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Family “I’m sure you’ll get along with them.”

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1 Family “I’m sure you’ll get along with them.”
Unit 4 Family “I’m sure you’ll get along with them.”

2 Lead-in Activity Warm-up Listening Task Real World Listening Interaction Link Useful Expressions Additional Listening Homework Argument

3 Lead-in Activity Think of a few members of your family, including some who are unique or unusual. What words or phrases you will use to describe them? strange crazy annoying extreme irritating rude unfriendly

4 Part I Warm-up

5 Language Points when it comes to sth. / doing sth.当涉及(做)某事物的情 况、事情或问题时
nuts = crazy adj.热衷的, 发狂的 when it comes to sth. / doing sth.当涉及(做)某事物的情 况、事情或问题时 speck n.少量,一点点 household adj.家庭的, 家族的, 家属的 chore n. 家务杂事 barbecue v.烤烧 fanatic = someone who is crazy about something n. 狂热者, 盲信者, 入迷者 grill n. 烤架 freak out = to get really upset, angry or excited 极度心烦、兴奋、生气 vegan = a vegetarian who eats no animal products n. 严格的素食主义者

6 Language Points devoted = to care very much about something or someone adj. 虔诚的,忠实的 人人都知道我们的厂长对妻子十分忠诚。 Everybody knows that our factory director is very devoted to his wife. irritating = upsetting or angering adj. 使愤怒的, 刺激的, 气人的 一种惹人生气的习惯 an irritating habit

7 Warm Up Read about the interesting characters in Jerome’s family. Write the missing words and phrases. we’re nuts can’t stand to see strict with us can’t live without couldn’t even wait like milk and eggs as he is to a little strange, too irritating to 1. My family is a little unusual, Some people might even say ________________. 2. My mother is extreme when it comes to neatness. She ________________even a speck of dust in the house. 3. Mom is really ________________ when it comes to household chores. Every day, we have to do a couple of hours of chores to keep things neat. 4. My father loves to barbecue. He’s definitely a fanatic. He ________________ his barbecue grill. 5. One time, I accidentally broke Dad’s grill. He completely freaked out. He ________________ a day to buy another one. we’re nuts can’t stand to see strict with us can’t live without couldn’t even wait

8 Warm Up Read about the interesting characters in Jerome’s family. Write the missing words and phrases. we’re nuts can’t stand to see strict with us can’t live without couldn’t even wait like milk and eggs as he is to a little strange, too irritating to 6. My sister, Alicia, is a vegan. She not only avoids meat, but also any animal products, _________________. 7. Sometimes Alicia and Dad argue because they have opposite interests. She’s as devoted to her vegetarianism ________________ his barbecuing. 8. Some of my other relatives are __________________. I’ve got an aunt who thinks she can see the future and a cousin who does four hours of bodybuilding exercises every day! 9. My family might be a little ________________ some people, but they don’t bother me much. After all, they’re the only family I’ve got. like milk and eggs as he is to a little strange, too irritating to

9 Pairwork Do you have any interesting characters in your family?

10 Part II Listening Task

11 Language Points for a split second = for the briefest moment 瞬间,一刻
raw adj. 生的,未煮过的 clown n. 小丑 diaper n. 菱形花纹的织物;尿布 wall-to-wall = covering the whole room 覆盖整个房间 into prep. 对…有兴趣,专心于 爱好集邮 be into stamp collecting earthling n. 凡人:居住在地球上的某物,尤指人

12 Look at the pictures. What do you think the people will talk about?

13 Look at the pictures. What do you think the people will talk about?
First Listening What is unusual about each person? 1. She has a very particular diet. She treats her cat like a child. She doesn’t like to eat with other people. 2. He annoys everyone with his clown act. He is a clown at heart. He has a pet goose.

14 Look at the pictures. What do you think the people will talk about?
First Listening What is unusual about each person? 3. She is a fanatic about her hobby. She has too much stuff in her apartment. She thinks she’s perfect. 4. He likes to imitate people. He likes to pretend he is a TV or movie character. He’s crazy.

15 Second Listening Check the true details. (There may be more than one.) 1. She only eats cooked vegetables. She makes her cat follow a vegan diet. She eats meat only at family gatherings. 2. He makes balloon hats when he’s not working. His duck follows him everywhere. He wears his clown suit all the time.

