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L/O/G/O ORION team MVC-Generator

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1 L/O/G/O ORION team MVC-Generator

2 Agenda Model-View-Controller Already Done What to Come We Shall Talk About Still More to Come Why Bother ? Give a Hand Welcome !!! Contents 1 Contents 2

3 Model View Model-View-Controller Difficult MaintenanceStrong Ripple Effects Presentation Code Business Logic Code Data Access Code Controller Impossible Reuse of Code

4 Already Done Model Generator

5 Already Done (participants home page) Issue Trackers, Forums, SVN Repository and Screenshots

6 Already Done (users home page) Tutorials, Downloads, Screenshots and News

7 What to Come What Table? Username Column? Password Column? “Generate Login Logic” Controller Generator … Login Logic “Users Table”, said the user. “email column”, said the user. “password column”, said the user., said MVC-Generator.

8 What To Come Internationalization Wizard

9 Still More to Come Web Registration Logic Generator View Generation (being planned) J2EE/J2ME internationalization Wizard Support of Additional DBMS’s Future Features

10 Why Bother ? Move from being a “User” to be a “Maker” Contribute to the Egyptian Java Community Does it worth ?! Widen your OSS experience

11 User Release Tech. Tester Designer Documenter Developer Issue Tech. Give a Hand Welcome Volunteers To Thank You

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