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Judith Payne LEBC STEM Manager Judith Payne LEBC STEM Manager.

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1 Judith Payne LEBC STEM Manager Judith Payne LEBC STEM Manager

2 STEMNET contract holder for Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes

3 The Government is committed to increasing the numbers of young people choosing to study STEM post 16, and to ensuring that UK has a skilled workforce to compete effectively in the global economy.


5 Who are STEM Ambassadors? Individuals and companies who pledge to support local schools and colleges at least once a year to help enthuse the next generation of Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians Over 500 Ambassadors in Leicestershire with a wide range of skills and experiences including: Astrophysics, Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Phytochemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Microbiology, Sports Science, Chemistry, Pathology, Geology, Maths, Geosciences, Ecology, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Design and Construction, 2&3D printing, Telecommunications, Software Engineering, Toxicology, Chemical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Science, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Motorsport, Nursing and Midwifery, Construction and many, many more! We would like to see every secondary school engaging with STEM Ambassadors at least 3 times a year.

6 Registered STEM Ambassadors nationwide

7 You can request STEM Ambassador support as many times as you like. Give Careers Talks Mock Interview Sessions Visit after school and lunchtime clubs Give input to Science, Design and Technology, Engineering, Maths, Health and Social Care Lessons etc. Attend Careers Fairs Judge competitions Mentor students completing CREST Awards. Support teams entering national competitions e.g: Lego League, F1, Engineering Development Trust schemes. Family Fun Days and Open Evenings Host teacher or student visits to their workplace. Mentor students on Nuffield Work Placements. What do STEM Ambassadors do?

8 STEM Ambassador visits are FREE of charge to schools

9 Examples of Talks: Food technology Technical Theatre Designing Medical Devices Air pressure sensors Problem Solving in Engineering Careers in construction. National Science and Engineering Week Healthcare Science Week Examples of Talks: Fish, Dinosaurs, Mammals: A fly through evolution Offshore Wind Power – The Future Working in a large Multi National Company (BT) A career in Biology Being a Civil Engineer The Science that Feeds Us Creating a colorful life All delivered by STEM Ambassadors and free to schools and colleges. 26 th to 30 th November 201215 th to 24 th March 2013 Examples of Talks: Embryology - Mighty things grow from small beginnings Hearing service and audiology Healthy diet and hidden sugar Molecule to Medicine Welcome to the Imaging Department Hospital Laboratories - The good the bad and the ugly The ‘tiny’ world of Microbiology Design and Technology Week 24 th to 28 th June 2013

10 Examples of Schools engaging with STEM Ambassadors: Newbridge High School Key focus: Understanding STEM jobs / Careers Awareness / Raising Aspirations Time: 2 lessons Students: Year 9’s STEM Ambassadors involved: Research Nurse Train Industry Engineer Water Aid and Sanitation Consultant Phlebotomist Feedback: Judi Warren, Deputy Head “We have hosted STEM ambassadors in careers classes to the tremendous benefit of our pupils who learnt the sort of questions to ask to find out about careers as well as about STEM career opportunities." Format: Within careers lessons each class of students is split into 3 interview teams – who take it in turns to ask the STEM Ambassador questions, which were prepared specifically for each visitor in the previous lesson. STEM Ambassadors supported the sessions along side other business volunteers that the school had recruited.

11 Beauchamp College Key focus: Widen students knowledge of different STEM careers Time: Evening 7.00 – 9.00 Date: September 2012 Students: Post 16 students and parents STEM Ambassadors involved: Mechanical Engineer Civil Engineer Social Worker Physics and Astronomy Software Designer Website Designer Healthcare Scientist Format: Ambassadors attended an evening post 16 parents evening. Students and parents were invited to talk informally to Ambassadors abut their day to day jobs, qualifications and career opportunities in their chosen fields of work. Examples of Schools engaging with STEM Ambassadors: Feedback: A really useful event to give up to date information to post 16 students about STEM careers

12 Rushey Mead School Key focus: Life as a Midwife Time: 1 hour within a normal lesson Date: One off session Students: Approx 30 BTEC H&SC Level 2 students STEM Ambassadors involved: (NHS Health STEM Ambassadors) Clinical Nurse Specialist in Early Pregnancy Midwife Feedback: Session were well received by the students who asked lots of questions that linked to the coursework they were doing. Format: The H&SC teacher had identified that a lot of her students wanted to go into midwifery but didn’t know a great deal about it. STEM Ambassadors visited the class of H&SC students, delivered a short presentation about their career journeys and day to day tasks then opened up the sessions for more informal discussions with the students. Examples of Schools engaging with STEM Ambassadors:

13 Thomas Estley Community College Key focus: Meeting Engineers Time: 9am to 3pm Dates: Off timetable day Students: 50 Year 8’s STEM Ambassadors involved: Jaguar LandRover Construction Technicians within the County Council Gas Industry Engineer Software Engineer Format: Design and make a self propelled vehicle to travel as far as possible along a straight line. Ambassador Feedback: “It’s a great feeling to see the students getting inspired and helping them to see the relevance of what they learn in Design and technology lessons to a potential future career of being an engineer. The experience has stimulated us too, it’s a challenge but the students have been really well behaved and had fantastic ideas.”

14 Finding out more or request a visit to discuss your requirements

15 Advice and Guidance

16 LEBC Website

17 Any questions?

18 Contact Details Judith Payne STEM Manager Leicestershire Education Business Company Telephone 0116 2407000 Judith Payne STEM Manager Leicestershire Education Business Company Telephone 0116 2407000

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