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Welcome To Ocean City.

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1 Welcome To Ocean City

2 MD-DC-DE State Association Fall Conference Membership Presentation Bob Baxendell / State Membership Chair

3 Fall 2014 Conference Who Am I ? Bob Baxendell; PER #2354
A 3rd generation Elk Grew Up visiting Elks Lodges with Father Membership Chair at #2354 several years NE Regional Chair for 2 years and Now State Chair

4 Fall 2014 Conference What Do I hope to accomplish today?
Impress upon everyone that Effective Membership recruitment retention is an emergency and needs treated as such.

5 Fall 2014 Conference What Do I want you to leave here with?
Leave here today knowing that the solution to your Membership challenge is within the four walls of your own Lodge.

6 Fall 2014 Conference Let’s look at a little history:

7 A look at the history: Our last increase in membership was in 1980, approximately 34 years ago. The combination of the drastic decline (by 50%) in initiated members along with the enormous 65,000 average of annual non-pays is creating an annual average loss of 25,000. When we were growing in the late 1970’s through 1980, we initiated more than 100,000 new members every year. Our annual non-pays average was 75,000. While we were growing membership, the enormous average of annual non-pays was less of a concern than today. Reducing non-pays is our top priority.

8 Fall 2014 Conference And When all this going on:

9 Current State – National Level
We initiate or reinstate approximately 60,000 new members a year. However, with 60,000 annual non-pays, 9,000 annual absolute dimits, and 16,000 annual deaths, we lose more than 85,000 members each year. We have an annual deficit of approximately 25,000 each year. Simply, we need to increase our annual new member initiated and reinstatement totals to above 70,000. We need to reduce non-pays and absolute dimits to fewer than 50,000 annually. These are realistic and attainable goals. This requires a promotional plan which will help us increase our new initiated members with a focus on adding quality more than quantity. We want to add “active Elks”, not just short-term card carrying members.

10 Fall 2014 Conference “Our” History
Not quite as bad lasting into the 90’s before paralleling the national trend Last year we Initiated 1,412 or 7.08% of beginning total We LOST 2,039 Members for a net loss of 627 or 3.14% of total membership

11 Fall 2014 Conference “Our” History So Far This year:
Per CLMS reporting as of 9/15: We have initiated 548 Members And have reported losses of 223 Pretty Good????

12 Fall 2014 Conference “Our” History So Far This year:
WELL – Not really! These numbers include all the delinquents we’re all still carrying on our rolls!

13 At this rate; there will be no Lodges left in 10 years.
Fall Conference 2014 Our Current Lapsation: 2,058 / 10.2% At this rate; there will be no Lodges left in 10 years.

14 Fall Conference 2014 # 1 Challenge: Lapsation

15 So Where are they going? Fall Conference 2014 Does anybody think -
That many died? That many are in Poor health? That many transferred to Florida? That many are a result of Economy / Cannot afford dues? Or did they decide the Elks no longer met their needs? Before We talk about how to get them back’ Let’s look at why they left.

16 Fall Conference 2014 In order to understand why people leave; let’s look at why the joined us in the first place. Social Contact? Fraternal Contact? Family Tradition? Free Time / Retired? Desire to help others? Because they saw the things we do and chose to be part of it?

17 Fall Conference 2014 Given that criteria; What happened?
Social Contact: Did something happen with social situations? Fraternal Contact: Was it not what they thought it was? Family Tradition: Did they only join because “DAD” did? Free Time / Retired: Have they found other interests? Desire to help others: Not their “bag”? Because they saw the things we do and chose to be part of it? - - and we didn’t let them? Most Likely - - All of the above!

18 We have assembled notes on lodges that were successful in terms of growing membership for ten consecutive years, each bucking the national membership trends. They displayed many consistencies.  Most notably embraced modern communication strategies and a strong presence in their communities. They are all passionate recruiters and provide a family friendly environment.   All were active Elks Lodges with a bar….not active bars with an Elks Lodge. All displayed a good understanding of the Order’s programs/opportunities and how that translates back to the community they serve.

