

12  Said verbally, DO NOT LOOK AT THIS SILDE

13  Mr. Joseph Wong, our interviewee  Our Teacher-mentors for their invaluable guidance and support  Our classmates who helped us complete some survey forms

14  Any Questions???

15  Thank you for your time!

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