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Locating journals and journal articles Using the Library Catalogue and Databases.

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1 Locating journals and journal articles Using the Library Catalogue and Databases

2 Objectives To help you to: Locate journal titles on the Library catalogue Locate journal articles in the photocopy collection Think about the search process Search databases

3 Journals Research-led articles Information on very specific topics Regular publications Contain articles by different authors Print and/or electronic versions

4 Journal Reference Reay, D. (2005) ‘Class authenticity and the transition to higher education for mature students’, Sociological Review, 50(3), pp. 398-418.

5 You can use the catalogue to.. Locate journal titles in print & online Nature Locate photocopies of journal articles & Article Store Photocopy

6 Where else can I search? Databases Full text –JSTORJSTOR –ScienceDirect Bibliographic –Web of Knowledge –First SearchFirst Search

7 Search Strategies 1000s of individual journals easy to be overloaded a strategy can be used to search a range of resources define what you need and how much

8 Search Strategy – Exercise 1 Think about your topic and devise a search question Write the question in the box at the top of page 4 of the workbook

9 Search Strategy – Exercise 2 Underline the keywords in your search question Write each keyword or phrase at the top of each column (Add more columns if you need to)

10 Search Strategy – Exercise 3 Write a list of synonyms under each keyword/phrase

11 Search Strategy – Exercise 4 Add truncation and wild card symbols truncation = * wild card = ?

12 Search Strategy – Exercise 5 Write the Boolean Operator OR between each word in the same column (OR will broaden your search results) Write the Boolean Operator AND across the columns (AND will reduce your search results)

13 Tips for effective searching Synonyms will broaden your search results Combine them using OR AND will reduce them NOT excludes unrelated material Truncation searches for word stems e.g. * Wildcards search for alternative spellings e.g. ?

14 teenage* crime*inner city OR OR OR youth* shoplift* cit* OR OR anti-social Leeds behavio?r AND NOT London

15 References and Bibliographies ALWAYS keep a full and accurate record of your information sources e-mail references for saving Make sure you refer correctly to other authors within your work Avoid plagiarism

16 What Happens Next From the University home page click on: Student Gateway | Library | New students | Locating and Accessing Journals and Journal Articles Or go directly to Complete online evaluation

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