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A brief presentation of the daily routine in Borotin Kindergarten. Come to Borotin!

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2 A brief presentation of the daily routine in Borotin Kindergarten. Come to Borotin!

3 Between 5 and 6 o’clock in the morning we are paying our respects to Mother by cleaning the Photos and doing Aarti. The meditation finishes before 7 allowing the bedroom auntie to have time to prepare themselves to wake up the angels.

4 At 7 o’clock it is time for the children to wake up, brush teeth, change clothes and prepare for the meditation.

5 Children’s morning meditation usually lasts around 35 minutes. Each day a different bedroom auntie is leading the meditations. The meditation can be led in different ways: - silent meditations, singing bhajans, watching parts of Mothers speeches, prayers.

6 The next step is breakfast. The children are sitting according to their bedrooms accompanied by their bedroom aunties. The capacity of the dining room is between 50-60 children.

7 After breakfast, the school time arrives. There are 4 classroom with a total capacity of 45 children. The main activities in the classroom are:

8 1. Sahaja Yoga lessons They are the most important lessons and they are used as much as possible also as a support in the other lessons.

9 2. Language lessons According to their age, the children are taught the secrets of English language in a fun way. They are learning progressively to speak, read and write in English, each child being supported to learn at his/her own rhythm.

10 3. Math lessons The main areas of the math lessons are: -Recognition of the numbers and shapes. -Understanding the concept of opposites. -Addition and subtraction.

11 4. Art lessons Mother always appreciated art so the children are motivated to learn to express their love through creativity.

12 The lessons are introducing to the children the bhajans as well as other styles of music allowing them to develop their musical ear from an early age. 5. Music lessons “Speak sweet Speak Sweet Speak Sweet”

13 6. Topic There are great variety of topics and each one has its own part in the development of the child. The topics are used mostly to give information about the world in which we live and the best way to behave in relation with the environment.

14 Another activity that is very important for young learners is the motor games. The motor games are a set of simple games which are meant to help developing the proper coordination between the brain and the body of the children.

15 The sport lessons are also important as the children are developing a lot at this stage. The physical workout allows the body to be stronger. All the sport lessons are set like games allowing the children to fully enjoy.

16 Sundays are a very good opportunity to have treasure hunts in the forest, searching for the deities, building houses out of branches and also enjoying the delicious berries offered by Mother Earth.

17 Eating the salad can be quite a challenge but with nice stories and sweet words at the end they enjoy it. The children are encouraged to respect the silence of the dinning room as well the food given by Mother Anapurna.

18 After lunch, all the children enjoy a few minutes of video.

19 There are 7 bedrooms in which the children are having rest or other light activities like drawing. The bedroom aunties are the mummies now and the bedroom is their home for the time being in the kindergarten.

20 Gargling and brushing teeth is the usual routine before siesta.

21 Siesta is very important for the children at this age so they are encouraged to sleep.

22 In the second part of the day the children enjoy free activities. They are interacting with each other, building up friendship.

23 If the weather allows, the playground can be a wonderful place full of challenges. The playground is equipped with: -2 swings -2 slides and a small castle -Sand pit -Many other toys -A lot of green space to run

24 The last part of the school time is dedicated to different treatments, individual or collective.

25 After school each bedroom has footsoak (15 minutes), the children cool down after the excitement of the day.

26 Between 6 and 7 pm the children enjoy the last meal of the day.

27 Before going to sleep, the children meditate in the bedrooms. Once a week they offer puja to Mother. Good Night! Tomorrow is a new day!

28 The term is starting soon (16th of April) We will be more than happy to give more details about the location, compensation and other information concerning your stay. Please contact us at:


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