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PrevNext | Slide 1 Michigan Electronic Grants System MEGS MEGS Application Last Updated: 2/4/2011.

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1 PrevNext | Slide 1 Michigan Electronic Grants System MEGS MEGS Application Last Updated: 2/4/2011

2 PrevNext | Slide 2 The Michigan Electronic Grants System MEGS 101: What is MEGS? What is Needed to Use MEGS? MEGS Security Authorized Officials: Getting Started MEGS Applications Modifications, Amendments Reports in MEGS Cash Management System (CMS) MEGS Application Overview

3 PrevNext | Slide 3 Main Menu: Getting Started Main Menu Options View/Edit Delete Application Modify Application Amend Application View Reports View History Delete Amendment Buttons are controlled by the status of the applications.

4 PrevNext | Slide 4 Application Menus Application Menu Header Details Application Information Management Activities General Information Budget Pages Program Information Attachments Submitting the Application All applications have a similar look. Each application type has its own unique features.

5 PrevNext | Slide 5 Avoid Back and Forward It is highly recommended that users use the navigation provided within the application. The browsers Back button will simply load the cached (or saved) version of the page that exists on the local hard drive as it was the last time the page was accessed. By using the browsers Back button, the user is not getting the latest information from the website, but rather an older saved version of the page. Avoid the Back and Forward buttons in order to always see the latest information.

6 PrevNext | Slide 6 Header Details Main Menu – Returns the user to the page with all applications initiated by the users agency. Dont Touch Me! Ignore me at all costs. Application Menu – Returns the user to the home page for the application. A feature built into this link is a JavaScript menu that allows quick access to other parts of the application. This menu has links to budget pages and program information. Report Menu – Takes the user to the list of reports for the application. Errors – Tracks the progress of the application and alerts the user when any critical part is not completed. All errors must be addressed in order to submit the application. Report Errors – Alerts the user to any errors in the report. All errors must be addressed in order to submit the report. Logout – Logs the user out of MEGS. Application and User Information – Indicates the application that is currently being worked on, the applicant agency, the application number, and the current users name. View Comments – Interactive check list with the MDE program office. Contact Agencies – Appears when a user is assigned more than one agency. Help Main Menu Application Menu Report Menu Logout Application and User Information Help – Takes the user to specific help information for each page. This feature is the first source of assistance for questions or problems that users might encounter. Errors Report Errors View Comments Contact Agencies

7 PrevNext | Slide 7 Important Information and Assurances and Certifications Important Information About the Application - Application due date - Pages that must be submitted - Purposes of the programs included in the application Assurances and Certifications This link opens a page that lists a set of conditions that must be followed by recipients of funds for programs included in the application.

8 PrevNext | Slide 8 Add Users to Application: Control Access to This Application To Give Users Access to the Application: Go to the Add Users to this Application table at the bottom of the page. Enter the MEIS Account IDs of the users to be given access to the application. Select a security level for each new user based on his/her function in the application process. If the user is a contact person for the application, select the type of contact. A Main Contact is required. To activate the users, click the Save button.

9 PrevNext | Slide 9 Edit/Remove Users Control Access to This Application Identify users to delete or to temporarily limit their access. To edit the users access, make the appropriate changes and click Save. To remove the user, click the box in the Mark Remove column to the left of the users name and click Save. The removed user will no longer have access to the application unless the user is given access again. To Edit or Remove User Access from the Application: If more than 20 users in grant, only Fiscal Agent users show. Select All in drop down to see all users with access to grant.

10 PrevNext | Slide 10 Grant Contact Information To Assign or Change Contacts: Go to the Control Access to This Application page and make the assignment. Authorized users may delete and replace the Contacts. When the assignment is saved, the Main Contact will be displayed on the Grant Contact and Fiscal Agent Information page. E-mail Contact, specifies additional recipients of automated MEGS e- mails.

11 PrevNext | Slide 11 General Information: Review Grant Selections To Review/Change Grant Selections: Click the Review Grant Selections link on the Application Menu. Click the appropriate radio buttons to make any changes in the grants that will be included in the application. Click Confirm to save the changes. If you do not wish to make any changes, click Cancel. Do Not Apply: no intention to apply Apply Now: add all required parts of grant; invokes all error checking Apply Later: add all required parts of grant; no error checking Apply Now and Apply Later status of grants are displayed on Application Menu This option will not appear if the grant has only one funding source.

12 PrevNext | Slide 12 Management Activities: View a PDF of This Application To View a PDF of the Application: Click the View a PDF of this application link to generate a printable version of the application. The PDF will include all information that is entered into the current application. One Click Solution: email sent when ready Links are also provided for individual page PDFs. This feature is provided for agencies to keep a printed copy of the application that the user submitted electronically. To save the PDF of your completed application, select File – Save As and save the file to your hard drive. Blank PDF is also available.

13 PrevNext | Slide 13 General Information Pages depend upon the application type. Add text to pages. Character limitations.

14 PrevNext | Slide 14 General Information: Consortiums Some applications support consortiums. Pages may vary depending upon the application. Click Add a New Member to add consortium members Select the applicable Funding Source Enter Recipient/District codes Click Save Selections MEGS sends consortium invitation e- mails

15 PrevNext | Slide 15 General Information: Consortiums Consortium Member Authorized Officials have an option for Grant Consortium Acceptance Information Services only, Funds and Services (separate budget) or Will Not Participate

16 PrevNext | Slide 16 Schools Included in the Application Some applications use School Level Budgeting, or require schools to be identified with options similar to the ones shown. To Use the School Level Budgeting Option: Click the Add a School button. Select the grant program from the drop down list and click the Go button. Enter the building code for each school that will have a budget. Up to 25 schools can be added at one time. Once all building codes have been entered, click the Save Selections button. A School Budget(s) section will be created on the Budget Summary page. To Remove a School: Click the box next to the schools name on the School Level Budgeting page. Click the Remove Selected School button.

