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Proboscis Monkey Caroline & Natalie April, 2012 larvatus/image-G6356.html.

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1 Proboscis Monkey Caroline & Natalie April, 2012 larvatus/image-G6356.html

2 Species Name Proboscis Monkey – Nasalis Larvatus Proboscis means nose as for the Proboscis Monkey has a giant nose!

3 Where it Lives? They are found only in Borneo They live in trees near rivers or water sources

4 How Threatened is it? The Proboscis Monkey has a very high risk of being extinct in the wild!

5 How Many are Left? There are fewer then 8,000 Proboscis Monkey’s still in the world

6 Threats? Trees are cut down Small areas of forest to use Borneo’s the world’s largest place to produce palm oil from their trees! G5845.html

7 Positive Efforts There’s laws in all of Borneo The “Wildlife Protection Act,” “Wildlife Protection Ordinance,” & “Wildlife Conservation Enactment” G19666.html

8 Unique They’re mascot of Sabah (a state in Borneo) Males noses turn red when angry They live in harems – 1 male, 6 females & 4-5 juveniles G5664.html

9 Connected Proboscis Monkey jumps far like other monkeys It jumps from tree to tree and looks like it’s flying

10 Females Reproduce? How long does it take for the females to reproduce? The females reproduce every 160 days

11 Live Birth? Do the Proboscis Monkeys have live birth? They have live birth but the males are not there

12 Works Consulted Rake, Jody S. The Proboscis Monkey. Mankato: Capstone Press, 2009. Print. Richardson, Matt. " s-monkey/nasalis-larvatus." 1 Sept. 2006. Web. 1 Jan. Sanderson, Jane. "Honk If You Like Monkeys." N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2012. N.p., 30 Apr. 2006. Web. 30 Apr. 2012.

13 Images G116548.html

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