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HPHE 6940. KALAMAZOO, MI Est. 1903  One of the top-100 public universities in the United States, Western Michigan University is committed to being learner.

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1 HPHE 6940

2 KALAMAZOO, MI Est. 1903

3  One of the top-100 public universities in the United States, Western Michigan University is committed to being learner centered, discovery driven and globally engaged.  Founded in 1903, what was once Western Michigan College became Michigan's fourth public university in 1957. Since then, WMU has undergone dramatic growth in size and stature.  Today, the University offers more than 240 academic programs to students pursuing degrees through the doctoral level. More than 20 percent of its 25,000 students are enrolled in graduate course work, studying in disciplines ranging from atomic physics and graph theory to medieval literature and blind rehabilitation. Of 101 graduate offerings available, 30 lead to a doctoral degree.

4  The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has classified WMU as one of only 139 public institutions it considers research universities. In addition, U.S. News & World Report has recognized it as one of the nation’s best universities for the past 21 years, and for the past 14 years, has listed it among the top-100 public universities in the United States.  Home to a thriving undergraduate honors college, WMU is one of four public universities in Michigan to be granted its own chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most widely recognized academic honor society in the nation. Fewer than 100 public universities in the country have been selected to shelter a chapter. Also enriching the quality of campus life are nearly 300 registered student organizations and a full array of NCAA Division I-A intercollegiate athletic teams. student organizations intercollegiate athletic teams

5  The University has garnered such success by encouraging an emphasis on both teaching and research. Many of WMU’s more than 915 full-time faculty members are engaged in cutting-edge research, helping to enhance the body of knowledge and, at the same time, ensuring their students have access to the most current information.  Engagement with the communities it serves, innovation and outreach to enhance economic development have become the University’s hallmarks in recent years. WMU plays an integral part in efforts to diversify the state’s economy and has partnered locally with two world-class teaching hospitals to launch a new medical school in 2014.  In recent years, the University also has focused on access to technology for both faculty and students, becoming one of the first major universities in the nation to offer campuswide wireless computing.

6  Both the faculty and the student body reflect WMU’s reputation in the world and its commitment to diversity. The University attracts students from across the nation and from some 90 other countries. Minority students comprise nearly 18 percent of the student population, while international students make up an additional 5 percent. WMU’s faculty members have been trained at some of the world’s finest institutions, and they bring to the campus a global perspective that enhances the learning environment.

7  WMU’s campuses encompass more than 1,200 acres and 151 buildings, featuring some of the finest facilities in the Midwest. The main campus, located near downtown Kalamazoo, is able to house nearly 5,500 students. It includes a large, well- equipped student recreation center and state-of-the-art facilities for business, chemistry, science research, health and human services, and visual and performing arts. WMU’s campuses  The University’s highly rated engineering college and thriving Business Technology and Research Park are based three miles away at the Parkview Campus, while its nationally recognized aviation college is based at the W.K. Kellogg Airport in Battle Creek, Mich. Both the aviation campus and BTR Park are components of Michigan economic development SmartZones.

8  WMU extends its reach well beyond its main campuses in Kalamazoo. Extended University Programs offers quality academic programs close to home through its online and lifelong education units, as well as sites around the state. Nearly three dozen complete degree programs are offered to people in 30 communities through WMU regional locations in Battle Creek, Benton Harbor-St. Joseph, Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Muskegon and Traverse City. The University also sponsors study abroad programs in China, France, Germany, Mexico, Russia and Spain and has exchange agreements with institutions around the globe.Extended University Programs

9  Established: 1903 Main campus: Kalamazoo Enrollment: 24,600 Nickname: Broncos Mascot: Buster Bronco Colors: brown and gold1903Kalamazoo24,600  Campuses and facilities  Western Michigan University’s campuses encompass more than 1,200 acres and 151 buildings, and feature some of the finest facilities in the country.  1,200 acres of campuses  151 buildings  Campuses  Aviation Campus - W.K. Kellogg Airport in Battle Creek, home of the aviation college  Main Campus - Kalamazoo, just west of downtown, divided into three adjoining areas: East, Oakland Drive and West campuses; home to most of WMU's academic programs, campus services, residence halls and other facilities.  Parkview Campus - Kalamazoo, three miles west of main campus, home of the engineering college and Business Technology and Research Park

10  The main campus is able to house nearly 5,500 students. It includes a large, well-equipped recreation center, modern student apartment complex, and a variety of new facilities for instruction, science and other research and the visual and performing arts.  The University’s highly rated engineering college and thriving Business Technology and Research Park are at the Parkview Campus, while its nationally known aviation college is based at the W.K. Kellogg Airport in Battle Creek. Both the aviation campus and BTR Park are components of Michigan economic development SmartZones.