16 Look at the pictures. What do you think the people will talk about?
3. She has dolls in every room. She has one hundred dolls. She keeps the dolls in their boxes. 4. He loves science fiction. His family is worried about him. He wears strange costumes.

17 kid’s birthday parties
Third Listening Complete the following with the information from the dialogs. 1. Every time my sister comes over for ____________ we have to make a special dish __________. 2. My cousin is _________________ and he often gets hired to do special events like _________________. 3. My aunt loves _____________ and she’s got a thousand of them lined up on shelves _________________. 4. My brother Andrew behaves as if he were living in __________, and he’s always pretending to __________ from a movie or TV show. a family dinner just for her a professional clown kid’s birthday parties collecting dolls from floor to ceiling TV and movies be a character

18 Script 1. My sister is a really strict vegan. It’s not for religious or health reasons. It’s just she’s a little nuts. Every time she comes over for a family dinner we have to make a special dish just for her. And if, like, the fork we’ve used to serve some meat even touches her plate for a split second, she freaks out and has to get another plate. Recently, she started this new thing where she can’t even eat any vegetables that are cooked. They have to be raw. And she put her cat on a vegan diet, too. The poor thing only eats vegetables. Every time I go over to her plate, the cat looks at me with these sad eyes, like, “Meat…please?”

19 Script 2. My cousin Pat is a professional clown. He goes by the name Patty Cakes. He gets hired to do special events like kids’ birthday parties. The thing about Pat is that he just can’t stop being a clown even when he’s not working. He’ll show up at his friend’s house and start making balloon hats for everyone. And then there’s his pet duck, Phoebe. Pat uses Phoebe in his clown act, but sometimes he doesn’t have time to take her home after work, so he just brings her along wherever he’s going. It’s just so strange to see Pat walk in somewhere with Phoebe following behind him wearing a diaper.

20 Script 3. My Aunt Samantha collects dolls. She’s a real fanatic. Most people have hobbies, you know, like sports or music or movies, but Aunt Samantha spends all her money on dolls. She has one room in her apartment completely devoted to Barbie dolls. I mean, the whole room is wall-to-wall Barbies. She’s got over a thousand of them lined up on shelves from floor to ceiling. The dolls are all in perfect condition. She stores them in their boxes and never takes them out. It’s kind of scary, actually. When you walk into that room, you just feel surrounded by them. It’s like they’re all watching you or something.

21 Script 4. My brother Andrew is really into TV and movies and, um… How can I put this nicely? He can get pretty extreme about it. He’s always pretending to be a character from a movie or TV show. Now, when he was twelve or thirteen, he used to watch the TV show Star Trek all the time, and he’d go around talking exactly like Mr. Spock. Like if I’d say, “Andrew, get out of my room. I’m studying. You’re so irritating.” And he’d say, “Irritating? Ah, yes, one of your earthling emotions.” Stuff like that, a line right out of Star Trek. Now, sometimes, it’s funny. Like now he’s doing Harry Potter voices. But we worry about him a lot. I mean, does he even know who he is? He’s always acting like someone else.

22 Part III Real World Listening

23 Language Points grand adj. 完全的;总的 the grand total 全部;总共
reception room 接待室,会客室 leave out 遗漏,省去 (not) for (all) the world 无论如何 I wouldn’t hurt her for all the world. regular customer 老主顾,老顾客 insult n. 侮辱,凌辱 要是你讲这话时我睡着了,可别以为是不敬,我太累了。 Don’t take it as an insult if I go to sleep during your speech; I’m very tired. associate n. 合作人,同事

24 Culture Note In American culture, the bride’s family is usually responsible for the wedding. Perhaps the wedding is the last chance for the bride’s family to do something big for her, because the bride is traditionally “given away” by her father to join the groom’s family. At the ceremony, friends or family of the bride are seated on one side of the church or wedding hall, and friends of the groom on the other.

