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Classification of Instruments

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1 Classification of Instruments

2 Classification of Instruments In music, there are five different types of instruments. Every instrument that is played falls into one of these five categories. They are: Aerophones Chordophones Idiophones Membranophones Electrophones

3 Aerophone Instruments
An aerophone produces its sound by the vibration of The two main families that are aerophones are woodwind and brass instruments. Woodwinds use the air and reeds to vibrate. Brass use air and the player’s lips to vibrate. Some keyboard instruments also use air as the source of vibration and can be considered aerophones. Can you name any Aerophones? air

4 Chordophone Instruments
Chordophones are part of the string instrument family. They produce sound by the vibrating of To make the sounds: pluck, bow or strike the strings. This is done by a pick, bow or the musician’s hand. Can you name any Chordophones? Strings

5 Electrophone Instruments
This is the newest category of instruments. They have only been around since the 20th century. Electrophones produce an electronic sound. The two main families of electrophones are electronic instruments and amplified acoustical instruments. What are some Electrophones that you have heard?

6 Membranophone Instruments
Membranophones produce sound when a stretched skin (membrane) vibrates. Different materials can be used to make membranophones, some include wood, metal, or ceramics. These instruments may have definite or indefinite pitch. What does this mean? These belong to the percussion family. How many different kinds of drums do you know?

7 Idiophone Instruments
Idiophones produce a sound by the vibration of the actual instrument itself. These instruments can be struck, rubbed, shaken or plucked. This category belongs to the percussion family. How many can you name?

8 Can you give examples of each category?
Let’s Review Instruments can be classified into what 5 categories? Aerophones produce sound by the vibration of what? Chordophones produce sound by the vibration of what? Electrophones produce what kind of sounds? Membranophones produce sound by vibrating what? Idiophones use the vibration of what? Can you give examples of each category?

9 Instrument Match Aerophone Chordophone Idiophone Membranophone
Electrophone Flute Conga Mandolin Synthesizer Pipe Organ Timpani Guiro Amplified Acoustic Guitar Castinets Cello

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