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Matt Porter Bike It Officer, Southampton 28 th June 2012 Bike It Southampton.

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1 Matt Porter Bike It Officer, Southampton 28 th June 2012 Bike It Southampton

2 Who are Sustrans? “Sustrans makes smarter travel choices possible, desirable and inevitable. We're a leading UK charity enabling people to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of the journeys we make every day” Established in 1977 in Bristol Best known for the NCN – over 13,500 miles of cycling heaven – although we have many projects

3 Why is Bike It in Southampton? Building on previous successes that Sustrans has achieved in Southampton Part of a successful bid to central government funding by Southampton City Council Local Sustainable Transport Fund has made Bike It possible for at least the next three years Supporting a wider initiative – My Journey – which will increase sustainable travel use in Southampton Currently bidding for more money to expand the programme

4 What is Bike It? Bike It has been successfully run by Sustrans across the UK for the past 9 years Programme of intensive engagement, supporting schools to develop an ingrained culture of cycling and healthy, sustainable lifestyles Last year alone, some 75 Bike It Officers worked with 380,000 pupils in over 1,700 schools Average increase of regular cycling up 15% - 27%

5 Smileage. But for me, Bike It is this…

6 How does Bike It work? Bike It is based on a three-year accreditation programme – Sustrans School Mark Schools receive intensive, ongoing support for their whole community, with a strong emphasis on safety and personal decision making This is achieved through a range of activities; –Classroom learning, assemblies and workshops –Fun events, games, sports, and competitions –Practical sessions; cycling skills and maintenance

7 Learning and practicing our cycle skills

8 Knowing when a bike is safe to ride, and how to look after it

9 Sign the pledge Get involved! Policy and campaigns more walking and cycling routes, particularly to school Finding quick and safe walking and cycling routes, to school

10 Involving our whole school community

11 The Big Pedal Race Around the World Local competitions Slow bike races, bike polo, and other games The journeys of Bike It Bear… Competitions!

12 The benefits to children Regular cycling to school up from 15% to 27% 52% of parents say their child is more active 8% - number of children cycling to school one year after starting Bike It, four times national average Children undertaking activity before school are more alert and responsive to learning “…cycling in the fresh air is healthy and helps save the earth … it also helps with my fitness for football, swimming and gymnastics” Fraser, aged 8

13 The benefits to the school Supports National Curriculum and government initiatives Reduced congestion – 1-in-5 cars on the road at 8:30am are on the school run, and just return home afterwards Better engagement with wider school community – 11% adults and 27% siblings get involved! Some excellent opportunities for innovative topic work “… particularly pleasing is that working with Sustrans has helped overcome barriers to raise cycling levels to the high ones we have now” Headteacher, St Anne’s Primary, Surrey

14 Bike It in Southampton Bike It Southampton will officially launch in September 2012 We will be working with at least 6 schools to deliver the intensive programme, but there is scope for more We will also be working with many other schools, delivering a wide range of events This will often become a platform for schools wishing to engage with the full Bike It programme in the future Some schools have already been selected, however we are still recruiting ready for the Autumn Term start

15 Summary Fully funded programme until at least 2015 Built on 9 years of best practice and proven success Meets government & curriculum targets Great CPD opportunities and chance for innovative, practical and experiential learning Accredited programme & excellent publicity Improves pupils’ health and alertness Involves the whole school community, further developing relations

16 Information packs and contact details are available from Matt More information available from Thank you Any questions?

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