17 PrevNext | Slide 17 Budget Pages

18 PrevNext | Slide 18 Budget Pages: Budget Navigation The yellow tinted button denotes the page that the user is currently on. The blue tinted buttons denote pages that are available to navigate to. The View PDF button will generate a PDF for the current grant source. Clicking these buttons will take the user to the corresponding page. The quick links are available on the red button bar. Budget Tabs and Quick Links These features allow for easy navigation between the numerous budget pages. The tabs are color coded for easy recognition. The yellow tinted tab signifies the current page. The View PDF tab will display a PDF of the current budget page.. Budget Buttons The buttons at the bottom of the budget pages serve the same purpose as the tabs for navigation. Instead of returning to the top of the page, clicking any of the buttons will take you to the corresponding page.

19 PrevNext | Slide 19 Budget Summary Budget Totals: The budget totals are displayed with function codes along the left side and object codes across the top. Tens function codes Budget totals are changed automatically when new budget items are added to the grant. Complete Contact Information (on the bottom of the page): Business Office Representative Project Contact Person

20 PrevNext | Slide 20 Budget Summary: Additional Budgets Some applications have additional budgets: Neglected and Delinquent Institutions School Level Budgets Consortium/grant Members Additional budgets are displayed in tables at the bottom of the Budget Summary. Click the underlined name of the institution, school or consortium/grant member to access budget detail for that agency. Consortium/grant member budgets are summarized in Outgoing Transfers (Function Code 400).

21 PrevNext | Slide 21 Budget Pages: Budget Detail The Budget Detail page is an in-depth look at all budget items for the grant. Each budget item is listed by function code, with the description, any associated FTE and the budgeted amount. As items are entered into the system, this page is automatically updated and displays the totals. The title of the item provides a link to the page where the entries for that budget item can be edited. Items are sorted by function code: -Within a function code, items are sorted by object code -Within the object code, items are sorted alphabetically

22 PrevNext | Slide 22 Budget Pages: Add Budget Item To Add a Budget Item: Provide a description of the budget item. Enter amount(s) in the box(es) beneath the appropriate Object Code(s). –Only one entry unless personnel. –All personnel entries must have Salaries and Benefits. After completing the entries, click the Add Item button. To Edit a Budget Item: Access the budget item from the Budget Detail screen, make the changes, and click Update Item. To Delete a Budget Item: Access the item from the Budget Detail screen and click Delete Budget Item. Some grants have unique items here. Transferability (Consolidated Application, Safe and Drug Free) Component (Special Education) Year 1/Year 2 (Special Ed: Early On, Flowthrough, Preschool) Permissive Funding (Special Ed: Flowthrough) Action Plan (CTE Perkins, Tech Prep) Local Share (Homeless Students)

23 PrevNext | Slide 23 Budget Pages: Other options Capital Outlay: provide justification Edit Budget Detail: edit multiple items at one time Use Delete Budget Detail when you are ready to start over. One chance to confirm: and then its gone! Budget Summary Plus/Minus: compare to last approved Budget Summary Quick Links: add multiple items at once Download Budget Detail Links to Program Information pages (depending upon the application type)

24 PrevNext | Slide 24 Budget Pages: Line Item Approval The consolidated application allows line item approvals for each grant budget. Approved Description field: If underlined it is district level costs. Not underlined it is school level costs.

25 PrevNext | Slide 25 Budget Pages: Line Item Approval Modifications Required Unallowable (cannot submit until item is deleted)

26 PrevNext | Slide 26 Program Information Program information pages are unique for each grant in MEGS. In some applications, some pages are copied forward from prior years. Indicate if the page has changed.

27 PrevNext | Slide 27 Project Narrative Pages vary by application type

28 PrevNext | Slide 28 Expanded Menus Click the folder to expand and see the contents. Re-Click the folder to hide the links. Expanded menus are used for applications that include multiple copies of a page. They are also used for sets of related pages under a single heading. To use the expanded menu:

29 PrevNext | Slide 29 Attachments to Applications The link to the page where attachments are uploaded is found in the Attachments section of the Application Menu. To Upload Attachments: Enter a title for the file. Click Browse and find the file. Select the file and click Open. Click Upload Attachment. To view the attachment, click the link on the Application Menu page or on the page where the attachment is uploaded. To replace an uploaded attachment, follow the instructions above. The new attachment will be uploaded in place of the current attachment.

30 PrevNext | Slide 30 Check Errors MEGS performs a check for technical errors and will present the information on this page. Links on error page will take user to the page needing correction. Run the error checking until the screen indicates: No errors have been detected in this application.

31 PrevNext | Slide 31 Submission of the Application To Submit an Application: Review Errors on the Application Menu. Notify Authorized Official (AO) that the application is complete. AO clicks the Submit Application button on the Application Menu. If there are any errors, an error list will be generated. Once all errors are corrected, return to the Application Menu and click Submit Application. The next page will present conditions to which you must agree upon when submitting the application. After reading and agreeing with the conditions, click the I Agree button to continue. MEGS will display a confirmation page. Print this page to keep as a record of the submission of the application. A link to allow you to access the confirmation page will be created on the Application Menu. MEGS will notify the district Level 5s and the application designated contacts by email that the application has been received.

32 PrevNext | Slide 32 Questions? MEGS: Contact the Program Office CMS: ( 517) 335-0534

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