11  Regional locations and online education  Extended University Programs offers WMU’s quality academic programs close to home through online and lifelong education, and through eight regional locations in seven cities throughout Michigan. Extended University Programs  WMU-Battle Creek (269) 965-5380 WMU-Battle Creek  WMU-Grand Rapids Beltline (616) 771-9470 WMU-Grand Rapids Beltline  WMU-Grand Rapids Downtown (616) 771-4100 WMU-Grand Rapids Downtown  WMU-Lansing (517) 483-9728 WMU-Lansing  WMU-Metro Detroit (248) 485-4500 WMU-Metro Detroit  WMU-Muskegon (231) 777-0500 WMU-Muskegon  WMU Southwest (Benton Harbor) (269) 934-1500 WMU Southwest  WMU Traverse City (231) 995-1846 WMU Traverse City

12  Academic colleges  Arts and Sciences (269) 387-4350 Arts and Sciences  Aviation (269) 964-6375 Aviation  Haworth College of Business (269) 387-5050 Haworth College of Business  Education and Human Development (269) 387- 2960 Education and Human Development  Engineering and Applied Sciences (269) 276- 3253 Engineering and Applied Sciences  Fine Arts (269) 387-5810 Fine Arts  Graduate College (269) 387-8212 Graduate College  Health and Human Services (269) 387-7367 Health and Human Services  Lee Honors College (269) 387-3230 Lee Honors College

13  Number of programs  WMU offers numerous degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It ranks second among Michigan colleges and universities in the number of bachelor’s programs offered.bachelor’s programs  Bachelor’s - 140 degree programs Master’s - 69 Specialist - 1 Doctoral - 29

14  Degrees awarded  Bachelor’s degrees 2010-11 - 3,835 2009-10 - 3,820 2008-09 - 3,969 2007-08 - 4,046 2006-07 - 4,527 Since 1918 - 197,246  Master’s degrees 2010-11 - 1,293 2009-10 - 1,334 2008-09 - 1,338 2007-08 - 1,278 2006-07 - 1,281 Since 1918 - 61,492  Doctoral degrees 2010-11 - 128 2009-10 - 110 2008-09 - 103 2007-08 - 111 2006-07 - 95 Since 1918 - 2,473

15  Enrollment (fall 2012)  WMU is Michigan’s fourth largest research university and among the 100 largest in the country, attracting a diverse, culturally rich student body from around the state, country and globe.  Total students - 24,598 (100%)  Men - 11,857 (48%)  Women - 12,741 (52%)  Minorities - 4,638 (19%)  Michigan - 21,741 (88%)  Other states - 1,282 (5.2%)  Other countries - 1,575 (6.4%)  Undergraduate - 19,478 (79%)  Graduate - 5,120 (21%)

16  Entering freshman profile (fall 2011)  Middle 50 percent range ACT scores - 20-25  Average high school GPA - 3.32  Students in top 25 percent of high school class - 1,155 (35%)  Student costs  Tuition and fees are available at, including information on differential tuition charged students in the Haworth College of Business and College of Fine Arts. WMU ranks 10th in tuition and fees among the state’s 15 public universities and is the least expensive of Michigan’s five top-tier research universities. Tuition and fees are available at  Financial aid and scholarships (2009-10)  WMU awarded $270 million in financial assistance to more than 19,600 students. About $55 million of this total went to 3,200 graduate assistance

17  Worldwide information resources  With more than 4.9 million total items and nearly 2.6 million total titles, Western Michigan University Libraries is the fourth largest university library system in Michigan and among the top 100 in the country. Library patrons are also connected with the holdings of 70,000 libraries worldwide.Western Michigan University Libraries  University Libraries (2010-11)  4,949,154 total items, print and nonprint  2,579,526 total titles, print and nonprint  223,210 electronic books  50,229 electronic subscriptions  2,775 print subscriptions  388 online databases  29,958 audio-visual items (CDs, DVDs, etc.)  220,059 maps

