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Journal Discussions and Activities

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1 Journal Discussions and Activities
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

2 Chapter 1 & 2 Vocabulary row argument; quarrel; disagreement between two people creepy causing fear, disgust, or uneasiness wireless a radio or a radio set without wires armor protective metal or leather clothing worn in battle by soldiers wardrobe a large free-standing cupboard or closet where clothes are stored looking-glass mirror mothballs small balls containing chemicals such as camphor to keep away moths queer strange or unusual inquisitive eager for knowledge; curious about everything glimpse a quick or incomplete look muffler a scarf worn around the neck for warmth parcels packages; things wrapped up together in paper or other packaging

3 Chapter 1 & 2 Which Pevensie child do you think would best fit the following description, and why? The peace maker The trouble maker The sensitive one The curious one On a clean sheet of paper, draw a picture of Mr. Tumnus based on the description of him beginning on page 9.

4 Chapter 3 & 4 How does the White Queen treat Edmund when she first meets him? What does this tell you about her personality and how she treats everyone? Why do you think the White Queen changes her mind and is suddenly nice to Edmund? On a separate sheet of paper, create an advertisement for Turkish Delight. Make sure you include a statement about the dangers of eating it!

5 Chapter 5-8 Vocabulary Spiteful cruel, mean; desire to see someone suffer Nag constantly annoy, irritate, or “bug” Jeer to openly make fun of someone Wrench yank; twist off Crockery dishes or items made of clay or ceramic Self-satisfied sure of oneself; confident Fraternize hang out with Treason betray; to deceive; deliver information or people to an enemy hoarse rough or harsh-sounding voice trifle something of little importance or value prophecy a prediction of future events reign a period of time during which someone rules a nation

6 Vocabulary 5-8 Practice Copy the following sentences and insert the vocabulary word in each that will complete the sentence. When Lucy and Edmund return from Narnia, Lucy is hurt when Edmund, in the most _______ way possible, says that she is lying and that they were just “pretending” to visit Narnia. After being arrested for________ and all of his ________ broken to bits, the children feel it is only right that they try to help Mr. Tumnus. Lucy was upset because she realized that Mr. Tumnus’ _________ was true: he had been taken because he ____________ with her and hadn’t turned her in to the White Witch.

7 Vocabulary 5-8 Practice, cont.
Edmund’s voice was ________ from yelling for Lucy while he was lost in Narnia. The White Queen considered Narnia hers to ________ over and considered the feelings of the inhabitants of Narnia merely an unimportant __________. Edmund was a __________ little boy who was often mean towards his little sister and would __________ and tease her.

8 Chapters 5-7 Based on the Professor’s response to Susan and Peter, do you think he believes Lucy’s story? Why or why not? Cite evidence from the text. What would you have done if you had found out a friend had been arrested and taken to jail for helping you? Explain your reasoning. When it is always winter in Narnia, what do you think it means when the children see a robin? What do you think the robin symbolizes?

9 Chapter 7 — Class Discussion
You will be put in teams. Each team is responsible for identifying the items that were in Mr. Tumnus’ cave or Mr. & Mrs. Beaver’s house. After brainstorming, you will be asked to put the items on the board. Led by your teacher, discuss what the items reveal about the characters.

10 Chapter 8 & 9 Vocabulary spoils ruins; destroys
threshold doorway or entrance schemes secret plan of action gloat feel good about something, often at the expense of someone else venture to go forth; set out on a risky or dangerous trip chattering to tremble without control with teeth clicking together, especially when very cold abide patiently endure; to find something unbearable or unacceptable (negative) brambles prickly shrub or bush solemn serious hilt handle of a sword, knife, or dagger quiver a long narrow case to hold arrows cordial a special drink with healing qualities in it

11 Chapter 8 Class Discussion
Discuss: What does Mr. Beaver mean when he says, “…take my advice, when you meet anything that’s going to be a human and isn’t yet, or used to be human once and isn’t now, or ought to be human and isn’t, you keep your eyes on it and feel for your hatchet! (xxx)”

12 Chapter 9 On his way to the palace of the White Witch, Edmund “bark[s] his shins”. What does this mean? What do you think about Edmund’s character when he begins to gloat and jeer at the statues in the courtyard? What would you say to him to encourage or discourage his behavior?