25 Prepare Lydia: __________ Greg: __________
Lydia and Greg are going to get married this summer. They are preparing their wedding invitations. How many people will Lydia invite? How many will Greg invite? Lydia: __________ Greg: __________ 11

26 Get The Main Ideas Do you agree or disagree with the statements below? (5 = strongly agree, 1 = strongly disagree.) Greg is happy to be a new member of Lydia’s family Lydia’s father is very important to her Greg and Lydia have the same “family values.” Lydia is very happy to be part of a large family Greg and Lydia will have a successful marriage These questions have no “right” answers, so students should be encouraged to discuss their opinions.

27 What do you know about the following people?
Get The Details What do you know about the following people? 1. Abigail, Greg’s aunt: ________________________________________________________________________________________. 2. Chia-Lin, Lydia’s aunt: ____________________________________________________________________________________________. 3. Lydia’s Dad: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. She lives nearby. Greg doesn't know her well. She has fourteen cats. She’s kind of crazy. She lives in Shanghai. She wouldn’t miss it for the world. Her mother wouldn’t forgive her if she didn’t come to the wedding. He is in the restaurant business and has lots of friends and associates. He has many suppliers and customers. He thinks that his friends and associates will get insulted if they are not invited.

28 Script Lydia: OK, Greg, I got the wedding invitations back from the printers. Let’s do this! Greg: OK, I’m ready. Lydia: Got your list? Greg: Yeah, I just have a short list, though. Just my parents, and my brother Tim and his wife, and my sister Tanya, and Jamie, my old friend from college, and that’s about it. I can’t think of anyone else that I really want to invite. Lydia: Greg, that’s like, what, ten people? Are you joking? This is our wedding. Greg: Well, I guess we could invite my mom’s cousin Abigail. She lives nearby, but I don’t know her very well. She’s kind of crazy. She has, like, fifteen cats.

29 Script Lydia: Greg, if she’s family, you should invite her.
Greg: I guess. Lydia: So, including your mom’s cousin Abigail, you’ve now got a grand total of eleven guests. That just isn’t enough to fill up a reception room. Greg: Well, how many people are you inviting? Lydia: Um, let’s see. Here’s my list. I’ve got my brother and his wife. Greg: Right. Lydia: And her parents and relatives. Greg: You’re inviting your sister-in-law’s relatives, too? Lydia: Greg, this is a family event. Can’t leave anyone out. Greg: Can’t leave anyone out?

30 Script Lydia: And then there’s my mother’s two brothers and their families. Greg: They’ll come all the way from San Francisco for this? Lydia: Oh, absolutely. And then my aunt Chia-Lin. Greg: I thought she lived in Shanghai. Lydia: She does, but she’ll come for the wedding. Greg: Really? Lydia: She wouldn’t miss it for the world, and besides, my mother would never forgive her if she didn’t come to my wedding. Greg: Ah. Lydia: And then my father will want to invite all his close friends from work. Greg: Wait a sec. Your father’s friends from work are coming? How many is that?

31 Script Lydia: Oh, Greg, he’s in the restaurant business. He’s got so many friends. There must be like, one, two, three, eight people who work in the restaurant alone, and then the suppliers, and all of his regular big customers. Maybe eighty or ninety. Something like that. Greg: Eighty people! Lydia: There’s no way he wouldn’t invite all of them to his daughter’s wedding. It’d be an insult! Greg: But I thought we were just inviting family and close friends. Lydia: Believe me, my father’s business associates are like family. Greg: Wow! How many people are on that list there? Lydia: Oh, just a few. This is just like three or four hundred people. I’m trying to keep it small. Greg: Gosh, Lydia, where are we going to have this wedding, in Yankee Stadium?

32 Respond to the Ideas 1. Whose family is more similar to yours—Greg’s or Lydia’s? In what ways? 2. If you get married, how many people will you invite to your wedding? Who will you invite? Who won’t you invite?

33 Part IV Interaction Link

34 Language Points fool v. 愚弄,欺骗 He fooled me into giving him money.
You can't fool her; she's much too clever for that.

35 Family lies The goal of this game is to fool your partner so that he or she cannot guess which “family facts” are real and which are lies. 1. Write something interesting, unusual, or hard to believe about four family members. One fact should be a lie—either the family member does not exist, or the information about that person is a lie. 2. Get into pairs. Introduce the members of your family and tell the interesting facts about each family member. 3. Your partner can ask ten questions about your family. After asking the ten questions, your partner has to guess which is the lie. Say whether your partner is correct or not. OPTION: After finishing, talk about the relationships among your family members, using some of the phrases you learned in this unit.

