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Information about NUTR 4301 Career Exploration in Nutrition and Foods Information can be found at programs/nutr/nutr_4301.html.

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1 Information about NUTR 4301 Career Exploration in Nutrition and Foods Information can be found at programs/nutr/nutr_4301.html

2 1. Determine Eligibility 2. Submit Application Form A. Choose a potential Internship Site Early in Spring Semester Due Monday, March 2, 2015 ( to assigned faculty (See Banner Course Schedule) 3. Submit Portfolio, Resume, CEE Agreement Knowledge Competencies Course Exhibits Other Materials Due Monday, May 4, 2015 to assigned faculty 4. Submit Reports to TRACS Assignment Section Due by 5:00 PM on Monday following weekly activities 5. Submit Final Reports (Facility Report, Mentor Evaluation, Self- Evaluation B. Submit Introduction Form to Mentor Due last Wednesday of Summer I and Summer II NUTR 4301 – Career Exploration in Nutrition and Foods Timeline

3 NUTR 4301 Eligibility Completion of the following hours: 75 semester credit hours 24 semester credit hours from TEXAS STATE 24 NUTR semester credit hours, including currently enrolled courses Completion of the following courses or their equivalents: ENG 1310, 1320 MATH 1315 COMM 1310 HIST 1310, 1320 POSI 2310, 2320 CHEM 1341/1141 & CHEM 1342/1142 GPA Criteria: Cumulative GPA ≥ 2.00 Cumulative Texas State GPA ≥ 2.00 Major GPA ≥ 2.25

4 Find a Potential Site Any Nutrition and Food Related Activity Minimum 150 Hours Hospitals Long-term care facilities Research with faculty Food service operations Schools Public Health Agencies – WIC – Head Start – Diabetes and other health clinics Wellness programs Fitness centers Food companies Restaurants Camps Medical clinics Catering companies Food, wellness product companies Non-profits - Food banks, home-delivered, congregate meal programs, etc. Community gardens Texas AgriLife (extension)

5 Mentor Introduction ( These materials will be available on FCS Website)

6 Application Due March 2, 2015 Don’t forget to attach your unofficial transcript

7 Approval Once approved by supervising faculty – You will be notified if you are approved/rejected – Course override needed to register

8 Portfolio – Due May 4, 2015 1.CEE Agreement Form with Mentor Signature Includes: – Job Description – submit one that already exists or develop one in in consultation with your mentor Must be signed by your mentor – Letter of Application Written as though you are applying for this “job” Address job description regarding required knowledge and skills, other job requirements – Specific goals, objectives, outcome measures 1 st goal required for all CEE Agreements (see assignment sheet)

9 CEE Agreement


11 Portfolio – Due May 4, 2015 2.Portfolio – make it look professional, e.g. no handwritten tabs Includes: – Resume Education first Chronological order – most recent first References with relationship identified; contact information – Courses required for degree (available on FCS website under “Courses” tab) – Knowledge Requirements Form All complete top portion Knowledge Competencies completed if Dietetics Track – Collection of course materials Cover sheet for each class with Knowledge Competences identified Only include courses for which you have papers, exams, quizzes, presentations, other assignments – Awards, certifications, etc.

12 Portfolio – Knowledge Requirements Form


14 Before You Begin in June/July Submit mentor contact information to supervising faculty NOTE: – For all clinical and child related sites, you will be required to have a criminal background check and perhaps be fingerprinted. – Proof of immunizations may be required, as well as TB testing. – Many clinical facilities require an affiliation agreement. These take TIME to be finalized. Start this process as soon as you are approved to take the course.

15 Once You Begin in June/July 1.Provide details about your site and mentor contact information, including email address) (on Survey Monkey) 2.Write 4 weekly reports, due 5PM on Mondays. No late reports accepted. – Writing intensive course – grammer, spelling, punctuation – Professional writing – e.g. children, not kids, title of mentor, not first name 3.Write a final report, due at 5PM on the last Wednesday of the term. 4.Mentor evaluation of your performance on Survey Monkey.

16 Questions??

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