19 Objectives: Reduce non-pays and absolute dimits through an internal & external Public Relations campaign that prevents lapsation Increase new initiated members through an effective recruiting campaign. Drive enthusiasm and results with a low-cost, highly visible recognition program. Focus on adding quality more than quantity. We want to add active ‘Elks”, not just short-term card carrying members. Focus on payment solutions and creative collection campaigns.

20 Fall Conference 2014 # 1 Challenge: Lapsation Recovery

21 Step #1 in Lapsation Recovery is Lapsation Prevention.
Fall Conference 2014 # 1 Challenge: Step #1 in Lapsation Recovery is Lapsation Prevention.

22 Contrasting Groups Affecting Membership and Fueling Lapsation
Historic Long Term Members (65 yrs. +) Big on tradition Resistant to Change The “Way We Were” “Customers” Friday & Saturday Elks New Guard Members (25-50 yrs old) Social Environment Safe Place to go “Waltz” thru orientation The Awakening The Commitment

23 Fall Conference 2014 “Our role as leaders is to keep these two groups happy” “As officers; we can never NOT lead”

24 Internal & External Public Relations
“Image” What do we think we are? What do we think members and potential members think we are? What do members and potential members really think we are?

25 Fall Conference 2014 This requires a promotional plan which will help us increase our new initiated members with a focus on adding quality more than quantity. We want to add “active Elks”, not just short-term card carrying members. “This year’s Bad Recruit is a number in next year’s Lapsation Count”

26 Fall Conference 2014 It’s important that Members and potential Members understand what we are. Take a look at this

27 Fall Conference 2014

28 Bad Recruiting Fueling Lapsation
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Where do Elks fit in?

29 Bad Recruiting Fueling Lapsation
What we stand for: Veterans People in Need ENF Community Projects State Projects Grand Lodge Obligations Income to support our causes: Bar Operations Food Operations Managed Events to Produce Income ENF Orientation Investments to Produce Income Public Relations

30 Internal & External Public Relations Fueling Lapsation
How are WE doing? Communication: Address all groups both internal & external “Selling vs. Telling”: People elected you and support you. Your Role is to help them realize they agree with you. Maintain Respect: For tradition while evolving the reality of change Expect Resistance: Be prepared to deal with it through adaptation or revision. Understand: Your “customers”; both old and new

31 Internal Public RElations
Communication Communicate factual change electronically, through printed materials, and personally, through Officers Actions.

32 Internal Public Relations
Communication Communicate cultural change more slowly through traditional means and through Officers Actions.

33 External Public Relations
Communication: Never miss an opportunity to inform your members and the Public of ongoing activities & events that fulfill our primary missions.

34 External Public Relations
Communication Market the good to create more. Talk about the fun in doing it.

35 Internal Public Relations – Understanding their role
Communication Will anyone who agreed to become a committee chair not do what they are asked? Who will go beyond that?

36 Internal Public Relations
Communication Does your Membership know what you did at Grand Lodge?

37 Internal Public Relations
ENF Fund raising Make it part of the culture

38 Internal Public Relations
Communication Human nature to avoid confrontation Confront Problems quickly and head on Follow up with prompt communication

39 Internal Public Relations
Communication Never allow members to lose sight of what we are really about Sandwich examples of long respected cultures into evolution required for long term growth

40 Understanding “What we are”
Volunteering Obligation has reward Recognition gives satisfaction Ongoing recognition creates more volunteers

41 Internal Public Relations - Recognition
Communication Make recognition of achievement part of the communication Turn recognition into examples that are actually “selling” change Elk of the Month Volunteering Recruiting Members Running an event Never missing a meeting Starting New Initiatives Revitalizing Old Initiatives

42 Legacy Recruitment Drive
Contest to recruit Members’ spouses, children, grandchildren, etc. Web/Recognition: Members initiating or reinstating one family member into the Order will receive mention on the new “Share the Pride” page on the Elks website (similar to the ENF donation recognition). Members initiating or reinstating two or more family members into the Order will receive mention and photo recognition (post initiation) on the new “Share the Pride” page on the Elks website (similar to the ENF donation recognition).

43 GER PIN AND WATCH Recognition:
Members initiating or reinstating three members into the Order will receive the prestigious GER pin award. Members initiating or reinstating eleven or more members into the Order will receive the prestigious and attractive Elks watch (male or female sizes available.)

