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1 Do You Know Where Your Assets Are?. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Fleet Asset Management System From TransCore.

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1 1 Do You Know Where Your Assets Are?

2 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Fleet Asset Management System From TransCore

3 3 TransCore Solutions Fit Your Business We provide solutions for: Carriers with multiple terminals and distribution centers Less-than-truckload carriers (LTL) Retailers and grocery distributors with a complex network of distribution centers delivering directly to retail outlets Private fleets with a variety of clients from manufacturing plants to distribution centers and retail outlets

4 4 The TransCore System Does It Better Our RFID-based fleet asset management system: Allows you to “see” all your vehicles, tractors, trailers, and dollies in real-time Provides real-time control of equipment investment for optimization of assets Integrates record management – tracks and logs data automatically Provides equipment history – find out how many days your equipment was earning revenue vs. sitting idle Provides perpetual yard equipment inventory, including real-time terminal arrival and departure information

5 5 Reduced Implementation And Operational Costs Reliable, accurate systems designed specifically to meet your asset management needs – no wasted, expensive features you’ll never use Initial investment significantly less than GPS satellite technology solutions No annual and monthly recurring communication fees

6 6 Benefits Vastly improve capital asset management Improve inventory control Increase productivity Identify under-utilized assets Increase dispatch capability Increase profits Minimize manual data entry and improve overall efficiency, reducing labor costs Automate gate and yard access, increasing security Enhance customer service TransCore lets you work smarter, not harder

7 7  Initial Investment  Payback *Investment growth differs from customer to customer Turn Investment Into Profit TransCore’s asset management system Pays for itself within 12-18 months… * …and continues to payback cumulatively

8 A Proven Track Record Of Satisfied Customers “Until (TransCore), the fleet had relied on drivers to do manual equipment counts and then transmit that information back to the main computer over the Qualcomm system. The RFID system does away with that chore and at the same time improves the timeliness of the data.” – Dick Simon Trucking “We estimate that we saved more than 30 man-hours of data entry daily attributable to our 10 busiest terminals. This adds up to a significant savings on a yearly basis.” – FedEx East 8

9 9 Key Customers Who Choose TransCore’s Amtech ® Technology Products American President Lines Anheuser-Busch Bullocks Express CFI FedEx East FedEx Ground Giant Eagle/Riser Foods Great Dane Trailers Hyundai Precision Martin-Marietta Materials Matson Navigation Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. P&O Ports Ralph's Grocery Company Stoughton Trailers Wal-Mart – Mexico

10 Radio Frequency Technology From The Wireless Communications Pioneer 10

11 11 Technology That Set The Industry Standard Proven RFID wireless Amtech technology ATA standard for RFID technology Automatic equipment identification (AEI) used to: Identify vehicles and equipment Monitor status and movement Trace and collect data accurately Manage your fleet operations efficiently 13 million Amtech brand tags distributed worldwide for various transportation applications

12 12 Tags (transportation, eGo ™, and odometer) Readers (SmartPass ® and eGo) SmartWatch ™ Access software continuously updates asset movements to your database, or, opt to use your own system’s software Tools Of Our Trade Our fleet asset management system includes: Transportation Tag Odometer Tag eGo Tags SmartPass Reader SmartWatch Software

13 13 How It Works Transportation tags are attached to trucks, tractors, dollies, and trailers and are programmed to contain unique IDs for each asset item Odometer tags, when utilized, are attached to the truck and interfaced with the transmission to collect mileage information and unique truck ID

14 14 How It Works When tagged equipment passes a reader, the reader automatically captures: Transportation tag’s Unique asset ID Odometer tag’s Unique asset ID Mileage System information captures: Date Time of day

15 How It Works — Entry 15

16 How It Works — Entry With Odometer Tag 16

17 17 How It Works The reader then transfers information from the tag to the host computer

18 18 The information is validated by the host computer that will then send a signal to the reader to automatically activate pre-programmed: Gates Signal lights Alarms Fuel pumps Wash bays How It Works

19 How It Works — Exit 19

20 SmartWatch ™ Access Software – Up-To-The-Minute Updates 20

21 21 Continuous Equipment & Yard Updates SmartWatch Access gate and asset management software integrated with our AEI tag and reader system: Records asset equipment and inventory information in a Microsoft ® Access- compatible database Generates standard or custom reports to assure optimum equipment utilization

22 22 Information At Your Fingertips 24/7 Monitors and records arrivals/departures and gate operations Tracks asset movements and equipment inventory accurately Provides secure access to authorized vehicles yards, fuel area, and wash bays Logs manual gate transactions

23 23 Whether You Have One Site… You can control up to eight readers at one location using the SmartWatch Access Client software Up to 8 readers

24 24 …Or Multiple Yards Using server capabilities to: Perform asset and equipment inventory tracking functions at all Client locations Generate historical database of asset movements Collect and update all events from remote Client locations when asset information is added, edited, or deleted Provide a secure database (Client locations cannot make changes) Regulate Client locations for enhanced facility security and vehicle control

25 25 Access All Site Activity From One Central Location

26 TransCore Brings You Complete Solutions And Services For Your Fleet Operations 26

27 27 A Broad Range Of Solutions And Services Transportation sourcing Freight matching Transportation management software and solutions Full accounting, operations, and dispatch functions for 3 PL’s, carriers, and shippers Satellite tracking Fleet management services Regulatory and compliance services Document processing TransCore media Advertising to drivers and owner operators Driver recruiting TransCore offers a full range of services within the freight life cycle while reducing customer transaction costs

28 TransCore Sets The Standard 28

29 29 TransCore – Leader, Innovator, & Pioneer TransCore – industry leader More than 60 years in the transportation industry Installations in 39 countries More than 1,800 employees in 80+ locations First nationwide freight matching service Invented RFID for toll and transportation applications More than 80 patents

30 World Class Manufacturing US-based manufacturing facility dedicated to design, development, and production of RFID technology ISO 9001:2000 process certification More than 15 million tags and 32,000 readers distributed worldwide for transportation applications 30

31 Why TransCore Solutions For Asset Management? 31

32 32 TransCore’s Fleet Asset Management Solution A system that is: Tailored to fit your needs Priced for quick ROI Automated for accurate data Resulting in: Increased productivity Streamlined operations and reduced costs Everything you need to succeed in today’s competitive environment

33 Want More Details? 1.800.923.4824 or 972.387.8197 www. Or contact Bob Frank 1.508.393.2762 33

34 © 2003 TC IP, Ltd. All rights reserved. TRANSCORE and SMARTPASS are registered trademarks and EGO and SMARTWATCH are trademarks of TC IP, Ltd., and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Contents are subject to change. 34

35 35

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