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About integriti Suppliers to the Oil, Gas and Energy sectors integriti is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of performance critical products. We specialise.

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2 About integriti Suppliers to the Oil, Gas and Energy sectors integriti is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of performance critical products. We specialise in the manufacture of bespoke products to the petrochemical and power generation industries. We have built a clear understanding of this market’s needs Health & Safety is top of everyone’s agenda and is an integral part of our culture Precision Engineers with in-house forging facility We are Precision Engineers with in-house Forging, Heat-Treatment and Testing facilities To eliminate the risk of shortfall in raw materials, we have entered into partnering arrangements with major suppliers With this control over the complete supply chain, we are able to deliver integriti in everything we do

3 About integriti We have almost 100 years experience The business was established in 1913 We have almost 100 years of knowledge, experience & expertise to draw from Specialists in Performance Critical Engineering Our products can be found in the most arduous of service environments and in the most demanding of industries They can also be found where excellence, accuracy and reliability are an absolute necessity. We specialise in the manufacture of products where failure is not an option

4 About integriti Quality standards and accreditations To deliver Performance Critical products we operate a very stringent quality system throughout our organisation We hold the major accreditations we need including BS EN ISO 901:2000 and we are FPAL registered The integriti Culture None of all that could happen without the culture we have adopted at integriti

5 Our Company Culture Integrity Our business is based on the principle that integrity has to be imbedded in everything we do: In the way we conduct ourselves The way we communicate, with honesty and total clarity, In the products we make The services we sell, and The processes we use Safety Health and Safety is built in everything we do We employ outside advisors to ensure we comply with the highest standards of safety

6 Our Company Culture Knowledgeable We continually develop our technical and creativity skills in all aspects of our business Successful We run a strong, dynamic and profitable business; we have outperformed our budget in the last two years Profits are reinvested in the latest technologies Reliable Our rigorous inspection and testing procedures are designed to eliminate the risk of product performance failure Every part we make is treated as bespoke – with traceability guaranteed from raw material to finished product

7 Our Company Culture Caring integriti’s aim is to maintain a helpful, and caring work environment We are keen to understand our customers’, suppliers’ and employees’ needs Motivated We aim to continually involve everyone in the company so they can contributes and share in the success of the business

8 integriti’s Market Sectors Oil & Gas We supply the industry with: End fittings Flanges Valve bodies Branch fittings Power generation We manufacture for key players in the sector: Rings Shafts

9 integriti’s Market Sectors General precision engineering In the main, we manufacture bespoke precision engineering products such as: Downhole Measuring Equipment Downhole Logging Equipment

10 Our Business Strategy We build integrity in our products and services Safety and integrity is embedded into everything we do, make and supply At integriti there is no margin for error Manufacturers of Performance Critical products Our bespoke products are designed to operate in the most extreme conditions and in situations when failure is not an option We seek to differentiate from competitors by specialising in components where absolute trust in the integrity of the material content, the design and manufacture is essential

11 Our Business Strategy Work closely with a small group of targeted customers and meet all their needs Because we target a small group of customers we are able to spend the time required to fully understand their needs We are set-up to manufacture to their rigorous specifications Control the supply chain from raw material to finished part We make use of our extensive expertise in materials, their structure and their uses We are passionate about meeting the rigorous standards at each and every stage of manufacture We insist on full traceability

12 Our Business Strategy Building our financial strength integriti is and must always remain a profitable business Profits are re-invested in the business to create a more secure future Corporate responsibility integriti has a clear policy to treat customers, suppliers, partners and employees with the same respect But above all we build our business from a solid platform where health, safety and integrity are key to every decision we take

13 Products and Services We manufacture parts for extreme environments integriti is a Precision Engineering Company utilising state-of-the-art CAD and CNC equipment which is capable of coping with the most challenging and intricate product configurations We have the expertise to manufacture in a wide range of materials We specialise in the manufacture of performance critical components designed for use where excellence, accuracy and reliability are an absolute necessity Our products can be found in the most arduous environment and most demanding industries Many of the products we produce can be found in operation on the ocean bed 3000 feet below sea-level reaching temperatures of -40°C and withstanding pressures of 10,000 PSI They can be found in power generation plants enduring temperatures over 500 Deg. C, pressures exceeding 100 bar and running at speeds over 3000 revs per minute Our products incorporate integrity in every aspect of their manufacture: Our aim is to have zero failure rate in application

14 Products and Services Strong customer focus: Totally service-driven We fully understand how costly delays can be to our customers We are geared to offer the delivery performance required Tight grip over supply chain We control the raw material supplies We benefit from our own Forgings & Proof machining process Our own Heat treatments, Mechanical & Non-destructive testing procedure Our own state-of-the-art precision machining facility

15 Products and Services Fast-track service available where required Because we have a tight grip over the supply chain we can offer a valuable fast-track service to deal with most customers’ emergencies Helping customers be more profitable We understand that delivery is critical and any delays will hit our customers’ profitability

16 Why buy from integriti? We understand this market requires a special product / service package We have a thorough understanding of the market needs and focus on the service to our customers Our service and reliability package provides excellent value for money. The integriti team has a wealth of experience integriti is founded on over 100 years of expertise in precision engineering We are sector specialists and cover every stage of the manufacturing process, from raw material selection and control to testing of the finished product before delivery This is why our clients can have 100% confidence that we can deliver performance critical components

17 Why buy from integriti? Integrity of our products and services is absolute We can guarantee the integrity of our products and services Our dealings, both commercial or technical will encompass the highest levels of integrity Rest assured that we are bold, confident and expert in what we do.

18 How Our Customers Benefit Easier procurement We offer a one-stop-shop service Greater visibility at quality and conformance level for all orders Dealing with a sector specialist integriti brings customers excellence of service at every level Delivery when you need it We fast track orders when required – we control the supply chain On-time installation – faster repair and part replacement Minimise downtime

19 How Our Customers Benefit Eliminate production loss or delay Quality is absolute; failure in operation is not an option – we manufacture to performance critical standard We deliver fast and on time Controlled true cost of acquisition We offer a value package filled with reliability

20 Our Clients Include integriti works with some of the world’s leading companies in petrochemicals, power generation and renewable energy industries. This is a selection of customers… Howden Siemens Wellstream Alstom Vectcogray Weir Aker Kvaerner

21 People and Key Contacts Tom Townsley - Managing Director Mobile 07884 076 200 Email Peter Currie - Operations Director Mobile 07884 076 205 Email

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