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Reengineering Based on High Performance Teams John G. Mathers 2010.

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1 Reengineering Based on High Performance Teams John G. Mathers 2010

2 Reengineering Page 2 ADAPT OR DIE “ Organizations can no longer survive making long, slow turns like some huge ship. They must be able to turn instantly in response to a myriad of threats and opportunities — like a school of fish. Each person in the organization must be prepared to quickly change his or her role as the need arises. “ Organizations must adapt to this new reality or die. ” John G. Mathers

3 Reengineering Page 3 Focusing on the Vision and Values Business Process Organization Structure ManagementMeasurement Vision & Values

4 Reengineering Page 4 Continuous Re-Invention Evolutionary System-wide Demanding Change Able The Change Able Organization In an increasingly competitive marketplace, continuous im- provement is:

5 Reengineering Page 5 Continuous Re-Invention

6 Reengineering Page 6 The Stages of Redesign Offense and Defense

7 Reengineering Page 7 Getting Acquainted with Redesign Develop senior managers ’ understanding of: – The redesign process (Offense) – The fine-tuning process (Defense) – The commitment each person must make Gain senior managers ’ support for the redesign effort (i.e., they are the Redesign Team, overseeing the entire process)

8 Reengineering Page 8 Defense: Building the Five Artifacts Performance Plans Align Performance Plans at all levels Linked Teams Initiate networked management systems (Linked Teams) Work Reviews Decisive Regular Meetings Start a weekly monitoring system (Work Reviews and Decisive Regular Meetings) Breakthrough Systems Implement Breakthrough Systems at all levels

9 Reengineering Page 9 The Case for Change The Redesign Team (the Offense) builds the Case for Change: – Current situation – Consequences of doing nothing – Timing for action Present the Case for Change to senior management (the Redesign Team)

10 Reengineering Page 10 Sharing the Case for Change Communicate the need for change, especially the “ Wall ” Emphasize the need forsimultaneous Offense (redesign) and Defense (building the Change Able organization) Continue to build network (linked team) and breakthrough skills

11 Reengineering Page 11 Getting to a Clean Slate Select a Redesign Team (the “ best and brightest ” ) and teach them Five Artifacts and redesign process skills Uncover current, core processes (i.e., the clean slate) Create and simulate alternatives to the core processes Employ technology in as many aspects of the simulated processes as possible

12 Reengineering Page 12 Preparing the Existing Organization Communicate the Redesign Team ’ s progress As the Five Artifacts are being put in place, focus on fine-tuning the monitoring/tracking systems Capture all the metrics for the current processes for later comparison with the redesigned system Plan for expected redeployment of human and other resources

13 Reengineering Page 13 Piloting the New Map Install and debug the new process (especially new technology solutions) in parallel with existing system Establish Redesign Team as the new process management team

14 Reengineering Page 14 Staged Implementation Retrain people for new business opportunities Redeploy human and capital resources Begin to realign people and processes in the new business systems

15 Reengineering Page 15 Full Implementation Move all resources and personnel into the new business systems

16 Reengineering Page 16 Acknowledge the Results Review the redesign and implementation process and identify metric shifts from the old processes Prepare for Continuous Improvement processes

17 Reengineering Page 17 Continous Improvement Begin a new cycle of continued renewal Breakthrough Systems

18 Reengineering Page 18 Re-Inventing the Organization

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