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Historical and contemporary nursing practice Chapter 1 Dr

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1 Historical and contemporary nursing practice Chapter 1 Dr
Historical and contemporary nursing practice Chapter 1 Dr. Wajed Hatamleh NUR 211

2 Learning Outcomes Discuss historical factors and nursing leaders influencing the development of nursing. Discuss the different types of educational programs for nurses. Discuss the evolution of nursing education and entry into professional nursing practice.

3 Learning Outcomes (cont'd)
Describe how the definition of nursing evolved since Florence Nightingale. Identify the four major areas of nursing practice. Identify the purposes of nurse practice acts and standards of professional nursing practice. Describe the role of nurses

4 Learning Outcomes (cont'd)
10. Describe the expanded career roles and their functions. 11. Discuss the criteria of a profession and the professionalization of nursing. 12. Describe factors influencing contemporary nursing practice

5 History of Nursing Video
Click here to view a video on the history of nursing. Back to Directory

6 Aspects that have influencing nursing practice
Religious (Christian) values Women’s roles War Societal attitudes Nursing Leaders Nursing Education

7 Woman's health: the care provided related to physical maintenance and comfort.
Religion: such as spiritual coaling and devotions to duty and hard work. War : have accentuated the need for nursing. Societal attitude: social attitude about nurse and nursing have significantly influence professional nursing. Nurse leaders: Florence nightingale, Clara Barton, Lillian Wald, laving dock, Margaret singer, and Mary Breckenridge and others.

8 Definition of nursing Florence nightingale define nursing that act of Utilizing the environment of the patient to assist him in his recovery. Virginia Henderson” the unique function of the nurse is to assist the individual, sick or well in the performance of those activities contributing to health or it is recovery”.

9 Types of Nursing Education
Practical or vocational nursing Registered nursing Diploma Associate degree Baccalaureate Graduate nursing Masters Doctoral

10 Types of Nursing Education (cont'd)
Continuing education and in-service education

11 Things to Consider What is the definition of nursing?
nursing is: caring, art, science, client centered, holistic, adaptive, a helping profession, or concerned with health promotion, health maintenance

12 Recipients of Nursing Consumer Patient Client

13 Consumer, patient and client.
Consumer: is an individual. A grope of people or community that use services or commodity. Patient: is an a person who is waiting for or under going medical treatment or care. A client: is a person who is engage the advice or services of another who is qualified to provide the services.

14 Scope of Nursing Practice
Nurse provide care for 3 type: individual, family, and community. Nursing practice involve four area: Promotion of health and wellness Prevention of illness Restoration of health Care for the dying

15 promoting health and wellness
wellness is a state of well being ,nurses promote wellness in a client who are both health and ill e.g.: improving nutrition and physical fitness Preventing drug and alcohols misuse Restricting smoking Prevent accident and injury in the home

16 Role and function of the nurse

17 Roles and Functions of Nurses
Care givers: include those activities that assist the client physically and psychologically while preserving the client dignity. Communicator: integrated to all nursing role. In the role of communicator nurse identify nurse identify clients problem and then communicate them verbally or in writing to other member of the health team.

18 Roles and Functions of Nurses (cont'd)
Teacher : the nurse help client learn about their health and the health care procedure. Client advocate: act to protect the client. Counselor: counseling is the process of helping a client to recognize and cope with stressful psychological or social problem and to develop and improve the personal relationship. Change agent: make modification on their own behavior.

19 Roles and Functions of Nurses (cont'd)
Leader : influence the other to work together to accomplish to specific goal. Manager: manages the nursing care oat individual family and community. Research consumer: use research to improve cleat care.

20 Expanded Career Roles Nurse practitioner Clinical nurse specialist
Nurse midwife Nurse educator Nurse researcher Nurse anesthetist

21 Setting for nursing practice
Hospital client's home community agenesis ambulatory activities and others

22 Things to Consider Profession: defined as occupation that required extensive education or a calling that required special knowledge, skill and preparation. What are the criteria of a profession?

23 Criteria of a Profession
Prolonged, specialized training Orientation toward service Ongoing research Code of ethics Autonomy Professional organization

24 Factors Influencing Contemporary Nursing Practice
Economics Consumer demands Family structure Science and technology Information, telecommunications, and telenursing Legislation Demography

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