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Banyule Bike Train Greta Gillies Monique Edwards.

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1 Banyule Bike Train Greta Gillies Monique Edwards

2 A bike train evolving: Where I’m coming from  Me  Living simply in Heidelberg Heights (3081)  Value community and living sustainably  Don’t drive, have cycled almost daily for past 8 years  Work in the city full time ( science and teaching background)  Ride to the city  BIG advocate for cycling ($$, health, environment, fun, freedom, A-B satisfaction, social)

3 A bike train evolving: 3081, a sustainable community  Found a sustainable community (Transition 3081 and Banyule)  Murundaka co-housing on my street  Malahang Reserve- Bike hut  Low income families from diverse backgrounds- kids and teens cycling  Reasonable cycling community; friends who live here also cycle  Good cycle ways  But still many unnecessary car journeys

4 A bike train evolving: Getting more people cycling, more often  Many people keen to cycle but don’t know how or they want to improve skills  A free Learn to Ride programme supported by a Banyule city council environment sustainability grant  Bringing local volunteers and learners together ( promoting community and sustainability)

5 A bike train evolving: Cycling with friends and a progression from Learn to Ride  Advocate for the commute by bike  A fun, discussion filled cycle to the city with friends  Safety in numbers- gaining knowledge and confidence while cycling with others.  A Learn to Ride participant ready to take the next step- swapping the weekday commute from train to bike  Banyule Bike Train is born- joining those in LA, NY, Brighton (UK)  Facebook page and word of mouth

6 A bike train evolving: A users perspective - Monique  Confidence  Energy  Empowerment  Motivation  Community Ride to Work Day Oct 2013

7 Reflections  Be sustainable in practise- is your programme realistic (time, location and travel, responsibilities, a need, simple) ?  Think local – people in your (immediate) area, local community groups?  It’s nice to do it with a friend  Leadership for all  Tell people about what you are doing –word of mouth is a/ the most powerful tool  View as a learning experience not a chore

8 Contact: Greta Gillies 0432852018 Banyule Bike Train Learn to Ride

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