18  Graduate education  WMU offers nationally and internationally recognized graduate programs in a wide range of disciplines, from physics and speech pathology and audiology to creative writing and medieval studies.graduate programs  More than 5,000 graduate students study and conduct research at the University. They are welcomed into faculty labs and studios, and participate in groundbreaking work being done in partnership with business, industry and government across Michigan and around the world.  International education  WMU enrolls nearly 1,400 international students from about 90 countries. The faculty includes hundreds of scholars with academic or research experience outside of the United States, who are engaged in collaborative activities and projects on six continents. WMU enrolls nearly 1,400 international students  The University offers students study abroad programs in two dozen countries and access to foreign study opportunities in almost every country in the abroad programs  Major and minor offerings include rare interdisciplinary programs in global and international studies as well as programs in comparative politics, international business, selected regions of the world, and foreign language studies that include Arabic, Chinese and Russian. The University hosts a fully accredited intensive English language program for international students.

19  Student life  Major components of student life include health and wellness, diversity and inclusion, residence life and campus dining, career and leadership development, student-led activities and organizations, and a host of programs designed to support the academic mission of the University and help guide students toward lives as responsible citizens and leaders.student life  Arts and entertainment  WMU offers a wide range of arts and entertainment including more than 1,200 plays, concerts, exhibitions and readings featuring the work of student, faculty and guest artists. The Campus Activities Board and other student organizations sponsor performances by popular comedians and musicians. WMU is home to Miller Auditorium, the third largest theatre in Michigan, which features Broadway hits and internationally acclaimed performances of ballet, opera, music and dance.arts and entertainment Miller Auditorium  Principal visual arts and performance venues  Dalton Center - dance studios, recital hall, multimedia room Gilmore Theatre Complex - Shaw Theatre, Williams Theatre, York Arena Theatre Little Theatre - films and readings Miller Auditorium - 3,500-seat auditorium Richmond Center for Visual Arts - galleries and presentation space

20  Intercollegiate athletics  WMU is committed to gender equity and is an NCAA Division I (Football Bowl Subdivision) member of the Mid-American Conference and the Central Collegiate Hockey Association. WMU supports 16 varsity sports—six for men and 10 for women. Visit for complete  Men’s varsity sports  Baseball Basketball Football Hockey Soccer Tennis  Women's varsity sports  Basketball Cross Country Golf Gymnastics Soccer Softball Tennis Track and Field (indoor and outdoor) Volleyball

21  Alumni  WMU has 180,000 alumni worldwide, living in all 50 U.S. states and more than 140 other countries. While the alumni population has grown significantly over the past 20 years, the geographic distribution has remained fairly constant.  96 percent of all WMU alumni live in the United States. Other countries with the largest number of alumni are Malaysia, India, Japan, China and Canada.  67 percent of all WMU alumni live in Michigan. Other states with the largest number of WMU alumni are Illinois, Florida, California, Indiana and Ohio.  60 percent of all WMU alumni live in the southern half of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.  The largest concentrations of alumni are in the metro areas of Kalamazoo, Detroit, Chicago and Grand Rapids.

22  Major milestones in WMU history  May 27, 1903 - WMU established by act of the Michigan legislature  1904 - First classes offered with 117 students enrolled  1905 - Two-year teaching certificates awarded at first commencement  1909 - First regional location opens in Grand Rapids  1920 - First bachelor's degrees awarded  1939 - Nickname changed from Hilltoppers to Broncos  1953 - First master's degrees awarded  Feb. 26, 1957 - Western Michigan becomes the state's fourth public university.  1968 - First doctoral degrees awarded  1997 - Phi Beta Kappa chapter established at WMU  2000 - WMU joins the University of Michigan, Michigan State and Wayne State as Carnegie Foundation-classified doctoral-research universities.  2013 - WMU becomes a medical university

23  Human resources (fall 2010)  Regular staff - 1,873 Full-time faculty - 866 Faculty chairs - 51 Part-time faculty - 524 Graduate assistants - 848 Total - 4,162

24  Research and sponsored programs  2010-11 - $35,715,764 2009-10 - $34,107,248 2008-09 - $32,290,781 2007-08 - $23,564,158 2006-07 - $33,515,217 2005-06 - $38,946,094 2004-05 - $31,663,397 2003-04 - $40,197,985 2002-03 - $32,920,856  Private gifts  2011-12 - $18,722,242* 2010-11 - $9,903,152 2009-10 - $10,856,003 2008-09 - $12,071,009  *Does not include $20,627,020 for the WMU School of Medicine



