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上海建桥学院大学英语制作 Unit 4 The Virtual World Text A A Virtual Life.

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2 上海建桥学院大学英语制作

3 Unit 4 The Virtual World

4 Text A A Virtual Life

5  Class Discussion Class Discussion  Background Information Background Information  New Words & Expressions New Words & Expressions  Text Learning Text Learning Part Division of Text A Grammatical Structures and Key Sentences  After Reading After Reading Summary of Text A Contents

6 Class Discussion

7 Discussion on Pictures

8 Real Life vs. Second Life Real life vs. Virtual life

9 Real Life Virtual Life

10 What is a virtual life? State the noticeable features Which life do you think is better? The real life or the virtual one? What can people do on the Internet? 3 3 2 2 1 1 Class Discussion

11 synonyms Real life & Real world Cyberspace; cyberia; etherworld; virtual reality; Internet world; net world; etc. antonyms What can people do on the Internet? Virtual Life & Virtual World Communicating with people; shopping; reading; learning; working; publishing; listening to music; watching films; playing games; hacking; etc.

12 Background Information

13 Virtual life has its perks; from general networking and giving voice to the public to communicating news and marketing for businesses. 01 People are also attached to social networks because it is much closer to the type of life desired than the type of life actually lived. 03 02 It takes less effort to craft one’s desired image in the virtual world than actually work for it in the real world. 04 The Advantages The increasing benefits and conveniences of social networks have caused individuals to become attached to virtual life.

14 Fact Further Discussion Questions Over 50 million people play online games every day. 12 million of those people are serious gamers who participate in massive multiplayer online games. How have computer and internet changed your life? What’s your opinion towards internet? Why is this virtual world of gaming so interesting? Why do millions of people spend good time & money to do this? The Disadvantage

15 New Words & Expressions

16 A Virtual Life virtual adj. 1) almost what is stated; in fact though not in name 差不多,实质上的 –Our deputy manager is the virtual head of the business. 2) created and existing only in a computer 虚拟 的 –I can visit a virtual store and put what I want in my basket at the click of a mouse button.

17 stretch v. 1) (cause to) become longer, wider, etc. without breaking 拉长,伸直 –The coat will stretch when washed. 2) to make a body part longer by reaching out or extending that part 伸展(肢体) –The cat stretched after her nap. 猫睡醒之后伸 了个懒腰。 –Stretch one’s patience to the limit n. stretch 舒展;弹性;一段连续的时间

18 submit v. 1) give (sth.) to sb. so that it may be formally considered 提交, 呈递 –We should submit our plans to the council for approval. 2) to yield (oneself), agree to obey 服从, 顺从 【 + to 】 –We submitted ourselves to their wishes. – 我们顺从了他们的愿望。 3) to surrender 屈服,投降【 + to 】 –The British forces submitted to American soldiers during the Revolutionary War.

19 communicate 1) vi. contact sb. in any way, esp. by speaking to them, writing to them or calling them 通信, 交往【 + with sb. 】 –We can communicate with people in most parts of the world by telephone. 2) vt make (news, opinions, feelings, etc.) known 传递,表达 –The officer communicated his orders to the men by radio. –This poem communicates the author's despair.

20 take in vt –1) to include or cover something 包括 –2) to receive someone into one’s home 收容 ( 某人 ) –3) to understand or grasp something 理解, 领会 –4) to make clothes smaller or tighter 改小改 窄 ( 衣服 ) –5) [usu. passive] to deceive or cheat someone 欺骗(某人) –6) to absorb something into the body by breathing or swallowing it 吸收,吸进,咽下

21 Match the above definitions with the sentences below. –The dress was too big, so I took it in.( ) –I didn’t take in what you were saying.( ) –This is the total cost of the trip, taking in everything.( ) –Do you mean we should get rid of the stale and take in the fresh?( ) –Don’t be taken in by her promises.( )

22 Confront He will admit his error when we confront him with these figures. We will confront many difficulties in doing the work. Face Be confronted with Be faced with Face up to

23 but then yet at the same time 但另一方面, 不 过 –The circus was not a very good one; but then, the audience was not demanding. – 这个马戏团并不出色,不过观众的要求也不高。 –At first I thought he was shy, but then I discovered he was just not interested in other people. – 起初我还以为他很腼腆, 后来我才发现他是不爱 理人。

24 Jar: have a harsh or an unpleasant effect (jar sth. / jar on sb. or sth. ) 发出刺耳 的声音,使感到不快 - The loud bang jarred my nerves. - Her voice jarred on me.

25 suck v. 吸,吮;舔 –She was sitting on the grass sucking lemonade through a straw. 她坐在草地上用吸管 喝柠檬汁。 suck sb. / sth. in = suck sb. / sth. Into sth. [often passive] involve sb in an activity, an argument. etc, usu. against their will 使卷入 –I don’t want to be sucked into this debate. – 我不想卷入到争论中去。

26 abuse 1) n. wrong or excessive use; cruel treatment 滥 用 ; 虐待 –alcohol abuse /drugs abuse/ child abuse –the abuse of animals 对动物的虐待 2) vt. a) put to wrong use, use badly 妄用,滥用 –It’s easy to abuse one’s power. b) do cruel things to (a person or animal) 虐待 –I won’t allow you to abuse that dog.

