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International Activity at MSU September 2010 J. Gilbert, 9/26/10.

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1 International Activity at MSU September 2010 J. Gilbert, 9/26/10

2 MSU as a Global University In recent years, international programs, research/outreach activities, and student enrollment has increased MSU has become a global university, reflected in its vision statement to be: “a leading public research university that is globally aware and involved…”

3 Growth in International Enrollment Year No. of Intnl. Students Percent of Total 20055743.6% 20065943.7% 20076613.9% 20086763.8% 20097724.2% Active recruitment has resulted in more international students on our campus Note: the numbers above do not include approximately 200 non-credit ESL students. International Students

4 Growth in MSU Study Abroad Year Study Abroad Students 2007136 2008219 2009250 Students in Study Abroad A central Study Abroad Office was created in 2008. A 84% increase has occurred since 2007. About 1.3% of our students currently study abroad. Our goal: 5% or higher.

5 International Program Organization MSU has a history of international research and outreach involvement, but changes in funding resulted in a decline from what it was in the ’80s Programs have also become highly decentralized, which causes challenges Little or no coordination of risk management

6 Types of International Programs and Activities at MSU ▪ Intnl. Admissions & Services ▪ Study Abroad ▪ English as a Second Lang. ▪ MOAs w/ Foreign Institutions ▪ Borlaug Institute Fellows ▪ Cntr for Intnl. Security & Strategic Studies ▪ Basic & Applied Research Outreach & Educational Program Delivery ▪ Faculty Fulbright Activity ▪ Student Fulbright Activity ▪ Intl. Studies Certificate ▪ MSU Intnl. Student Clubs

7 Study AbroadESL International Student Services Faculty Fulbright Activity Student Fulbright Activity Memoranda of Agreements with Foreign Institutions: Faculty Exchanges & Student Exchanges Basic & Applied Research Office of International Education International Studies Certificate Center for Intl. Security and Strategic Studies International Student Clubs (Holmes Cultural Div Cntr) Academic to Research Continuum More Academic More Research Borlaug Institute Fellows O Outreach & Educational Program Delivery

8 International Institute Opportunities to become more involved in international food and agriculture projects prompted Dr. Mark Keenum to propose that we consider creating a campus-wide International Institute that would encompass these and other strengths at MSU.

9 Coordination of International Activities Creating an International Institute provides the opportunity to foster coordination of international research, outreach, and academic activities at MSU. The Questions: How to organize? And how far-reaching should the Institute be?

10 Advantages of Closer Coordination Clearer image of our international commitment Efficiency of program delivery Better risk management Prioritize & promote synergy Organized alignment with, & ID of, governmental and NGO partners Promote nimbleness & responses More competitive in extramural funding

11 International Institute Focused on research and outreach University-wide institute, with a Director, reporting jointly to VPs for ORED, DAFVM, and Provost Close cooperation with other international programs and offices on campus

12 International Council Brings all relevant international program leadership together Focus on strengthening coordination of all international efforts through improved communication and collaboration

13 International Council International Institute (Research and Outreach) International Services (Student/Faculty Support) Academic Programs

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