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We have assembled notes on lodges successful in terms of growing membership for ten consecutive years, each bucking the national membership trends. They.

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1 We have assembled notes on lodges successful in terms of growing membership for ten consecutive years, each bucking the national membership trends. They displayed many consistencies. Most notably embracing modern communication strategies and a strong presence in their communities. They are all passionate recruiters and provide a family friendly environment. All were active Elks Lodges with a bar….not active bars with an Elks Lodge. All displayed a good understanding of the Order’s programs/opportunities and how that translates back to the community they serve.

2 Membership Growth Lodges that are growing membership have a strong presence in their communities. Each have from one to four community service projects which are well publicized. The Lodges are well known for these community projects. All have successful Legacy recruitment drives. Member’s spouses, children and grand children are joining. Making the Elks a true “American family tradition”

3 Get Out in the Community Falmouth MA #2380 is well known in the community for their scholarship night, Dictionary program, and bicycle helmet giveaway program. Potsdam NY #2074 is well known in the community for placing American Flags throughout the area, and providing “bounce around” for young children/families to enjoy from 8 am to 8 pm, strong youth activity programs, and they partner with other local organizations to benefit the community. Hickory NC #1654 is well known in the community for their projects to assist the homeless. Lake Hopatcong NJ #782 is well known in the community for their Leap in the Lake for Special needs children and the largest Christmas Appeal program in the county.

4 Recruiting in the Community What We do and How to Join All community events should include a strong Public Relations and Membership presence. Set up a table with handouts. Think of an airplane. Public Relations and Membership are wings that allow the plane to take flight. Earn a good reputation as a premier charitable organization in your community. Provide a family friendly and member friendly environment. DARE TO SOAR

5 Recruit From Within Member appreciation day. Encourage your Members to bring guests. Give the guests Lodge pins. Make them feel welcome. “Ask me” buttons for your Lodge Officers.

6 Reinstatements-Low Hanging Fruit We have more than 10,000 reinstatements a year. Review sample reinstatement letter from Manual. Ask the Lodge Secretary to run you a list of all the formers that were dropped for non pay over the past three to five years. Former Members have misperceptions on the costs and process to reinstate. Its easy to come back home to the Elks…show them how and many will.

7 We have a Collection Problem! We all know getting members to pay dues invoices in a timely manner can be a gruesome task. In fact, nearly 40% of our membership does not pay their dues by the first week in April. More than 30% of our members will be more than 90 days past due. More than 15% of our members will be more than 180 days past due. We know that more than 6% of our membership will not pay at all. We dropped more than 60,000 Elks on March 31, 2014 for non-payment of dues. Nationally we lost more than $4.5 million dollars in uncollected dues revenue. Yes we have a BIG collection problem.

8 Top Tips to make ‘em pay! 1.Let your members pay – in any way possible and as quickly as possible. Online, mobile, snail mail, or in person. At the end of the day, you need to provide your members with a quick and easy way to pay you, in a method they prefer. Let the member click one link to pay you on line via credit card. Don’t make paying a chore. Period. 2.If it doesn’t look professional, you’re not a professional. Make the dues invoice look nice and branded to your lodge. But don’t forget the primary purpose. 3.Everybody could use a reminder. Make sure all dues invoices are on a healthy 30 day cycle. Bill every month starting on May 1 st. 4.Watch your tone –with collection letters and calls. Don’t get all “official” just because this is a late invoice and you’re talking about money. Remember that you have formed a fraternal and social relationship that’s supposed to be mutually beneficial. 5.It’s time to get over it- find a solution in your collection letters and calls that takes the edge off things like understanding that times are hard, or understanding that many (not just seniors) are on fixed incomes. The economy stinks. Many people are either unemployed or underemployed. 6.It’s my Life (membership)- this should be reviewed annually to see who is eligible by the lodge Secretary,well before the close of the fraternal year. People in general are living much longer. Well into their 80’s. However many are not financially prepared to maintain their membership.

9 MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM & PLANNING MANUAL Step one is to get the Membership Manual out of the Lodge Secretary's Office. Print or Order additional copies based on the size of your Membership (one Manual per every 100 Members). More on this. Read it Cover to Cover (It’s the most important 10 minutes you may spend this year). Keep this Manual with you and refer to it weekly.

10 You Need an Army to Win this WAR The Membership Committee should consist of the following: 1.Exalted Ruler 2.Lodge Secretary 3.Leading Knight 4.Membership Chairperson 5.Add at least one additional committee person per 100 members in your lodge. 200 Member Lodge- add 2 500 Member Lodge- add 5 1000 Member Lodge- add 10

11 The Secretary Bill all delinquents monthly Use personal notes on late notices Cooperate with the Exalted Ruler and Membership Committee with up-to-date figures. Secretary is a paid Officer of the Lodge, largely responsible for dues collection. Monitor the monthly duties and schedule. Verify the Secretary Membership work is getting done.

12 Lapsation Review duties and timeline with your committee. Know your numbers. Dig a little deeper so you know more about members on the delinquent list. Use your best judgment with Members in distress.

13 ON THE HORIZON Membership/Public Relations webinars Topics will include: Best membership practices around the nation. Public Relations tips to promote upcoming venues with Elks annual calendar. Advice and examples on how to best tie in and leverage all your communication assets. Lodge bulletin, email blasts, lodge website and members-only social media page. The coordination and proper use of Elks logos and marks. How to maximize all of the communication muscle that a Lodge/state has in its arsenal. How to communicate with one voice.

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