27 restore vt. bring back to a former condition 恢复 【 restore sth/ restore sb to sth 】 –Winning three games restored their confidence. –Doing sports every day restored the old man to good health. –The stolen property must be restored to its owner. – 赃物必须物归原主 。

28 set apart: to place something separately; to keep something for a special use 把 ……. 分开 ; 留出(供专用) –He was set apart because he suffered an infectious disease 他被隔离开了,因为他得了 传染病。 –Two rooms were set apart for use as libraries. 有两个房间被留出作为图书馆。

29 interview v. / n. 1) 面谈,会谈,采访 –In an exclusive interview ( 专访 ) with our reporter, the film star revealed some of his personal affairs. (n.) –interview the Prime Minister (v.) 2) 面试,口试 –He has an interview next Thursday for a job. (n.) 他下周四要参加工作面试 。 –We interviewed 20 people for the job. (v.)

30 1. s become longer, wider, etc. 2. e having or seeming to have no end 3. a a strong feeling of dislike 4. a a particular way of considering an issue 5. m understand wrongly 6. r depend confidently, put trust in 7. a wrong or excessive use 8. r bring back to a former condition 9. I too bad to be endured AR-3-1 Word Completion Complete the words with the help of the definitions given. tretch ndless version ngle isinterpret ely buse estore ntolerable

31 Word Combination

32 combining forms/prefixes + noun Combining forms/prefixes + verb Clipped words words like cyber, net, etc. + suffix Words Combining Forms/Prefixes

33 BR2.1 The most dynamic combining forms/prefixes for new computer-and- Internet-related vocabulary in English are cyber-, virtual, Net- (net), Web- (web-), and E- (e-). 1. combining forms/prefixes + noun virtual life ( 虚拟世界 ), virtual office ( 虚拟办公室 ), cyber-interaction ( 网络互动 ), cyber nut( 网虫 ), cyber pet ( 电子宠物 ), web page ( 网页 ), website ( 网站 ), e-card ( 电子贺卡 ), e-business ( 电子商务 ) 2. combining forms/prefixes + verb cybersurf ( 网上冲浪 ), netsurf ( 网上冲浪 ), email ( 发送电子邮件 ) 3.words like cyber, net, etc. + suffix cyberian ( 网络用户 ), netter ( 网民 ), cyberize ( 使联网 ) 4.clipped words cyberdoc ( 网络医生 ), Netcast ( 网络播放 ), Netizen( 网民 ), e-zine ( 电子杂志 )

34 Text Learning

35 GR-1.part1 Part Division of the Text PartsLines Main Ideas 1 2 3 1~16 17~53 54~66 Description of the author’s virtual life. Her feeling about the virtual life. Her effort of returning to the real world and her feeling about the real world.

36 Grammatical Structures & Key Sentences

37 A Virtual Life My boyfriend’s Liverpool accent suddenly becomes impossible to interpret after his easily understood words on screen; a secretary’s clipped tone seems more rejecting than I’d imagined it would be.(L1-4) –This sentence implies: The author has become more familiar with the virtual world than the real world

38 A Virtual Life And once you start replacing real human contact with cyber-interaction, coming back out of the cave can be quite difficult. (L24-25) –Paraphrase the underlined part: returning to normal society from the isolated life of the virtual world can be quite a problem. –Note: “cyber-interaction” means “the contact via the computer network”. “cyber-” is a prefix which means “of the computer network”; “cave” here refers to the isolated life of the virtual world.

39 A Virtual Life At times, I turn on the television and just leave it to talk away in the background, something that I’d never done previously. (L 31-32) Translate this sentence into Chinese: 有时我把电视机开着,让它作为背景声音一直响着,以 前我从不这样做。 Note: “away” 在此表示一个连续不断的行为。例如: She was singing away to herself in the bath. 她洗澡时一直自顾自地唱着歌。

40 A Virtual Life “Dateline,” “Frontline”, “Nightline”, CNN, New York 1, every possible angle of every story over and over and over, even when they are of no possible use to me.. (L 35-37) Translate the sentence into Chinese: 我一而再、再而三地从 “ 每日新闻 ” 、 “ 一线新闻 ” 、 “ 夜间新闻 ” 、 有线新闻电视网、纽约一套上收看有关每一条新闻的各种不 同市郊的报道,尽管它们对我毫无用处。 Note: be + of + n. 相当于 be + 名词对应的形容词。 e.g. be of help =be helpful; be of importance= be important

41 A Virtual Life Work moves into the background. ( L37 ) What does this sentence mean? This sentence means work becomes less important. Why? The reason why work becomes less important is that communicating with the real world, the author thinks, has become more important at that time.

42 A Virtual Life When I’m in this state, I fight my boyfriend as well, misinterpreting his intentions because of the lack of emotional cues given by our typed dialogue.(L45-47) –Why does the author misinterpret her boyfriend’s intention –Because their typed dialogue lacks the emotion that is expressed and implied in the real dialogue.

43 A Virtual Life I arrange interviews for stories, doctor’s appointments --- anything to get me out of the house and connected with others(L57- 59) What does the word “story” mean here? Here “story” refers to any descriptive article in a newspaper or an event, a situation, etc. suitable for suck an article.

44 After Reading

45 Summary of Text A With the Internet we can escape into another world at the click of a button. For many this is a dream come true. For others, a nightmare. Those who do not trust the Internet argue that it is all too easy to be sucked into a virtual world. Keeping in touch with your friends by email is fine, but for those who rely on it completely, communicating face-to-face tends to be too emotional and unbearable. At times they may feel this so strongly that they have to flee from real human contact, hurrying to get back on line to the comfort and safety of a less demanding world.

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