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Resourcing Strategy : Human Resource Planning Durga Nidhi Sharma

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1 Resourcing Strategy : Human Resource Planning Durga Nidhi Sharma

2 Discussion Structure Strategic Approach to human Resource Planning. HR Planning followed by Government of Nepal(GoN). Issues and concerns in HR planning. Discussion.

3 Strategic Approach to human Resource Planning Scoping the session Only Government Structure. Excludes Army, Police and Other public affairs. Relates the Central Personal Agency (CPA) matters. Civil Service Acts, Rules, Procedures and management of Civil Service. Relates R 2 R in Civil Service administration. A close linkage with the Public Service Commission (PSC)of Nepal. Excludes restructuring of Civil Service in the context of federalism.

4 Government Policy Departure from MoGA to M-HRM. Departure from Class system to Level System (Unified Civil Service). CPA in real sense. Protection of Civil Service Personnel. Welfare mechanism in Civil Service.

5 Strategy New Acts and Rules on Civil Service to enable new Public management or result based management. Revitalizing the office of Civil Service Records. Innovative service delivery mechanism. One-stop-service-system (OSSS). High morale and motivation in Civil Service. Linkage with projects run by the Government.

6 Present Structure of GoN HR. Ten Classes in Civil Service, 10 Services and 50 + Groups. Classless (Shreni Bihin) Post Consists more than 30 percent of Sanctioned 100,000 Posts. Automation in working - Procedure is less than 5 percent in total. Placement of Civil Service is still in infant stage. Nepal’s Civil Service Pay Scale is Still lowest among SAARC Region. Lack of Proper HRD policy is Still Continued.

7 Career ? Human Resource development? Active life ensured. Safety ( Social, cultural, economic and personal). No difference in “is to be.“ & “ought to be.“ Hard to improve the perfection. So, continuous improvement. Way of Life. Social recognition. Once status gained that should be maintained. Others?

8 HR Planning in Government Deciding ahead. 5W (what to do, when to do,who to do it,where to do and how to do). Continuous process.

9 HR Planning process followed by GoN Three member committee in the Concerned Ministry. JS chairs. MoF and MoGA representatives. O and M survey is conducted(Perhaps, field visit) Takes almost 60 working days. O and m Survey report prepared as per the guidelines, developed by MoGA. Before O&M survey report is finalized, a final presentation in MoGA takes place. Appropriate accommodation finals the report. Concerned Ministry decides from Minister level. O&M Survey Report is submitted to MoF for financial consideration. MoF consents / denies and makes seal through Minister level decision.

10 HR Planning process followed by GoN Concerned Ministry,attaching MoF approval, sends request letter to MoGA for Cabinet decision. MoGA, with appropriate reform, sends Cabinet Proposal (PRASTAV) at OPMCM. OPMCM sets agenda for cabinet discussion. Cabinet (May ask Prashashan samiti to decide)decides. OPMCM sends back to MoGA.

11 HR Planning process followed by GoN MoGA informs concerned Ministry. Ministry informs Nijamati kitabkhana with 5 copies of organization structure and darvandi teriz. Kitabkhana keeps one copy with itself, one for MoGA,rest provides to Concerned Ministry. Concerned Ministry sends to Public Service Commission and Matahat Departments and offices. If not sufficient,makes photocopy and sends. Recruitment is adjusted.

12 Forecasting Not followedNo time intervals

13 Life in 4 quadrants NO education in first. No wealth in Second. No charity in third. What next in fourth stage ?

14 Discussion Ministry wide HRM Policy ? Service, group, sub group wide HRM policy ? Role of MoGA as CPA in Civil Service administration ? Career path of Nepal Civil Service ?

15 In your career ?  Peak position ?  How many ladders from now ?  What time intervals ( 3 or 5 or 7 years in each ladder).  What training needed? Basic, in service, staff college, Domestic? International ?  What extra qualification needed?  Outstation service?  Extra activities/books/medals etc?

16 Your Working Situation Can do Do Want to do Could do Your Knowledge and Skills Your Attitudes And Emotions

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