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Algebra I End-of-Course (Criterion-referenced) (published by ETS)

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1 Algebra I End-of-Course (Criterion-referenced) (published by ETS)

2 Algebra I End-of-Course* Full Implementation began in Spring 2002 Establish Baseline for DoDEA in 2002 Publisher Scored

3 3 Essential Ingredients in Learning for Understanding Factual knowledge Procedural proficiency Conceptual understanding

4 Variables Patterns Proportionality Functions Expressions Equations Inequality Reasoning Problem Solving Representing Communicating Making Connections Evaluating Solving Graphing Approximating CONCEPTS PROCESSESSKILLS

5 Assessment Design COMPLETE THE STUDENT INFORMATION PORTION OF THE TEXT ANSWER SHEET (MAY DO A DAY OR TWO AHEAD OF TIME TO ALLOW TEACHERS TIME TO CHECK ACCCURACY.) PART ONE (40 minutes) 25 multiple-choice questions each with four answer choices. BREAK OR NEXT DAY PART TWO (40 minutes) 25 multiple-choice questions 5 student survey questions at end of second session

6 Sample Question 1. In the equation y = x 2, if x is increased by 3, then y is increased by a)6 b)9 c)6x + 6 d)6x + 9 d

7 Materials Algebra test booklets Algebra test answer sheets Administrator’s Manual Calculators (not necessary but allowed) No. 2 pencils with erasers Timer or wristwatch

8 Test Administration Information Proctor for every additional group of 50 students. Administer makeup sessions for absent students. Students use same answer sheet for both sessions of test. Complete student Information portion of answer sheets prior to the testing day. Once students open booklets and actual test begins, no latecomers should be admitted.

9 Administration (continued) Students who ask to leave a session may do so only in an emergency situation. If a students cannot complete the session, collect the student’s booklet and answer sheet and record on the answer sheet the reason the student left the session.

10 Administration (continued) You may not answer questions about the content of the mathematics items You may not help students read the directions or the item choices for any questions... –“I’m sorry. I can’t answer any questions. Just do your best with the question.”

11 Makeups Makeups may be given. Scores may only be produced for students who have taken both Sections I and II. Mail in all tests, complete or incomplete, to meet mailing deadline.

12 Returning Test Materials to ETS Prepaid shipment using airbill from ETS Call for FEDEX pickup See directions in Administrator’s Manual

13 Levels of Understanding Description of the degree to which students possess... –a mastery of algebraic knowledge –the ability to communicate algebraic knowledge –the ability to use reason and model with algebraic knowledge in real world and contextual situations Four levels of understanding –Advanced –Proficient –Basic –Minimal

14 Results Use results to inform instruction –ETS provides some information –Consider analyzing student patterns and errors for instructionally relevant information.

15 Testing Windows 1.February and/or March –Terra Nova (Gr. 2-11) 2.April –Communication Arts (Gr. 4, 8 & 10) –Balance Assessment in Math (Gr. 4 & 8) –Reading Proficiency Test (Gr. 3) 3.May –End of Course Assessments: Algebra I (Only students in Algebra I classes) U.S. History Biology

16 Resources

17 ETS Website

18 DoDEA Algebra Standards Website curriculum/math/pdf/algebra1.pdf

19 NCTM Algebra Standards Grades 6-8 nt/chapter6/alg.htm Grades 9-12 nt/chapter7/alg.htm

20 FKCS Assessment Website for Teacher Training Materials essment/Test%20training%20materials/Be gintrainingpage.htm

21 Teacher Assistance Package in support of Better Algebra Instruction and the End-of-Course Algebra Assessment

22 Teacher Assistance Packet (TAP) Pretest Teaching Material Use material during school year to supplement normal classroom instruction. Designed to ensure that students have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Algebra course content that they will encounter on the test. Teacher should experience the problem before assigning or scoring it in order to have a fully developed frame of reference on which to base your instructional decisions.

23 Teacher Assistance Packet (TAP) Three mailed to schools in winter/spring 2002; 6 more in winter/spring 2003: –Set One: Reading Graphs and Interpreting Slopes –Set Two: Applying Mathematical Models and Symbolic Manipulation –Set Three: Using Various Mathematical Models to Represent and Understand Quantitative Relationships

24 Teacher Assistance Packet (TAP) Section 1: Analysis of the Task Section 2: Using Constructed Response Tasks Section 3: Scoring Student Responses Section 4: Promoting Better Student Understanding of... –Set One: Graphical Representations of Linear Functions –Set Two: Application of the Pythagorean Theorem and the Formula d=rt in Authentic Situations –Set Three: Using Various Mathematical Models to Represent and Understand Quantitative Relationships

25 Section I: Analysis of the Constructed-Response Task Overview of the task The task itself—photocopy ready Detailed look at what the task assesses

26 Section II: Using Constructed-Response Tasks Linking tasks to the context in which you are teaching How and when to use tasks Implementation of the constructed- response task

27 Section III: Scoring Student Responses Rubric for scoring Tips on general rubric use Ways to use the scored responses Samples of scored student work with explanation on how scores were determined

28 Section IV: Promoting Better Student Understanding of... task topic (such as linear functions) Detailed analyses of common student errors and misunderstanding Instructional strategies and activities that address those errors and misunderstandings Suggested discussion questions or solutions to constructed-response task with discussion questions


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