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By: Morgan Anderer, Laina Weldon, and Kristy King.

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1 By: Morgan Anderer, Laina Weldon, and Kristy King

2 There are many things Count Ugolino leaves out in his explanation Count Ugolino Leader of Pisa but wants more power Tries to conquer part of the Roman Empire Archbishop Ruggieri Helps Ugolino to gain more power but then he betrays him Sends Ugolino and his sons to a tower

3 First see Ugolino chewing at Ruggieri’s head and then he raises his head to talk to Dante Ugolino starts speech about why he is in Hell He says it’s very hard to tell this again because it brings back bad memories, so he tells it through his tears He doesn’t know Dante but thinks of him being highly Introduces himself as Count Ugolino and his gnawed friend as Archbishop Ruggieri Ugolino trusted Ruggieri but through his treachery the archbishop imprisoned the count and Ugolino dies inhumanly He presented his story then Dante was able to judge him and come to his own conclusion

4 Ugolino says he was locked in the Tower of Hunger He passed many months and slept an evil sleep that he will never again be able to do In a dream a beast was chasing wolves and when they came upon their prey, three men breathing heavily, they ripped their flanks open. He woke up to his sons crying for food in their sleep. He said this was cruelty and if you didn’t weep you didn’t have a heart. When all of the children were awake it was time for food and they were each wishing for their dream At the base of the tower he heard the gates being nailed up but he didn’t cry only turned stone inside One of his weeping sons asked what ailed his father but he didn’t answer The next day Ugolino woke up to his four sons staring with terror and wasting on their faces and he bit his hand in grief. His sons thought their father’s hand biting was in hunger so they offered themselves to him He calmed himself for their sake and they sat in silence that day as he wished he could of died His oldest son asked his father to help him and he died on the floor on the fourth day All of his sons died day after day and he went around shaking them blindly because of his tears He called their names for two days and then his hunger overtook him and he ate his sons

5 Both Ugolino and Ruggieri end up in Hell but for different reasons Archbishop Ruggieri He betrays Ugolino and his sons Count Ugolino Ate his children because he wasn’t strong enough to endure the pain and suffering. He resorts to cannibalism to satisfy himself Both in hell Frozen for all eternity as punishment Being frozen is a symbol that there is a paralysis- where you can't think or move and lose all real life and feeling Ugolino gnawing at Ruggieri’s brain stem so he cant think and also he was sent to hell for cannibalism. His sin was so wrong so he has to commit it for forever. Ruggieri is being gnawed because his thinking was what got him in trouble. He had to plan the way to betray Ugolino, so his punishment is to not think at all. Dante learns not to be treacherous because you will suffer the consequences in hell.

6 Q: Why do you think Ugolino ate his children? A: He was already to weak and had no willpower not to eat his children. He was broken down as a person also. Q: Why is Ugolino frozen in the lake of Hell? Q: Why were Ugolino and Ruggieri in hell anyways? Q: Why was Ugolino eating Ruggieri's brainstem? Q: Looking at the children's point of view, would you be willing to give yourself up to your father to stop his suffering? A: He was the farthest away from God through his sin. A: Ruggieri was in hell because he betrayed Ugolino. Ugolino was in hell because he betrayed himself by eating his children. A: Ugolino was eating his brainstem because it is what caused him to betray Ugolino. Therefore, eating the brain meant that he was eating away the pain Ruggieri had caused.


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