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XML Examples AIXM 5 RC2.

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1 XML Examples AIXM 5 RC2

2 Topics Overview of XML Schema Definition Language (XSDL)
Schema components AIXM use of XSDL Example from the AIXM 5 RC2 xsd files VerticalStructure (a generalization on structures that includes obstacles) Obstacle Areas

3 General Scheme AIXM is modelled using UML
UML Model XSD files XML files HTML view AIXM is modelled using UML Scripts within the UML model are used to generate XSD files. These files act as schema definitions for the AIXM data The AIXM data is defined as XML files Software (Java, XSLT, etc) is used to transform the XML data to HTML to be viewed by a browser

4 Sample AIXM Data: Runway

5 Sample AIXM Data: Runway Element

6 Sample AIXM Data: Runway Element

7 XML Schema Definition Language (XSDL)
Member of the XML family of standards XML schema is composed of pre-defined components: Primary components: Element declarations Attribute declarations Simple type definitions Complex type definitions Secondary components: Attribute group definitions Model group definitions Identity-constraint definitions Notation declarations Dependent components: Model groups Annotations Attribute uses Particles and wildcards

8 AIXM use of XSDL Datatype definitions:
define AIXM features to encompass detailed aeronautical domain information accurately. Extension and restriction of datatypes: define and reuse datatype definitions within the schema. Element and attribute declarations: define AIXM features. Annotation and documentation: to enable users to understand the contents of the AIXM XSD files. Additional schema components: to incorporate the use of the Geographical Mark-up Language (GML), and to make use of additional concepts available in XSDL.

9 VerticalStructure includes Obstacles

10 VerticalStructure element
Parent is <schema> A Global element Of type VerticalStructureType Inherits from the AbstractAIXMFeature Defined in XML as a substitutionGroup

11 AbstractAIXMFeature

12 VerticalStructureType and reference to the TimeSlicePropertyType

13 complexType definition for VerticalStructureTimeSliceType

14 ObstacleArea element

15 “ObstacleArea” element definition
The “ObstacleArea” element is of datatype “ObstacleAreaType” “ObstacleAreaType” is an XSD complexType with complexContent It extends a primitive datatype that is also complexType It makes reference to “timeSlice” “timeSlice” references a TimeSlicePropertyType that references a TimeSlice definition The “ObstacleAreaTimeSlice” element is of datatype “ObstacleAreaTimeSliceType” The datatype declaration makes reference to the element group “ObstacleAreaPropertyGroup”

16 “ObstacleAreaPropertyGroup” group of element definitions
The “ObstacleAreaPropertyGroup” group of element definitions containes three elements It also includes three elements that define relationships to other AIXM features

17 <choice> section of the “ObstacleAreaPropertyGroup” group
The three possible choices are defined as XSDL elements These elements are associations in the UML model

18 UML for ObstacleArea

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