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Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition: The “Clean Slate” Approach

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1 Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition: The “Clean Slate” Approach
NDIA Joint Service Small Arms Symposium May 2004 Kori Spiegel Joint Service Small Arms Program (973)

2 Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition Goals
A “Clean Slate” Design with Reduced Weight as the Priority 35% Weapon Weight Reduction 40% Ammo Weight Reduction Light Machine Gun Medium MG Current Goal Weapon 17.5 lb 11.4 lb 27.7 18.0 Ammo (600 Rds) 20.4 lb 12.2 lb 39.3 23.6 System (Wpn +Ammo) 37.9 lb 23.6 lb 67.0 41.6

3 Requirements Ammunition Weapon External Interfaces

4 Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition The Method
Investigated State of the Art Technologies Awarded 5 “Component” Contracts: ATK, Frontier, FNMI, Knox & Veritay Researched previous and ongoing efforts Restarted caseless ammunition line at Picatinny Conducted Quality Function Deployments Serves as Voice of the User Held QFD’s for User, Designer and a combined group Results led to criteria for solicitation Awarded System Integration Contracts Contracts awarded to AAI Corporation and GD-ATP Multi phase program to analyze, build and test concepts Conduct integration testing and User demo Testing will encompass all Milestone B requirements and FFW Demo Completed at end of FY07 Transition to PM Soldier Weapons

5 Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition Schedule
FY FY FY FY FY07 Component Studies Component Demos Caseless Ammo Study Caseless Ammo Demo System Concept Design (Phase 1) Ltwt Machine Gun Development (Phase 2) Subsystem Testing System Integration Testing (Phase 3) Early Operational Test

6 Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition AAI Team

7 Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition AAI – Key Features
Achieves weight reduction objective Ammunition Weapon Simplified weapon action Extensive use of composites Spiral development approach Light Machine Gun Medium Machine Gun

8 Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition GD-ATP Team
Lead System Integrator Lethality lead for system level performance Established system requirements and functional analysis and allocations with flow down to subsystem IPT’s Responsible for risk management, effectiveness analysis, configuration management, interface and data management Lead on Technical Performance (TPM) tracking (DTUPC and DTUW) Key member for Weapon Design and Development & IPT Co-design selected weapon concept Assist GDATP weapon TPM tracking (DTUPC and DTUW) Lead Design and Integrator for Ammunition Design and Development Design lead on ammunition Lead on ammo TPM tracking (DTIPC and DTUW) Reliability and maintainability lead for ammo

9 Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition GD-ATP Concept
Meets or exceeds weight reduction objectives Emphasis on PROCESS to achieve PRODUCT Flexible weapon and ammunition design Current Future

10 Caseless Ammunition Capability Demonstration
Patricia M. O’Reilly Chief, Energetic and Organic Materials Laboratory Branch Energetics and Warheads Division Energetics, Warheads, and Environmental Technology Directorate Armaments Engineering and Technology Center US Army Armament Research Development Engineering Center NDIA Small Arms Symposium & Exhibition May 12, 2004 Las Vegas, Nevada

11 Caseless Ammunition Capability Demonstration
Objective To develop and demonstrate an in-house capability and core competency to manufacture Caseless Ammunition prototypes in support of the Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition Science & Technology Objective Deliver Caseless Ammunition for a live-fire/ballistic demonstration Establish ARDEC with a World Class Caseless Ammunition Capability

12 Caseless Ammunition Capability Demonstration
Why Caseless Ammunition? Lightweight Force Multiplier Decreased Logistics Burden High Ignition Temperature Propellant (HITP) provides improved propellant characteristics & energetic behavior High level interest Push the State of the Art – A Technology that fits the “clean slate” approach

13 Caseless Ammunition Capability Demonstration
Background Previous work performed under Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR) Program nearly 15 years ago Technology Development funded by US (ARDEC) and Germany to Heckler & Koch (H&K)/Dynamit Nobel (DNAG) Successful Demonstration of Caseless Ammunition Rifle System Technology Licensed & Transferred to the US at ARDEC

14 Caseless Ammunition Capability Demonstration
Why ARDEC In-house Effort? Original Caseless Ammunition prototype manufacturing capability exists/retained Risk of Technology being lost - Loss of expertise Develop and maintain expertise/competency area Provides new hires hands-on experience Development of cutting edge technology

15 Caseless Ammunition Capability Demonstration
Technical Approach Determine Feasibility Identify and address technical challenges/potential risk areas Near term & long term Material needs and source suppliers - availability Assess equipment condition Costs Determined viability Organizational Commitment Re-establish capability and prototyping process utilizing existing technology Validation of In-house Caseless Ammunition capability for 5.56mm

16 Caseless Ammunition Capability Demonstration
Status of Progress Accomplishments Materials, supplies and services obtained Maintenance and service equipment – test and manufacturing SOPs and Manufacturing Process procedures Baseline Formulation Selected First HITP mix manufactured Pressing Study completed

17 Caseless Ammunition Capability Demonstration

18 Caseless Ammunition Capability Demonstration
Status of Progress Next Steps Select initial charge weights Manufacture initial quantity of prototypes Charge Weight Determination (Ballistic Evaluation) Evaluate results and select next charge weight(s) Characterization Implementation of any processing improvements Interior Ballistic Modeling Manufacture second HITP mix and qty of prototypes Charge weight(s) verification (Ballistic Evaluation) Evaluate results and determine optimal charge weight Manufacture HITP for Demonstration Quantity Small qty of prototypes for charge wt and ballistic performance validation Manufacture demonstration qty Deliver Demonstration quantity - June ‘04

19 Caseless Ammunition Capability Demonstration
Technical Challenges Long term availability and identification of source suppliers Material replacements Environmentally friendly alternatives/ manufacturing processes for constituents Summary Validation of the in-house capability proceeding Efforts focused to bring Caseless Ammunition Capability/Technology to a sufficient maturation level Acknowledgements JSAAP Office PPP Entire Caseless Ammunition IPT

20 Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition Summary
By using “Clean Slate”, program goals are feasible Program progressing successfully Close partnering between Government & Industry Comments/Questions?

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