13 Chapter 9—Critical Thinking
C.S. Lewis refers to Aslan coming to Narnia a number of times. In chapter 9, he states “For the mention of Aslan gave [Edmund] a mysterious and horrible feeling just as it gave the others a mysterious and lovely feeling.” In a paragraph or two, explain what he means by the “mysterious and horrible feeling” vs. “the mysterious and lovely feeling.” Why do you think Edmund feels differently about Aslan coming than the others feel? What do you think causes the difference? Use complete sentences and provide a well-thought out answer.

14 Chapter 10 Create a battle shield which reflects your personality.
The shield should be the color which best describes you Choose two (2) symbols from the list provided by your teacher that reflect your personality traits The banner at the bottom should state your philosophy for life

15 Chapter 11–Critical Analysis
The coming of spring marks a turning point in the story. When the author says the trees “shook off their robes of snow,” what kind of picture does this create in your mind? What does the coming of spring symbolize and mean to the creatures of Narnia? The fact that Edmund tries to stop the White Witch from turning the animals to stone for celebrating the coming of spring is also a turning point in the story. From this point on, Edmund begins to feel sorry for someone other than himself. What do you think this change means in terms of what will happen to Edmund in the end?

16 Chapter 12 Who are all the creatures on Aslan’s side?
To what is Aslan referring when he says, “Let the Prince win his spurs”? How does Peter become a hero?

17 Chapter 13 List all the Witch’s “people” by filling in the blanks: “Call out the giants and the werewolves and the _____ of those _____ that are on our side. Call the Ghouls, and the ____, the ____, and the Minotaurs. Call the ____, the Hags, the _____, and the people of the _____.”

18 Chapter 13 Describe what the Deep Magic from the dawn of time is, including the punishment to Narnia if it is not followed. Do not copy the words from the book! Summarize the explanation in your own words. Predict what arrangement Aslan made with the Witch to save Edmund from being killed by the Witch.

19 Chapter Vocabulary campaign an organized series of actions designed to accomplish a goal assault to attack, as in war bind tie something securely by winding a cord around it muzzle device strapped over the nose and jaws of an animal to prevent it from opening its mouth hoist raise or lift something into position appease to bring about a state of peace, especially by giving in to demands vile awful; disgusting; worthless incantation ritual chanting of magic words romp frolic or play in a high-spirited way prodigious great in amount, size or extent plumage the feathers covering a bird’s body liberated release someone or a group; to set free din loud, harsh, continuing noise ransack search or examine every thoroughly and carefully remnants a small part of something left over after the rest is gone quarry a hunted animal or bird marvel something that inspires awe, amazement, or admiration foreboding a feeling that something bad is going to happen stag adult male deer conceal keep something hidden

20 Chapter 14 Write a paragraph to answer the following questions:
Why do you think Aslan sacrificed his life for Edmund? Do you agree with his decision? Would you have done the same? Why or why not?

21 Chapter 15 – Critical Analysis
Explain what you think about the “Deeper Magic from before the Dawn of Time” and why this “Deeper Magic” was able to overcome death.

22 Chapter 16 Describe how does Edmund proves to be a hero in the battle. Be descriptive and specific.

23 Table of Contents Chapter 1 & 2 Journal Entries Mr. Tumnus Picture
Turkish Delight Ad Chapter 1-4 Test Chapter 5-8 Vocabulary Sentence Practice Chapter 5-7 Journal Entries Chapter 5-8 Test Chapter 9 Journal Entries Chapter 10 Battle Shield Chapter 12 Journal Entries Chapter 13 Journal Entries Chapter 14 Journal Entries Chapter 15 Journal Entry Chapter Test Chapter 15 – Critical Analysis Chapter 16 Journal Entry Chapter Test

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