27  Kalamazoo is one of the 25 best cities in the country for young college graduates, according to a 2011 national study that looked at relative affordability, housing and employment opportunities, and size of the age 22-24 population. That was one more acknowledgement of one of WMU's greatest assets—Kalamazoo and West Michigan.25 best cities  Even if you haven't been to Kalamazoo, you've probably heard a lot about it.  It's the home of the Kalamazoo Promise that guarantees college tuition to graduates of the Kalamazoo Public Schools—the largest program of its kind anywhere.Kalamazoo Promise  Two of America's top professional athletes, Greg Jennings of the Green Bay Packers and Derek Jeter of the N.Y. Yankees, are both graduates of Kalamazoo Central High School. Jennings is also a proud WMU graduate.Greg Jennings  In 2010, President Obama spoke in WMU's University Arena at the commencement ceremony for Kalamazoo Central after he selected the school from more than 1,000 entries as the winner in the first Race to the Top Commencement Challenge.President Obama

28  Kalamazoo is famous for a lot of things. It's a major international pharmaceutical and life sciences center; it's the original home of the Upjohn Co., Stryker Corp, Gibson Guitars, Checker Motors and Bell's Brewery, among many others; the Kalamazoo Gazette is the second oldest newspaper in Michigan; and a century ago, Kalamazoo was so famous for one crop, it was known throughout the country as the Celery City.  Abraham Lincoln spoke in the village of Kalamazoo in 1856, four years before he was elected president, his only public address in Michigan.  Kalamazoo is a center of higher education. In addition to WMU, it is home to Kalamazoo College and Kalamazoo Valley Community College. The three institutions collaborate on a variety of fronts and add significantly to the cultural and educational opportunities and economic development of the region. Kalamazoo CollegeKalamazoo Valley Community College  With a population of more than 325,000, Kalamazoo is the sixth largest metropolitan area in Michigan and among the 150 largest in the country. It's large enough to support all the amenities and entertainment found in larger cities; and yet, you can be in the heart of farm country in 20 minutes, and Kalamazoo supports a thriving Farmers Market downtown May through November.Farmers Market

29  Kalamazoo is midway between Chicago and Detroit on I-94 and offers commercial transportation by train, bus and major airline at the Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport.Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport  Day or weekend trips by train to Chicago, the nation's third largest city, are popular and even more convenient with the continuing development of high-speed rail connecting the two cities.

30  Recreation  Kalamazoo is a 40-minute drive from Lake Michigan beaches at South Haven and slightly farther from beaches at St. Joseph and Saugatuck.South Haven  Michigan’s ski country, considered the best skiing in the Midwest is three to four hours north, and excellent local skiing is only 30 minutes away.  Originally a railroad line connecting Kalamazoo and South Haven, the 33-mile Kal-Haven Trail is popular for bicycle riding, hiking and cross country skiing. In 2008, the eastern end of the trail was extended into Kalamazoo as part of the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail. When completed, the two trails will create a 70-mile bike path from South Haven to Battle Creek.Kalamazoo River Valley Trail.

31  Kalamazoo arts and entertainment  Local festivals—featuring live music, arts and crafts, food and drinks—many of which are held at Arcadia Creek Festival Place downtown—attract crowds in the tens of thousands. The Kalamazoo Art Fair, held annually on the first weekend in June, is the second oldest community art fair in America and attracts 60,000 visitors over two days.Arcadia Creek Festival PlaceKalamazoo Art Fair,  WMU’s Miller Auditorium, the historic State Theater and a variety of local clubs offer a complete array of concerts featuring every kind of music and popular entertainment. Kalamazoo is a frequent stop for many of today's top comedians, musicians and other entertainers. WMU’s Miller Auditorium,  Monthly screenings of art cinema are presented at WMU's Little Theatre by the Kalamazoo Film Society and student-run Western Film Society.WMU's Little Theatre  A few of the many cultural opportunities  Kalamazoo Civic Theatre Kalamazoo Civic Theatre  Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Kalamazoo Institute of Arts  Kalamazoo Public Library Kalamazoo Public Library  Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra  Kalamazoo Valley Museum Kalamazoo Valley Museum  Gilmore International Keyboard Festival. Gilmore International Keyboard Festival

32   

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