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2 LEARNING OBJECTIVES Attendees at this presentation will be able to: Explain why knowledge of the history of nursing is important to the profession of nursing Identify a minimum of three lesser-known RNs and their contributions to nursing Discuss how RNs have served and continue to serve in an advocacy role

3 WHY STUDY THE HISTORY OF NURSING? Knowledge of the history of a profession is the basis for a deeper understanding of the identity of a profession and thus its possibilities. It is, therefore, important for nurses to know their history. It reaches all the way into their daily work. ~ Kirsten Stallknecht (President of the Danish Nurses Association from 1968 to 1996)

4 WELL KNOWN NURSES IN HISTORY Florence NightingaleLillian Wald

5 Born in 1861 on a reservation near Green Bay, WI First Native American to be educated as a nurse Graduated in October 1890 – Hartford School for Nurses Worked at Oneida Mission Hospital (1899-1904) NANCY CORNELIUS SKENANDORE

6 Born in Stratford, Ontario Nursing education at Provident Hospital in Chicago Hired in 1902 by the Charity Organization Society (NYC) First Public Health Nurse of African-American descent JESSIE SLEET SCALES

7 Worked in rural areas in the Appalachian Mountains Traveled via horseback to serve the health needs of the poverty-stricken mountain people Delivered babies, provided prenatal and postnatal care, educated mom and families about nutrition and hygiene, cared for the sick Demonstrated that nurses can provide primary care MARY BRECKINRIDGE

8 D-DAY AFRICA: OPERATION TORCH NOVEMBER 1942 108 nurses landed with the initial assault forces 48 th Surgical Hospital

9 ELSIE PERCH Served in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps during WW II

10 Often ignored by history classes is the story of the female prisoners of war taken captive during World War II.

11 Austrian Nurse Worked in the Resistance during World War II Assignment: Auschwitz Risked her life repeatedly to care for prisoners Testified in war crimes trial MARIA STROMBERGER

12 June 1944: D-Day (Operation Overlord) Nurses of the 13th Field Hospital (First US Army), Omaha Beach, France.

13 2 ND LIEUTENANT RUTH HADDICK, RN Post-op nurse: 51 st Field Hospital Arrived on Omaha Beach six days after D-Day

14 Native of Freeland, Michigan Graduate of Saginaw General Hospital School of Nursing Flight Nurse – WW II Air Combat & Medical Evacuation Flights Died on November 1, 1944 Honors FIRST LIEUTENANT ALEDA LUTZ

15 Graduate of Boston City Hospital School of Nursing in 1923 Activist for better health care for Native Americans Appointed to the Council on Indian Health, Education and Welfare and to the Federal Indian Health Advisory Committee. SUSIE WALKING BEAR YELLOWTAIL

16 First African-American to attend the University of Maryland School of Nursing Admitted in 1950 after a legal battle Faced discrimination in during her nursing studies ESTHER M C CREADY

17 Not everyone in the 1960s wore love beads

18 Served in the Army Nurse Corps during WWII Invented the first crash cart Established formal meetings with ER nurses in Buffalo, NY Co-founder of the Emergency Nurses Association (with Judith Kelleher) ANITA DORR

19 Believed nurses capable of providing advanced levels of care in community settings Co-Founder of the Nurse Practitioner Movement in 1965 Founding Dean of the University of Rochester School of Nursing LORETTA FORD

20 Experienced gender discrimination Regularly challenged the status quo President of MNA Dean of Nursing 1 st male inducted into the ANA Hall of Fame LUTHER CHRISTMAN

21 BRIGADIER GENERAL CLARA ADAMS-ENDER (RETIRED) BSN, MSN Masters in Military Art & Science Chief of Nursing at Walter Reed Army Medical Center Commander of the Army Nurse Corps Commander of Fort Belvoir in Virginia

22 Born in Haiti Worked for 30 years as an RN in Miami, FL Dean of the 1 st BSN program in Haiti Provided health care leadership in the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake HILDA ALCINDOR

23 LIEUTENANT GENERAL PATRICIA HOROHO (ACTIVE DUTY) BSN, MSN Master of Science in National Resource Strategy Multiple Commands Commanding General of the United States Army Medical Command

24 QUESTIONS TO PONDER: How does nursing history affect contemporary nursing practice? How could nursing history affect the future practice of nursing?

25 TAKE HOME ACTIVITY (HOMEWORK) How could nursing history be integrated or applied in the practice of nursing by professional nurses in these categories? Nurse Educators Nurse Administrators/Nurse Managers Staff Nurses Community Health Nurses


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