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Vocabulary Weeks 9 & 10 Quiz #5.

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1 Vocabulary Weeks 9 & 10 Quiz #5

2 1. perish Definition: die, dead Sentence:
The pets perished in the fire. Examples: perish from hunger perished food 1. perish

3 2. diffusion Definition: spread over an area Sentence:
Material will be transported by diffusion from points of high density to points of low density. Examples: diffusion of light diffusion of a molecules through a medium 2. diffusion

4 3. justifiable Definition: a good reason Sentence:
The student gave a justifiable explanation as to why her homework was not completed. Examples: justifiable excuse justifiable decision 3. justifiable

5 4. osmosis Definition: liquid passes through a solid Sentence:
Osmosis occurred when the water passed through the roots of a plant. Examples: clear gummy bear in Windex outer membrane of potato 4. osmosis

6 5. punctual Definition: on time Sentence:
My guests were punctual when arriving at my Halloween party. Examples: punctual postman punctual students 5. punctual

7 6. photosynthesis Definition: the way plants make food using sunlight
Sentence: The optimal temperature for photosynthesis is 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. Examples: sunlight absorbed in photosynthesis photosynthesis turns sunlight into energy 6. photosynthesis

8 7. chlorophyll Definition:
green substance in plants that uses sun energy to grow Sentence: Light breaks down the chlorophyll in herbs and makes yellow spots that often turn white. Examples: a green cactus spinach 7. chlorophyll

9 8. acquaintance Definition: someone you know Sentence:
He exchanged a few words with the coach, an old acquaintance of his. Examples: new acquaintance only an acquaintance 8. acquaintance

10 9. provision Definition: required condition Sentence:
There are very strict provisions for their basketball team. Examples: provision for permission rental provision 9. provision

11 10. transpiration Definition:
passage of water vapor from a living body Sentence: Plants release water into the atmosphere through a process called transpiration. Examples: transpiration cycle leaves from a plant 10. transpiration

12 11. stench Definition: really bad smell Sentence:
Visitors approaching the camp for the first time often retched from the stench. Examples: unpleasant stench stench of garbage 11. stench

13 12. stoma Definition: openings on a leaf that allow gas to exchange
Sentence: The stoma of a plant is needed for photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Examples: stoma closes at night CO2 and O2 exchange through a stoma 12. stoma

14 13. offend Definition: hurt someone’s feelings Sentence:
Television censors are cutting out scenes which they claim may offend. Examples: offend someone offend one’s feelings 13. offend

15 14. tropism Definition: growth of an organism toward a stimuli
Sentence: The plant grows tall due to tropism from the sun. Examples: bushes in shapes plant in windowsill 14. tropism

16 15. adjacent Definition: next to Sentence:
In Charles City, Theisen’s is adjacent to Hy-Vee. Examples: adjacent room adjacent town 15. adjacent

17 16. premeditated Definition: planned beforehand Sentence:
There was insufficient evidence that the act was premeditated. Examples: premeditated crime premeditated speech 16. premeditated

18 17. perceive Definition: understand Sentence:
He didn’t perceive what I was doing was important. Examples: perceive an assignment perceive the importance 17. perceive

19 18. inevitable Definition: can’t be avoided Sentence:
Today, changes in technological advances are inevitable. Examples: an inevitable accident inevitable trial 18. inevitable

20 19. dormant Definition: not active, but can become active Sentence:
The virus remains dormant in nerve tissue until activated. Examples: dormant volcano dormant plants 19. dormant

21 20. timid Definition: shy, no courage Sentence:
A timid child, Isabella had learned obedience at an early age. Examples: timid animals timid effort 20. timid

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