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Soldiers during WWI Trench lifestyle Hannah Fisher.

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1 Soldiers during WWI Trench lifestyle Hannah Fisher

2 Living Style During this time most soldiers live in ditches or in tent.

3 Daily Life Most spent most of their time building larger trenches or talking to one another. Or they were fighting off the enemy.

4 Lifestyle Very rough Not much to eat Confined spaces Waste every where Unsanitary Soldier of the 5 th Scottish Rifles

5 Fights If you were in the trenches you were often in the most dangerous part of the fighting.

6 Diseases/Viruses During the war many died of diseases and Viruses Examples –The Influenza (picture of an influenza camp) –Trench Fever –Typhoid Fever

7 Death Often people either died form disease, getting shot and other wounds that they got during battle Rats wound eat the dead in the trenches Picture of the dead in the trench ntheWesternFront.htm 18GreatWar/LifeInTheTrenches.htm

8 Self inflicted wounds A capitol offence If caught sent to prison Soldiers often did this because they knew they knew they faced certain death at the front

9 Casualties and Life After After the war was over many began to have posttraumatic symptoms. There is an estimated 8.5 million people that died in the trenches Officer coming back form the war.

10 Weapons The most deadly weapons in Trench Warfare is the Machine Gun and the Artillery.

11 Totals IN total over 40 million people were killed in WWI and over half of this was the result of trench warfare.

12 Work Cited "Photos of The Great War - Error." The World War I Document Archive. Web. 16 Feb

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