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Types of Clouds QUIZ.

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1 Types of Clouds QUIZ

2 What is the Latin word meaning “layered”?


4 Name the cloud that Looks like cumulus clouds pressed in layers Found low in the sky

5 Stratocumulus

6 Name this cloud… A low, puffy cloud bringing heavy rain, thunder, lightening A “thunderhead” Can also bring tornadoes

7 Cumulonimbus

8 What does the Latin word “NIMBUS” mean?


10 Name this cloud… Thin layers of high, cirrus clouds Forms “halo” around moon or sun

11 Cirrostratus

12 Name this cloud… A type of stratus cloud You often see this in your front yard

13 Fog

14 Name this cloud… Wispy, curling clouds high in the sky Signals a change in weather

15 Cirrus

16 What does the Latin root ALTO mean?


18 Name this cloud… Low, puffy, white cloud “Fair weather” clouds Can change into cumulonimbus cloud

19 Cumulus

20 Name this cloud… Middle clouds which look like scattered white and gray puffs

21 Altocumulus

22 Name this cloud… Unbroken layers of low, gray clouds Bring light rain, snow or drizzle

23 Stratus

24 What is the Latin word which means “curl”?


26 Name this cloud… Very high, thin, white clouds that look like many small pieces of cotton

27 Cirrocumulous

28 Name this cloud… Grayish layers of clouds found 5,000-20,000 feet in the sky

29 Altostratus

30 Name this cloud… A low, smooth layer of gray from which a steady rain or snow falls

31 Nimbostratus

32 Name the three cloud types found in the highest level of the sky.

33 Cirrus Cirrostratus Cirrocumulus

34 Name the two cloud found in the middle level of the sky.

35 Altostratus Altocumulus

36 Name 5 clouds found in the lowest level.

37 Stratus Cumulus Stratocumulus Nimbostratus Cumulonimbus

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