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Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 1.

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1 Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 1

2 2 Overview Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 is the first release of a series of deliveries that will completely replace the current Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Software offering (which includes Tivoli Configuration Manager) and is focused to provide lifecycle desktop management capabilities. Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 is an orderable physical media package of the existing IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Software 5.1.1 product and helps organizations ensure compliance of desktop computers to an established desired compliance policy for software and patches. Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 offers significantly improved capabilities for the following features: Policy-based desired state management and compliance remediation for software and patches Integrated OS bare metal imaging capabilities (priced option) Integrated Remote Control management capabilities Improved discovery and inventory capabilities Improved Software and Patch Security compliance reporting

3 Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 3 Value Proposition For: Organizations with distributed desktop, laptop and client devices that are essential for business-critical applications and processes Who need: Worry free and simple solutions to protect, manage the lifecycle and secure their distributed desktops/laptops and devices IBM provides: A powerful, intuitive best-in-class desktop and device management solution that ties into the larger process automation platform Unlike: Symantec-Altiris, Microsoft-SMS, other niche players IBM's offering has/does: Easy to manage, comprehensive policy based management,’ Manage by exception’ features, ‘pull’ and ‘push’ management features, process automation engine that provides process integration which allows customers to tailor desktop management solutions to their own processes.

4 Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 Acquiring, approving and testing Microsoft patches Acquiring, approving and testing new software application Redeploying the changes Bringing new asset into Work-Ready state -Discover computers (Network, Agents, MSAD) -Deploy O/S and initial applications stack (TPMfOSD) -Verify compliance to enterprise policies -Plan and execute staged deployment of changes in a production environment Downloading optional software -Publish software to Self-service application -Request software from Self-service application -Track status of the request Pushing an emergency patch -Manually import a Microsoft patch package -Test the patch -Push into production Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 - Key Customer Scenarios Administer Configure Troubleshoot (Remote Control) Ongoing Compliance for SW and Patches 4

5 Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 in the Endpoint Management Strategy Re-enter MarketGrow RevenueComplete Lifecycle Grow2: EP Security Complete1: Full Lifecycle Improve Platforms and large envs. coverage Addon2: Mobile Addon1: Virtualization WSUS based Win Patch Management Compete self-service catalog and end-user Full TPMfOSD and TRC integration Administrative CLI More Platforms Full Topology support Manage all other lifecycle agent using PAS (start/stop, keepalive) Create integration to federate third party content provider Catch notification from patch service provider Approval process Automatic packaging of patches ready to be delivered Massive distribution Integration of acquired provider of content with powerful SDK. Create platform for content development based on policies Automatic translator of FDDC (OVAL) into our policies for compliance checking Automation of US National Checklist Program (NCP) Implementation of remediation action for identified vulnerabilities Common platform usable by all elements participating to the Lifecycle Expand policy compliance leverage to integrate EP security Creation of out of the box packages to install EP security software (AV, FW, etc.) Creation of out of the box best practices to manage EP security software (AV, FW, etc.) Integration with network management products to implement Network Access Control scenario Integrate on common infrastructure TLCM, TSM, TPMfOSD, TRC, etc. Out of the box policies for backup and restore Install CDP for Files on end-user desktops Full licensing integration with software deployment Integration of personality migration capability Enable federated/proxy management centrally controlled by Tivoli Allow management through service providers Enable “slices of management”: ability to manage just part of the EP, being nice citizens to the other potentially present managers (service provider, private person, etc.) Extend lifecycle best practices to manage palmtop EPs Install desktop/app virtualization on EP Full customization of virtualization environment Integration of virtualization tooling (e.g. virtual app creation, desktop image management, etc.) Creation of best practices to manage desktop/app virtualization on EP PDSD v7.1 Win only solution for SWD/Inventory and Patch Management Powerful policy based approach with supported evolution paths from TCM Lightweight Integration with OS Provisioning Remote Control Add on Re-enter 1: Patch Grow1: Compliance 5

6 Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 6 Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 solution can be used as a replacement for what your customers are currently using, or as a complementary solution to be used in conjunction with Tivoli Configuration Manager. How to decide if a replacement or a complementary adoption is more suited is highly dependant on the type of usage being done with existing products. The chart on the next slide will help you decide what your course of action is. Positioning 7.1

7 Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 7 This table summarizes the recommended solution based on the customer type and usage of the current Tivoli Configuration Manager and Tivoli provisioning Manager for Software products.

8 Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 Link to TPM Wiki: Link to Webinar and education: Link to TPM Sales Kit: http://w3- N707891W92484P06#overview Additional Resources

9 Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 Sales assistance - Gallotti, Antonio, [] Product Mgr. TCM, TPM for SW, TPM for OS DeploymentGallotti, Antonio Sales assistance - Thompson, Michael J. (Mike) [] Manager, Provisioning and Orchestration Product ManagementThompson, Michael J. (Mike) Sales assistance - Katz, James [] Tivoli TPM Sales EnablementKatz, Sales assistance - Orr, Michael A. [] Product Management, Tivoli Provisioning ManagerOrr, Michael Sales assistance - Kraeger, Paul J.. [] Tivoli Application Management GTM and SDP Coordination Marketing Communications Strategist Kraeger, Paul J.. Sales assistance - Plunkett, Casey [] Director of WW Sales, Tivoli Automation and zTivoliPlunkett, Sales assistance - Williams, Terry F. [] Tivoli Automation IT SpecialistWilliams, Terry Sales assistance - Stow, Roger K. [] Product Management, Data Center ProvisioningStow, Roger Other assistance – Jarvis, Karen, J. [] IBM Tivoli WW Channel Strategy Mgr- TPC/ SVC / TPM /TWAJarvis, Karen, Technical and Sales Assistance

10 Tivoli Policy Driven Software Distribution v7.1 Thank You Merci Grazie Gracias Obrigado Danke Japanese English French Russian German Italian Spanish Brazilian Portuguese Arabic Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Hindi Tamil Thai Korean

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