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Geometry Unit Project 6th grade.

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1 Geometry Unit Project 6th grade

2 Area and Perimeter Area Perimeter the amount of space inside of a 2- dimensional figure. Measured in square units. (Below the area is 24 square units) The distance around a 2-dimensional figure. Measured in linear units. (Below the perimeter is 20 units)

3 Area of a rectangle and square
To find the area of a rectangle and a square, I must multiply the length and the width.

4 Real-life application of area
I would like to put brand new tile in my bedroom because my carpet has seen better days. My room is in the shape of a rectangle with dimensions of 12 ft by 14 ft. I found the tile I want at Home Depot for $2.08 per sq ft and 1 case costs $37.44 and covers 18 sq ft. How much would the tile cost me for my bedroom? ANSWER: I would need 9 1/3 cases to cover the 168 sq ft of space in my bedroom. However, Home Depot won’t let me purchase 1/3 of a case so I need to round up to 10 cases. So 10 cases would cost me $ before taxes.

5 Volume The amount of space inside of a 3-Dimensional figure.

6 Volume of a Rectangular prism
To find the area of a rectangular prism, multiply by the length, width and the height.

7 Real-Life application
The Phoenix Zoo has an aquarium as shown below. How much water will it hold? The aquarium will hold 300 sq ft of water if filled to the top.

8 Surface Area The area of all the surfaces of a 3-dimensional object.

9 Surface area of a rectangular prism
To find the surface area, find the area of all 6 sides then add all together. Sometimes using a Net of the figure will help see all the sides and its measurements. The surface area of the rectangular prism is: 2x3=6 6x2=12 6x3=18 Total when added is =72 sqft

10 Real-life application for surface area
I would like to paint the interior walls of my kitchen and living room. I know 1 can of paint will cover 400 sq ft. How much paint and how much will it cost to paint the walls? We would have to know how much surface area we will be painting. We don’t want to too much paint leftover but we don’t want to make another trip to Lowes because we didn’t purchase enough the first time

11 Conclusion Area, perimeter, volume and surface area are just some aspects of geometry that are important in the real-world. Knowing how to calculate them correctly will help you save money, plan, and/or budget accordingly when it comes to upgrading your home with flooring, filling up a large fish tank, painting, installing fencing for the backyard, adding grass, rock, and concrete, filling a sand box with sand, etc. There is always the alternative which is to hire someone else to overcharge you for something that you could've done yourself since you learned it in 6th grade. Thank you.

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