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Giving Music to Our Students. Morning Coffee and Ice Cream?

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1 Giving Music to Our Students

2 Morning Coffee and Ice Cream?

3 Plenty of Coffee and Conversation

4 Great Way to Earn Masters Hours

5 Old and New Friends

6 We’re Back!

7 Yes, We Have Shirts!

8 Quincy and Mark before “Tone Quality” Session

9 John Miller – “How to Ensure Your Teaching Longevity”

10 Emily Threinen “Connecting Score Study to Gesture”

11 Matthew Marsit “Centering Tone, Stopping Squeaks, and Practice Techniques”

12 Grades 3 to 5 Reading Session

13 Great Way to Examine Scores

14 The Low End of the Brass Section

15 Tubas Rule

16 Tuba Selfie

17 Quincy Hilliard and His Music



20 Reading, Listening, and Exploring with the Composer

21 Can’t Beat a Professional Percussion Section

22 Big Band Sound

23 From the Other Side

24 The Back of the Stage

25 Great Stories

26 Dominic Ferrara – Our Dinner Speaker

27 Mike Adams Introducing Our Outstanding Young Band Director

28 Sarah DePorter the 2014 Outstanding Young Band Director

29 Bunny Saranita Introducing Our Outstanding Band Director

30 Patricia Cunningham the 2014 Outstanding Band Director

31 Mike Giving Gary NHBDA’s Lifetime Achievement Award

32 The White Shirts Are Back!

33 Putting Gary to Work…

34 Old Clubs for…

35 Happiness Is a Certificate for the Custom Club of Your Choice

36 The Official Photo

37 Another Official Photo

38 Gary and Mike with the Toys

39 Elementary Band Reading Session

40 Low Brass Always Looks for a Chance to Play

41 Warming Up for the Rehearsal Lab

42 Stage Is Filling

43 The Gong’s Set to Go

44 Flutes Checking Out Their Lines

45 Emily Is Working the Brass

46 Working the Brass




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