36 Name Interesting fact Mother (or stepmother) Father (or stepfather)
Sister Brother Grandmother Grandfather

37 Name Interesting fact Aunt Uncle Niece Nephew Daughter Son

38 Example A: Is your brother interested in keeping a pet?
B: Yes, he is really into keeping a snake. A: Oh, my God! Is it annoying? B: Yes, a little. But he doesn’t bother me much because I’m not afraid of snakes. Anyway, you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your relatives.

39 Part V Useful Expressions

40 He is really into TV and movie. 她非常喜欢音乐,好像没有音乐就活不成似的。
Useful Expressions 她真是一个狂热者。 She is a real fanatic. 他真的对电视和电影入迷。 He is really into TV and movie. You’re so irritating! 你真是气人! 他有许多奇怪的习惯。很难和他相处。 He has many strange habits. It’s really difficult to get along well with him. 她非常喜欢音乐,好像没有音乐就活不成似的。 She loves music and it seems that she can’t live without it.

41 Useful Expressions 有时他们因为兴趣相反而争论不休。 Sometimes they argue because they have opposite interests. 当涉及整洁的问题时,我母亲非常极端。 My mother is extreme when it comes to neatness. 当涉及家务杂事的问题时,我妈真的对我们很严格。 Mom is really strict with us when it comes to household chores. 他的问题在于他不工作的时候也不能停止扮演小丑。 The thing about him is that he can’t stop being a clown even when he’s not working.

42 Part VI Additional Listening

43 Additional Listening Eddie: Hey, what’s up with you, Marty? You look kind of bummed out (一个人独处,无人关照的). Marty: You haven’t heard? Eddie: Heard what? Marty: Kristy and Shawna are moving in with us. Eddie: Yeah, I heard. Simon got transferred to Florida, right? Marty: Yeah, so he and Lily got to go there first and do a whole bunch of stuff(所有的事). That means that we get stuck with(毫无 选择,必须要做) the twin brats(顽皮的孩子). Eddie: Ah, come on, Marty. They aren’t brats. Marty: Yeah, but you know what it’s going to mean? Mom and Dad aren’t going to have any time for us anymore. And it’s going to get even more crowded here. Just one big happy family! Eddie: Yeah, there’s a lot of us now, that’s for sure. I hear we’re going to have to sleep in the living room so that Kristy and Shawna can have our room.

44 Additional Listening Marty: I wish we were back in our old house —— just us, Mom and Dad. Eddie: Yeah, sometimes I do, too. Marty: And I wish Mom and Dad wouldn’t try to solve everybody’s problems. Eddie: I don’t think that will change. You know your mom wants to take care of everybody. She doesn’t want to say no if anybody needs her. Marty: But nobody ever asks me what I want! Eddie: Kids never get to say what goes on in their house. That’s the way it is(事情就是这样). Marty: Yeah, you’re right. But now everything in this house is going to be Kristy and Shawna, Kristy and Shawna. Or else Grandma.

45 Additional Listening Eddie: Hey, don’t get mad at(生某人的气) your grandma. She’s in a lot of pain, you know. Marty: I know. I’m not really mad at her(我倒是没有真生她的气。). I’m mad at Mom and Dad. They used to always have time to help me with homework, or play games with me, but they’re always too busy. And now it’s going to get even worse. Eddie: Hey, maybe I can help you with your homework. Bring it here. Marty: Really? You mean it? I’m really stuck on(没有别的选择,就得 做) this math. Eddie: Sure. While things are kind of tough around here, I’ll help you out as much as I can.

46 Part VII Homework Argument

47 Homework Argument Have you heard the old proverb “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your relatives”? What do you think it means? Do you have any relatives that fit this proverb?

48 Expressions for reference
It’s a little annoying / irritating to …. When it comes to …, she is really extreme. After all, they are my relatives. We can communicate with each other to solve some problems. There is nothing difficult as long as we speak frankly and sincerely. We should accept relatives for who they are.

49 Possible argument It is inevitable that there are always some conflicts among relatives. But a lot of things can be done to avoid them. When the conflict happens, we should communicate with each other and learn to tolerate and forgive in order to live in harmony.

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