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1 :practical sustainability for the entertainment industry

2 If the adoption of sustainable practice is disrupting our builds, then we’re doing it wrong…

3 Unconsciously unsustainable Consciously unsustainable Consciously sustainable Unconsciously sustainable

4 In a live entertainment environment, we learn specific sets of crafts from others all the time, and these handed-on skills should encompass sustainable practice Preparation (before there isn’t time) Build to recycle (not just sets, but lighting rigs, costume – the whole production) Knowledge of materials and products – you don’t even necessarily need to know why (but it helps) Know when to question (and who) Knowledge of key impact areas (know what’s important) Measure, manage, improve

5 People really want to know, but are reluctant to share – there could be many reasons Shy (embarrassment) Fearful of revealing lack of knowledge Protective of designs and plans

6 Positive action becomes sharing – even on a one-man show Ways to do it: Through formal education Through practical examples – pictures! Online (, for example!) Through industry publications

7 :practical sustainability for the entertainment industry Stage Lighting Wardrobe & Wigs Stage Management General Lighting Heating, ventilation and air conditioning Front of House Scenic construction and props @entsust

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