44 Lapsation Recovery – Go Get ‘em!
Fall Conference 2014 # 1 Challenge: Lapsation Recovery – Go Get ‘em!

45 The unpaid dues notice:
Fall Conference 2014 # 1 Challenge: The unpaid dues notice: “The Root of All Evil”

46 We have a Collection Problem!
We all know getting members to pay dues in a timely manner can be a gruesome task. In fact, nearly 40% of our membership does not pay their dues by the first week in April. More than 30% of our members will be more than 90 days past due. More than 15% of our members will be more than 180 days past due. We know that more than 6% of our membership will not pay at all. We dropped more than 60,000 Elks on March 31, 2014 for non-payment of dues. Nationally we lost more than $4.5 million dollars in uncollected dues revenue. Yes we have a BIG collection problem

47 Top Tips to make ‘em pay! Let your members pay – in any way possible and as quickly as possible. Online, mobile, snail mail, or in person. At the end of the day, you need to provide your members with a quick and easy way to pay you in a method they prefer. Let the member click one link to pay you online via credit card. Don’t make paying a chore. Period. If it doesn’t look professional, you’re not a professional. Make the dues invoice look nice and branded to your lodge. While still remembering its primary purpose. Everybody could use a reminder. Make sure all dues invoices are on a healthy 30 day cycle. Bill every month starting on May 1st.

48 Top Tips to make ‘em pay! Watch your tone with collection letters and calls. Don’t get all “official” just because this is a late invoice and you’re talking about money. Remember that you have formed a fraternal and social relationship that’s supposed to be mutually beneficial. Be personable, humble and friendly. It’s time to get over it find a solution in your collection letters and calls that takes the edge off things like understanding that times are hard, or understanding that many (not just seniors) are on fixed incomes. The sluggish economy has made an impact. It’s my Life (membership) this should be reviewed annually by the Lodge Secretary to see who is eligible well before the close of the fraternal year. In general people are living much longer…well into their 80’s. However many are not financially prepared to maintain their membership.

49 The “Gas Bill”

50 An Elk “Gas Bill”

51 Revamp Dues Invoices Make me Proud to be a Member
Make it Easy for me to understand Make it Convenient for me to pay Make it Easy for me to donate online Allow me to be Active from anywhere


53 Creative Collection

54 Creative Collection

55 Creative Collection

56 Creative Collection

57 An Elk “Gas Bill”

58 Lapsation Review duties and timelines with your committee.
Know your numbers. Dig a little deeper so you know more about members on the delinquent list. Use your best judgment with Members in distress.

59 First Step: A Gentle Reminder Letter
The first step in successful collection letters is to send a gentle reminder. Rather than a simple "past due" notice, the first set of debt collection letters you send should be a personal letter addressing your member in pleasant terms. If the letter is worded as a reminder, it gives the member a chance to maintain their self-image. Be business-like and include the date of the first invoice, the amount and when the first payment was due. Your first and second collection letters are positive and helpful, the third collection letter may show concern for their situation, and so it builds. In today's electronic age, handling your entire invoicing and collection letter process by is simple and quick. However, it also can result in your correspondence being buried in an overstuffed inbox and given low priority. Therefore, use additional means of sending out your collection letter correspondence including faxes, phone calls, and regular mail.

60 1st Collection Contact – Post-it note or “gentle reminder” letter with 2nd dues invoice
Hi_____(hand write first name): Just a gentle reminder. We have not received your annual dues payment of $_____, which was due on April 1st, Please send it to us right away in the enclosed envelope. You can also go online to our lodge website and pay with a major credit/debit card right away at It’s fast and convenient and just takes a minute or two Please feel free to give me a call_________or ________with any questions or concerns. Stay well and we hope to see you soon down at the lodge. Fraternally, Rick Gathen PSP Lodge Secretary

61 Uh Oh! Did you forget? 2nd Collection Contact – Post-it note or letter with “gentle reminder” with 3rd dues invoice Hi_____(hand write first name): Have you forgotten to send us your annual dues payment? The amount of $_____was due on April 1st, If you have not already mailed it to us, please do so today in the enclosed envelope. You can also go online to our lodge website and pay with a major credit/debit card right away at It’s fast and convenient and just takes a minute or two. Please feel free to give me a call at_______or ________with any questions or concerns. Stay well and we hope to see you soon down at the lodge. Fraternally, Rick Gathen PSP Lodge Secretary

