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End of WWII Mr. Koch US History B Forest Lake High School.

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1 End of WWII Mr. Koch US History B Forest Lake High School

2 End of WWII 1944 – FDR elected to 4 th term as President!!!

3 Battle of the Bulge Dec. 16, 1944 – Germans drive into the Ardennes region of eastern Belgium and northern Luxembourg into Allied territory – creating a “bulge” – Goal: Germans wanted to trap the Allied forces – MANY losses in men and supplies, so in 1 month the battle ends

4 Liberation of the Death Camps Soviets find 1 st death camp – July 1944 Find 800,000 shoes in a pile

5 End of WWII April 25, 1945 – Soviets in Berlin April 29, 1945 – Hitler marries Eva Braun April 30, 1945 – Hitler shoots himself and Eva drinks poison – burn bodies

6 V-E Day Victory in Europe Day!!! – May 8, 1945 – War in Europe is over! Germany surrenders! But one person in particular never got to see it…

7 End of WWII April 12, 1945 – FDR dies of a stroke – Harry S. Truman becomes 33 rd President

8 Atomic Bomb Manhattan Project – Research and creation of the Atomic Bomb – 600,000 people involved, but few know what it is – Test July 16, 1945 in New Mexico Einstein with Oppenheimer

9 Dropping the Bomb Hiroshima – Aug. 6, 1945 (Enola Gay) – Code-named “Little Boy” – Took 43 seconds for the entire city to turn to dust Nagasaki – Aug. 9, 1945 – Code-named “Fat Man” Total of about 200,000 people die

10 Hiroshima and Nagasaki WARNING!!! The next visual is particularly disturbing… please look away if you are sensitive to disturbing visual imagery

11 Japan surrenders Sept. 2, 1945 (V-J Day)

12 Yalta Conference Big 3 met Feb. 1945 (before V- E Day) – FDR, Churchill, Stalin Stalin wanted to keep Germany divided, Churchill disagreed FDR wanted to make concessions for two reasons: 1.USSR help fight Japan 2.USSR support United Nations Results: Germany split, United Nations, Stalin helping in Japan

13 Nuremberg Trials 25 of Hitler’s top officials put on trial for: 1.Crimes against peace 2.War crimes 3.Crimes against humanity

14 US in Japan 7 (including Tojo) put to death 7 year occupation Macarthur Constitution

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