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2007-2008 Consolidated Application Workshop. Handouts

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1 2007-2008 Consolidated Application Workshop

2 Handouts

3 To enable users to efficiently complete applications through the Michigan Electronic Grants System (MEGS) Purpose of Workshop

4 What’s New New Local Education Agency (LEA) Planning Cycle application Updated Title I School Selection and Allocation application –Both must be submitted and approved before approval of the Consolidated Application

5 Title I, Part AImproving Basic Programs Title I, Part CMigrant Education Title I, Part DN or D Prevention/Intervention Title II, Part ATeacher/Principal Training & Recruiting Title II, Part DEnhancing Education Through Technology Title IIILanguage Acquisition Program Students Title V, Part AInnovative Programs Title VI, Part B,Rural/Low-Income Subpart 2 What Grants are in the CA?

6 Office of School Improvement Generally Allowable Use of Funds (revised) 07/21/06

7 Section 31aState At-Risk Programs Section 41Bilingual Education Title VI, ATransferability Provision Title VI, B,Rural Education Subpart 1 Achievement Program – REAP/SRSA Title IXGeneral Provisions What About?

8 How does MDE determine the amount of funding a district receives? –2004 census poverty estimates –Allocation formulas (vary by grant) Allocation Process

9 Title I Allocations

10 Initiating the Consolidated Application

11 Grants Available in CA

12 Application Menu Header Details Application Information Management Activities General Information Budget Pages Program Information Attachments Submitting the Application Consolidated Application Overview

13 Main Menu – Returns the user to the page with all applications initiated by the user’s agency. Don’t Touch Me! Ignore me at all costs. Application Menu – Returns the user to the “home page” for the application. A feature built into this link is a JavaScript menu that allows quick access to other parts of the application. This menu has links to budget pages and program information. Report Menu – Takes the user to the list of reports for the application. Errors – Tracks the progress of the application and alerts the user when any critical part is not completed. All errors must be addressed in order to submit the application. Report Errors – Alerts the user to any errors in the report. All errors must be addressed in order to submit the report. Logout – Logs the user out of MEGS. Application and User Information – Indicates the application that is currently being worked on, the applicant agency, the application number, and the current user’s name. Help Main Menu Application Menu Errors Logout Application and User Information ■ Help – Takes the user to specific help information for each page. This feature is the first source of assistance for questions or problems that users might encounter. Report Menu Report Errors View Comments Consolidated Application Header Details

14 HELP Main Menu Application Menu Errors Logout Application and User Information Help – Takes the user to specific help information for each page. Each sub-grant’s budget detail page has a help page listing all the allowable function codes for that grant AND a description of what should be categorized under that function code for that grant. Report Menu Report Errors VIEW COMMENTS Consolidated Application HELP Button & Budget Details

15 Don’t forget to scroll down. Each section of the application has its own section for comments. View Comments/Checklist

16 Application Information

17 Assurances & Certifications

18 Management Activities

19 Control Access to this Application

20 Review Grant Selections

21 Approval Status of Grants

22 View a PDF of this Application

23 View a Blank PDF

24 General Information

25 Grant Contact and Fiscal Agent Information

26 Consortium/Grant Member Information

27 School Level Budgeting (recommended)

28 Description of Equitable Access

29 Participation of Private Nonprofit Schools – Federal Programs

30 Budget Pages

31 Budget Summary Links

32 Budget Summary New

33 Title I, Part A Budget Summary (continued) Indirect

34 Budget Detail Reminder-Use Help for Function Codes

35 Flexibility for program services Handouts describe transfer options and limitations if the district is identified for improvement Check with consultant before using this option Transferability

36 Add/Edit Budget Item Transferability

37 Program Information

38 Program Information Page Summary

39 Local School District Consolidated Plan

40 Consolidated Plan Required for new PSAs Required elements listed in MEGS Upload plan in MEGS Requires new plan (examples): Restructuring Reorganizing district Current plan expires District chooses to develop new plan Updated plan (revision template found under Program Information) Error message will occur if this page is not reviewed

41 Local School District Plan Revision Template

42 Delivery Systems for Special Populations

43 Title II, Part A – Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting New

44 Title V, Part A – Innovative Programs Local Uses of Funds

45 Attachments

46 Sample Letter to Private Nonprofit Schools (if applicable)

47 Local School District Consolidated Plan

48 Intermediate School District Consolidated Plan

49 Additional Budget Detail Information

50 Review Consolidated Application Checklist Click on Error link in the menu header bar Make any necessary corrections Go to the application menu screen to click the submit button Print confirmation To Submit Your Application

51 Contact your Field Services Consultant: Region 1.......... 517-373-4009 Region 2.......... 517-373-0161 Region 3.......... 517-373-6341 Region 4.......... 517-373-4004 Region 5.......... 517-373-4212 Questions and Answers

52 Office of School Improvement Contacts Mike Radke, Assistant Director Office of School Improvement, Field Services Margaret Madigan, Supervisor Field Services

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