62 3rd Collection Contact letter – “not so gentle” typed reminder with 4th dues invoice
Dear ____: I have written to you three times without any answer concerning your annual dues of $_____ which was due on April 1st, We have also tried to contact you by phone, but again without success. I am surprised I have not heard from you since you have been a good and reliable member for _____years. If there is a health or financial hardship please give me a call at_______or ________ explaining your unfortunate situation so I can work with you. Remember….You can go online to our lodge website and pay with a major credit/debit card right away at That’s fast and convenient and just takes a minute or two. Fraternally, Rick Gathen PSP Lodge Secretary

63 Fall Conference 2014 Once you’re convinced you’ve made your best efforts at Lapsation; then move on to other areas to work your number towards “Net Gain”

64 It Takes an Army to Win a WAR
Do you have the correct size Committee to get the job done? Exalted Ruler Lodge Secretary Leading Knight Membership Chairperson Add at least one additional committee person per 100 members in your lodge. 200 Member Lodge- add 2 500 Member Lodge- add 5 1000 Member Lodge- add 10

65 Reinstatements-Our Low Hanging Fruit

66 Reinstatements-Our Low Hanging Fruit
We have more than 10,000 reinstatements a year nationally. Review sample reinstatement letter from Manual. Ask the Lodge Secretary to run you a list of all the formers that were dropped for non-pay over the past three to five years. Former Members have misperceptions on the costs and process to reinstate. It’s easy to come back home to the Elks…show them how and many will.

67 So you want to be reinstated
So you want to be reinstated? It is really quite simple to reinstate your membership in the Elks Reinstate in your same lodge: Go back to your old Lodge and ask the Secretary for an Application for Reinstatement. Fill out the form. Pay the prescribed fee of $____ and this years dues of $___. Your application will be forwarded to the Investigating Committee, who will contact you for an interview. After the interview, the committee will make their recommendation to the members at a regular meeting. After the Lodge vote, you will be notified by the Secretary. You will be required to pay a prorated portion of annual Lodge dues. Then you will be issued your membership card.

68 So you moved and want to be reinstated in another Lodge?
Reinstate in a new lodge: Should you wish to reinstate your membership in Elkdom with a Lodge other than the one in which you were initiated, you must reside in the jurisdiction of that Lodge. Before you reinstate you have to obtain a Certificate of Release from your old Lodge. Write a check payable to the old Lodge in the amount of $25 and ask the Lodge Secretary to forward a Certificate of Release. When you receive your Certificate of Release present it to the Secretary of the Lodge you want to reinstate your membership with. Then you would go through the steps previously described. If a Lodge has no proof of prior membership, the burden of proof falls on you. Proof of prior membership can be: An old membership card A canceled check An affidavit signed by two members attesting to prior membership (which must be notarized) If you cannot provide proof of prior membership, it will be necessary to apply for membership as a new member

Section Lodges may, BY BY-LAWS establish a sixty (60) day consecutive period or a two (2) consecutive month period during the Lodge year in which any reinstatement fee otherwise required by this section is reduced to one (1) dollar except the months of February, March, April and May. In order to take advantage of this a Lodge must amend their By-Laws to include this special reinstatement period.

   APRIL:   Submit Annual Report   Utilizing the Mail Merge Features to send the following letter:   Mail April 1st to members dropped on March 31st   2ND Dues Notice should be mailed/ ed to all delinquents MAY:  Utilizing the Mail Merge Features to send the following letter:   Mail May 1st to members not reinstated   Mail May 1st to all delinquents (1st gentle reminder letter) JUNE:  Mail 2nd Gentle Reminder letter to all delinquents

71 JULY: Mail 3rd Gentle Reminder Letter to all delinquents
AUGUST: rd Dues Notice should be mailed/ ed to all 2014–2015 delinquents    SEPTEMBER: Utilizing the Mail Merge Features to send the following letter:   Optional Lapsation Letter OCTOBER: Utilizing the Mail Merge feature to send a letter from the Exalted Ruler to all delinquents NOVEMBER: Utilizing the Mail Merge Features to send the following:   Lapsation Questionnaire   Submit November Mid-Year Report 

