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SONY MD2GO & Live Viewer Enabling Next Generation Telemedicine Capabilities.

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1 SONY MD2GO & Live Viewer Enabling Next Generation Telemedicine Capabilities

2 The Telemedicine Situation Today Healthcare cost continue to rise and physicians need to be accessible 24 hour a day Demand for medical care far exceeds availability of qualified providers Traditional VC systems require costly dedicated systems that are big and bulky Hospitals cannot afford to outfit each patient room with a HD system on each end and can’t be moved easily 2.

3 3 Sony Medical Business Overview Integrated business unit with dedicated R&D/manufacturing, marketing, product management, sales, and regulatory affairs Over 25 years in the medical business Products used for clinical care, primarily surgery and diagnostic imaging Dedicated to new technology developments that improve healthcare education and outcomes and reduce costs

4 P r i v i l e g e d a n d C o n f i d e n t i a l 4 Full Line of HD Surgery Products PCS-XG80 and MD2GO TM PMW-10MD (2pc HD Camera) UP-DR80MD Surgical Monitors Cameras Telemedicine and Conferencing Systems Capture Systems/Recorders HVO-1000MD Surgical Printers LMD-3250MD (32” MD Grade) Video Management & Storage Systems OPSIGATE

5 MD2GO is a remote HD IP camera system that can be wheeled into any room right up to the bedside. Physicians can communicate in real time with superb HD quality at a fraction of the cost of traditional video conferencing systems. The doctor controls the camera remotely from anywhere on the network using their PC or Slate Device. System enables high quality two way bedside chat. MD2GO

6 Design Features Superior 720p HD Picture Quality Wireless G card included Sony PCS-A1 Microphone Compact Shelf Built-in Speaker & Amplifier with Volume Control Footswitch for Easy On/Off

7 SONY/Microsoft Collaboration… Improve MD2GO user experience by building a touch-enabled gesture based dashboard that runs on web, pc, and windows slate devices. Make it intuitive and easy to use Give physicians ability to provide telemedicine capabilities anyplace, anytime, anywhere 7

8 8 >

9 MD2GO Live Viewer Application 1 minute learning curve Just select a camera name or IP Address Convenient History- just click to the last camera Intuitive Touch & Gesture enabled for Windows 7 Slate and PC Devices One Touch Still & HD Video Capture Intuitive Filmstrip Indicator Time and Date Stamp is captured for every session

10 10 Demo

11 MSRP = $9,995 Stand Comes Pre-wired w/ Microphone Some Assembly & Installation Required by Integrator

12 12 © 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This material is provided for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied. 12

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