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Library Instruction User Instruction Bibliographic Instruction Information Literacy.

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1 Library Instruction User Instruction Bibliographic Instruction Information Literacy

2 Definition:  Library Instruction is defined as the ways in which library staff teach patrons about the use of the library, its materials, and research methodology.

3 Two Major Types OOOOne-on-one or informal –O–O–O–Occurs at Reference Desk –“–“–“–“on demand” –N–N–N–No advance preparation

4 GGGGroup or formal instruction –U–U–U–Usually in a classroom or lab –I–I–I–Instructor has advance notice and prepares a lesson

5 Information Literacy Defined:  Knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use, and communicate it in an ethical manner

6 Why Provide Library Instruction?

7 Library Anxiety –S–S–S–Some people get confused or anxious when trying to find materials in the library

8 TTTTo provide instruction to large numbers efficiently

9 Types of classroom presentations  Course – Integrated teaching of library skills over a school term (series of lectures)  One – shot cover everything in one class period

10 Information Literacy at GPC - Dunwoody

11 We have a mission statement We all have our own style, but we want to be sure we cover the same content Most of our instruction is one – shot sessions with ENGL1101 and ENGL1102 courses We promote our services in an effort to include other disciplines

12 What’s the Process? Instructor contacts me in one of several ways I look at our work schedule, Reference Desk schedule, workroom calendar, and our rotation and decide which librarian to assign to each class I communicate the details to the librarian

13 Process Continued Librarian might contact professor with follow-up questions Librarian prepares lesson, gathers materials, and presents instruction Afterward, librarian records number of students in attendance Occasionally, I contact the professor to assess our performance

14 What Do We Teach? In a typical ENGL1101: The Research Process How to search GIL at GPC, GIL Universal Catalog, GALILEO databases, other GPC databases Differences between Internet and Databases Differences between popular and scholarly periodicals

15 What Do We Teach? Where, when, and how to ask for Reference help What other services are available e.g. Circulation How to borrow books How to print in the library How to photocopy in the library

16 Any Questions for Me?

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