72 JANUARY: 4th Dues Notice Mailed/Emailed to all 2014 – 2015 Delinquents
FEBRUARY: First Dues Notice for 2015 – 2016 Year Utilizing the Mail Merge Feature to send the following:   Mail on Feb 1st Owe More than Half – Lapsation Comm. Mail by end of February Final Notice Mail before End of Elk Year MARCH: Review delinquent list and evaluate who may need assistance Drop Delinquents by March 31

73 Fall Conference 2014 Other Public Relations efforts to fuel recruitment and prevent the causes of Lapsation:

74 Share the Pride of Elkdom!
Share Your Lodge Impact You've likely heard it time and time again, but it bears repeating; you need to routinely share where your Lodge has made an impact. Not only does this help recruit new members, it also allows Lodges to retain the support of current members. Regardless of whether people support the Lodge by donating or volunteering time, they'll likely want to know they're contributing to making the community and nation a better place. It's your job to make sure they're able to see the impact they're having through their involvement with your Lodge.

75 Share the Pride of Elkdom!
Increase New Members When deciding whether or not to join the Elks and volunteer, many people want to get a feel for the impact they'll be having. Effectively helping them visualize this impact through advanced Public Relations programs can boost your recruiting efforts.

76 Share the Pride of Elkdom!
Increase Membership Retention Even after candidates have joined your Lodge, they likely want to know what impact their work had. Studies have shown that members are more likely to stop supporting the local Lodge and leave the Order if they're unsure if the Lodge was making an impact in the community. Sharing the fruits of their labor through Public Relations can improve the chance they'll volunteer more and remain members.

77 Share the Pride of Elkdom!
Increased Name Recognition No one is capable of supporting a cause or event they don't know exists. Beyond simply getting your Lodge name out there, people are far more likely to support an organization they trust. While such trust is developed over time through repeated positive exposure, it starts with simple awareness of your Lodge existence and mission. Of course not everyone you touch will ultimately become an active participant. But the more people you're able to reach in some way, the greater likelihood you'll reach people who are interested in participating.

78 Share the Pride of Elkdom!
Maintain Relationships With Current Members It can be tough to find volunteers who are dedicated to helping your cause through donating or working with your Lodge. But once you've managed to find such people and make them members of the Order, maintaining these relationships should be of prime importance. Cultivating long-term relationships with members who have demonstrated their willingness to support your Lodge should be mutually beneficial.

79 Share the Pride of Elkdom!
Connect With New Members No matter how good you are at retention, you'll need to recruit new members. A person will likely be more receptive to joining your Lodge if your message comes with an endorsement from someone they value. Public Relations provides a huge opportunity for such peer recommendations to help spread your communications to prospective new members. And since your members are the ones sharing your message with their friends and family, those friends and family will be more likely to actually listen to what you have to say and join your Lodge.

80 Share the Pride of Elkdom!
Increase Overall Fundraising More new members coupled with better membership retention should help lead to better fundraising as a whole.

81 Share the Pride of Elkdom!
Pictures Speak 1,000 Words When you complete a community or committee project, It’s essential for our members to see their impact with photos. Replace the typical long-winded article with photos.

82 Share the Pride of Elkdom!
Establish Your Authority on a Topic People are more likely to support an Elks Lodge that consists of knowledgeable Officers and committee chair people. Public Relations success stories gives your Lodge even more credibility and exposure.

83 Why Your Lodge should Publish
To increase awareness about your Lodge or add money to its coffers, a newsletter, website and members-only social media page are essential. The reasons that Lodges should publish a newsletter, website, and members-only social media page are many. Whether small or large, it is important that your Lodge communicate effectively with members, foundations, donors, legislators, media, and the general public. Start by determining the primary purpose you'd like the publication to serve, and go from there. Some of the ways that newsletters, websites and members-only social media pages can help Lodges are described below.

84 Why Your Lodge should Publish
Boosting Contributions Often, the best future contributors to a Lodge are the people who have donated in the past. Recognizing this, many Lodges publish a newsletter, website, and members-only social media page just for their donors and volunteers. These important vehicles focus on communicating the work the organization is doing for an important cause and highlight why that work is important. Such communication vehicles are often filled with appeals for additional support and photographs of the people who benefit from it. It's also common practice to profile and praise volunteers so that other people are inspired to sign up for some volunteer time.

