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Barbecue and smoke cooking products BUSINESS PLAN Rein-Erik Joe, Martin Bátor, Jenni Kauttu, Lilla Rottenbiller, Alexandra Bichan, Gabriele Rutkauskaite.

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1 Barbecue and smoke cooking products BUSINESS PLAN Rein-Erik Joe, Martin Bátor, Jenni Kauttu, Lilla Rottenbiller, Alexandra Bichan, Gabriele Rutkauskaite 1 Lithuania, Kaunas 17. 5. 2014

2 1.Why am I starting a business? To be my own BOSS, make my own ideas to come life, make a world a better place (make a workplace for people with disabilities, etc). To sell products which are not in present market. We like barbecue and currently there is no product like that, so we fill a market cap with product what we would buy by ourselves. 2.What kind of business do I want? Products witch help to introduce natural living by making traditional cooking easy. For example: doing something differently than its done so far, by doing something unique 3.Who is my ideal customer? Costumer who is not affraid to try new things and is always open for new tastes and experiences. Who demands quality of the products and who is able to buy them even if they are a little bit more expensive. 2

3 3 4.What products or services will my business provide? Company will provide a range of products for BBQ and smoke cooking products and accessories. 5.Am I prepared to spend the time and money needed to get my business started? Of course! 6.What differentiates my business idea and the products or services I will provide from others in the market? Large variety of different smokewood, recipes, information we provide. 7. Where will my business be located? We are trying to focus more on being visible in internet than actual marketplace. 8.How many employees will I need? 2-3 at first to get started. 9.What types of suppliers do I need? Some local suppliers of wood: private forest owners, farmers, but its small quantities and probably they are easy to find. 10.How much money do I need to get started? 5000 EUROs.

4 11.Will I need to get a loan? NO, thanks! 12.How soon will it take before my products or services are available? 6 months to 1 year. 13.How long do I have until I start making a profit? At the end of second season!! 14.Who is my competition? Have to make a research, couple of small companies but they are not offering anything even close to our range! 15.How will I price my product compared to my competition? Rather more expensive but not as much. 16.How will I set up the legal structure of my business? Private small business. 17.What taxes do I need to pay? General taxes of employment (income tax, social services tax and sales tax) and VAT 18.What kind of insurance do I need? At first none! Employees can be insured for unemployment and etc. 19.How will I manage my business? By using my common sense and education. In a our costumer best interest. 20. How will I advertise my business? On web pages, additional information in travelers guides, etc. We will try to find all possible alternative advertising channels, because it seems that the traditional methods doesn't seem to work in nowadays world. The product has to be visible as many places as it possible (petrol stations, supermarkets, gardening stores). 4

5 More detailed business idea 5 Customers tourists, people active in nature, fisherman, hikers, holiday makers, everybody who want to cook outdoors Image Lifestyle product. Local, natural, green, traditional. Products Smoking wood, chips, chunks, logs, blanks and other accessories for barbeque Business process Communications channels: Website, call center, Facebook page. One people is responsible for marketing and sales, one for production and shipping. Seasonally we hire people to collect and handle raw material.

6 PESTEL analysis FactorInclude PoliticalSubsidies EconomicPeople income, are they able to buy our product. Yes! SocialDoesn't affect us so much, more affected by people habits and trends in lifestyle TechnologicalNot really affected EnvironmentalNo harm done, can affect our supply of raw material. LegalNot affected. 6

7 Demand and markets There is always demand for people leisure time activities and what we are offering is part of that. As a new product on market we have to create the demand for our product thru campaigns and other sorts of marketing. As our market we see a whole lot of people who are interested in discovering new tastes and want to have new experiences with food. Current demand is difficult to estimate! As our product is unique therefore market is opened for newcomers! 7

8 Competitor analysis There are couple of small companies which are interested in processing of wood products for barbecue, but we trying to differentiate by offering wider range and some unique products. 8 StrengthsWeaknesses Large variety New products on market Natural product Use of leftover material or otherwise useless material Easy to share information (internet) Adoptive to trends as new product Traditional way of cooking New way for people who are missing that kind of activity in their lives. Seasonal Competitive products (other companies may introduce same kind of products so we have to figure out ways to keep ours in demand) Hard to reach some of our possible costumers (not everybody is using internet, so we have to figure out ways to reach them)

9 Consumer analysis We see all adult people as our potential costumers, people from all different occupations, age groups and backgrounds. If we consider Europe as our market we can predict amount of our potential costumers up to millions of people. What affects buying decisions: New way to prepare their food, possibly trend, back to nature and traditions thinking. People who are more demanding on what they eat and how they eat. Restaurants who are preparing smoked dishes BBQ, traditional kitchens and fish restaurants. Meat, fish and game product manufacturers. 9

10 Main targets To get widely recognized in our category of products To widen our product range To start partnership with many local and international companies To optimize our production methods To figure out ways to take this practice to masses. To learn from our costumers and partners. Fulfill our costumer expectations!! 10


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