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Cirrus Clouds Above 6000 m Means “curly” ice crystals.

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2 Cirrus Clouds Above 6000 m Means “curly” ice crystals

3 Cirrus Sunlight passes through easily

4 Cirrocumulus Form before or after a snowfall or rainfall.

5 Cirrostratus Halo appearance around sun or moon. Bending of light rays as they pass through the ice crystals. May thicken and lower to turn into altostratus clouds.

6 StratusClouds Means “sheet-like” or “layered” low clouds Form when warm, moist air lies below a layer of cold air. Often block out sun. Cover large areas.

7 Nimbostratus Nimbo means “rain” Bring heavy rains or snow.

8 Cumulus Means “piled” or “heaped.” Form due to warm, moist air rises and cools. Height of cummulus depends on speed of upward movement and moisture in the air.

9 Cumulus Lots of moisture rises.

10 Billowing Cumulus Will develop into a cumulonimbus cloud.

11 Cumulonimbus Thunderhead Rain Lightning Thunder

12 Altocumulus

13 Stratocumulus

14 Fog Low level stratus cloud. Radiation fog or “ground fog.

15 Steam Fog Fog over James River. Land on other side of bridge, no fog. Forms near lakes or rivers where cool air meets warm water.

16 Upslope fog Forms when air cools as it rises along landslopes.

17 Advection Fog Warm moist air goes over cool land.

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