85 Why Your Lodge should Publish
Creating a Sense of Community Some people are compelled to join the Elks because they crave a connection to people with whom they work or live. In addition to making new members feel welcome, successful Lodges use their newsletter, website, and members-only social media page to remind existing members how they benefit from belonging to the Elks and encourage them to remain involved.

Section 1.115 You must offer your members a choice to receive the lodge bulletin electronically or by postal mail. You can’t force them to accept the electronic version as the only option by Statutes (below). “Except as otherwise directed by Executive Order, any notice required to be sent or mailed to all Members of a Lodge may be included in the Lodge Bulletin or sent electronically to any Member who has given written authorization to receives notices electronically”.

87 Social Media, Membership and Public Relations are Cousins

88 Social Media Defining "Success” for Your Lodge
Have A Reason There's a good chance at some point someone has told your Lodge you need to be utilizing social media. They're right-there's huge potential to leverage social media to help your Lodge fulfill its mission. But the use of social media is not an end in itself. Far too many Lodges are rushing into using social media without a reason to do so. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you should be too.

89 Spread the Word Messages sent through social media channels have the uncanny ability to spread like wildfire. Empower your influential members to promote your Lodge by distributing your messages. Communicate Social media facilitates two-way communication, some real time, that enables you to engage in conversations directly with your members. It makes your Lodge seem more accessible and personal allowing members to be active and engaged from anywhere. Bringing Elkdom closer to peoples' hearts and minds is good Public Relations.


91 Social Media Statistics

92 Social Media Statistics
One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook ( This number is calculated by dividing the planets 6.94 billion people by Facebook’s 750 million users) People spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook Each Facebook user spends on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site More than 250 million people access Facebook through their mobile devices More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook 30 billion pieces of content is shared on Facebook each month 300,000 users helped translate Facebook into 70 languages People on Facebook install 20 million “Apps” every day 190 million average Tweets per day occur on Twitter (May 2011) Twitter is handling 1.6 billion queries per day Twitter is adding nearly 500,000 users a day

93 Measuring Organizational Impact
The key questions to ask yourself when beginning your use of members-only social media is: What outcomes will serve as indicators that you're using social media effectively? These outcomes should be metrics you're already tracking, like: Number of new and repeat volunteers Total number of volunteer hours Overall fundraising Number of new and repeat donors Number of new and repeat meeting attendees Number of new and repeat event attendees Increase membership If social media is to truly serve your Lodge, it needs to have a tangible impact on your organization's ability to serve your community. It's up to you to figure out what impact makes the most sense as a starting point for your organization.

94 Do’s & Don'ts Don’t dive in head first. Social media beginners should focus on a few things and do them well. Don’t accept non-Members as friends. Don’t post photos of members drinking or smoking. Don’t post photos that may be “harmful” to the Elks image and reputation. Don’t post names of children. Don’t post Lodge business that would be in violation of your Obligation. Do be clear about your objectives. Do accept only Members as “Friends”. Do set privacy controls. Do know when to ask for help. Do focus on using social media to encourage attendance at lodge social events. Do post photos of committees performing charitable work.

95 Lodge Website- Your Portal to the World
Promote Being active and posting fresh content can help drive traffic to your Lodge website and help you promote and position your various programs and committees. Raise Support Drive members to specific pages on your lodge website where you need support the most with links to your online donation or volunteer sign-up pages.

96 Suggested Must Haves (or jobs):
Who We Are What We Do Why Join How to Join How to Reinstate How to donate online Who is in charge What is happening at the Lodge Make me Proud to be a Member List all community projects and donations your Lodge has supported Keep the site fresh and relevant

97 Suggested Not Haves: Don’t post Lodge Official business. This may be considered a violation of your Obligation. Don’t post photos of Members/guests drinking or smoking. Don’t post photos that may be considered “harmful” to the Elks image and reputation. Don’t post names of children. You may be putting them at risk from online predators. Do not use tiny fonts. Do not require a registration unless it is necessary. Do not play music.

