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Tempo. Rhythm Pitch Harmony Symbols Instruments.

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1 Tempo

2 Rhythm

3 Pitch

4 Harmony

5 Symbols

6 Instruments

7 For more information visit the San Francisco Symphony Website for kids

8 Studying Music of the World’s Cultures

9 The music and musical life of any society is a complex phenomenon

10 You’re looking to understand cultures from around the world

11 Your understanding will be limited if you do nothing

12 You want your appreciation to grow

13 The course will give you an understanding of world music that you seek in a global context

14 Here are numerous examples. Which ones are music? Which ones are not? Why?

15 We will study eleven different cultures, their similarities and their differences We will study eleven different cultures …their similarities and differences

16 Music is a cultural phenomenon

17 Each society has a musical system that suits its culture

18 How can culture affect music?

19 We must also examine each society’s ideas about music

20 There are Five Universals of Music

21 What types of expectations do audiences have when hearing music from their own culture?

22 Alan Merriam Developed a Three-Part Model

23 How is music considered a behaviour?

24 Musical instruments have five classifications

25 Aerophones (Wind instruments)

26 Chordophones (String instruments)

27 Idiophones

28 Membranophones

29 Electrophones

30 Since there are many similarities in musical instruments throughout the world, could there have been patterns of cultural diffusion? If you think so, how might they have operated?

31 Music changes over time

32 All music has a history

33 A culture’s music is affected when brought in contact with another musical culture

34 In many societies, music is often transmitted aurally

35 Western music has spread throughout the world

36 How can we be more open-minded when listening to music of another culture?

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