98 Suggested Not Haves: Avoid “drop down” menus: the user should be able to see all the navigation options straight a-way. Using “drop down” menus might confuse things and hide the information the reader was actually looking for. Use a simple navigation structure. Sometimes less is more. This rule usually applies to people and choices. Make sure that your website has a single, clear navigation structure. The last thing you want is to confuse the reader regarding where he should go to find the information he is looking for. Do not use harsh colors. If the user is getting a headache after visiting your site for 10 consecutive minutes, you probably should pick a better color scheme. Design the color palette around your objectives (i.e. deliver a mood; let the user focus on the content, etc.). No spelling or grammatical mistakes. This is not a web design mistake, but it is one of the most important factors affecting the overall quality of a website. Make sure that your links and texts do not contain spelling or grammatical mistakes.

99 Membership Growth Lodges that are growing membership have a strong presence in their communities. Each have from one to four community service projects which are well publicized. The Lodges are well known for these community projects.  All have successful Legacy recruitment drives. Member’s spouses, children and grand children are joining. Making the Elks a true “American family tradition”

100 Examples From Growing Lodges
Red Lion PA #1592 Hickory NC #1654 Potsdam NY #2074 Falmouth MA #2380 Lake Hopatcong NJ #782

101 Get Out in the Community
Falmouth MA #2380 is well known in the community for their scholarship night, Dictionary program, and bicycle helmet giveaway program. Potsdam NY #2074 is well known in the community for placing American Flags throughout the area, and providing “bounce around” for young children/families to enjoy from 8 am to 8 pm, strong youth activity programs, and they partner with other local organizations to benefit the community. Hickory NC #1654 is well known in the community for their projects to assist the homeless. Lake Hopatcong NJ #782 is well known in the community for their Leap in the Lake for Special needs children and the largest Christmas Appeal program in the county.

102 Ideas That Will Work For Your Lodge
MEMBER APPRECIATION DAY Red Lion PA #1592 have a member appreciation day in April. All members are free. The Lodge gets about 200 members to attend. The members are encouraged to bring a guest. The Lodge received more than a dozen applications for membership, more than 40 dues renewal payments, and nearly a dozen reinstatements. Soon after they initiated 29 new members. With the reinstatements added 41 members to their rolls. A great event. Falmouth MA #2380 encourage members to bring guests every month. All guests are well received and receive a Lodge pin, making them feel welcome. All Officers wear “Ask Me” buttons encouraging questions. All guests are made to feel welcome and ask to join.

103 ON THE HORIZON The new indoctrination CD. The emphasis will be on lodge committees and how joining lodge committees is exciting. It will be much more effective in terms of making our lodges stronger….and enhance membership retention.

104 ON THE HORIZON Membership/Public Relations webinars
Topics will include: Best membership practices around the nation. Public Relations tips to promote upcoming venues with Elks annual calendar. Advice and examples on how to best tie in and leverage all your communication assets. Lodge bulletin, blasts, lodge website and members-only social media page. The coordination and proper use of Elks logos and marks. How to maximize all of the communication muscle that a Lodge/state has in its arsenal. How to communicate with one voice.

105 ON THE HORIZON We will be adding a Membership/Public Relations page to the Grand Lodge website in the near future. Items will include recommended press releases and other valuable tips…and show case some of the best practices around the nation.

We will be opening the lines of communication to the lodges/states inviting questions, and sharing accomplishments to my .

107 Internal Public Relations
Our Causes Never lose sight of what we’re about Never forget to let members know where the efforts went

108 Fall Conference 2014 Quick Summary: Lapsation is our # 1 problem
The cure to Lapsation lies first in correcting the causes that lead to it; then in an organized team approach to effectively recover the delinquent members.

109 Fall Conference 2014 Quick Summary:
Membership: We must effective recruit more than we lose through unavoidables This comes through an effective recruitment program fueled by internal & external public relations, and retention of existing long term and short term members

110 Fall Conference 2014 Quick Summary: Recognition Program
We must all of the above through an effective recognition program

111 Can’t wait to see the November reporting data!
Fall Conference 2014 Our Current Lapsation: 2,058 / 10.2% Can’t wait to see the November reporting data!

112 Enjoy your afternoon here
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