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2-5-44 Dear Journal, I was just playing tag with my brothers and sister when I went into this room. It had a big wardrobe in it with sheets in it and it.

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1 2-5-44 Dear Journal, I was just playing tag with my brothers and sister when I went into this room. It had a big wardrobe in it with sheets in it and it was very dusty. But what I didn't know was that it lead to a whole not her world! So, I went into it and there it was Narnia!! When entered the wardrobe I saw a lamp post, a huge forest, and a whole bunch of snow! It was magical! I also met a faun named Mr. Tumnus. He was amazed that I was a daughter of Eve. After that we both went to his cave that he calls his home. Mr. Tumnus also gave me some tea and biscuits. Well it turns out it was magic tea, and that it made you very sleepy. After we had tea he led me to the lamp post and I went to the door and there I was in the room.

2 Dear Journal, 2-6-44 I can't believe that my brothers and sister didn't believe me about Narnia, Mr. Tumnus, and the White Witch! It made me so mad that they thought I was going mad and making it all up. I was so angry about it whenever I heard them talking about me after I went to sleep. Whenever I heard the words " your making up stories ". I didn't know what to think, I was frustrated, sad, and surprised. Hopefully, one day they can go there for themselves and see it all.

3 Dear Journal, 2-8-44 Today Ms. McReady had a little group of tourist and was showing them around the old house. We as usual were touching the relics and playing. Then they started coming our way when we all fled in the opposite direction. So, I took this as an opportunity to lead them into the wardrobe. But, when we got there and in the wardrobe there it was! The whole fantastic world itself!

4 Dear Journal, 2-8-44 When I saw Peter, Susan, and Edmunds face I almost busted out laughing! They were all gasping in shock. So, I took a few steps toward Mr. Tumnus's cave. Then, stopped frozen in my tracks when I saw the cave. It was in ruins! There was a note on the knocked down door. The note said that Mr. Tumnus was under arrest for high treason against the White Witch. I couldn't believe it!!

5 Dear Journal, 2-9-44 After adventuring around Narnia some more we found refuge with some kind beavers that offered us some lunch. There was Mr. Beaver and Mrs. Beaver in their small little house. The house had all sorts of fruit and vegetables hanging from the Celling. Also, many types of meats. Then, we got into this deep conversation about Narnia, the White Witch, and a great legend called Aslan. They say he hasn't been in Narnia for some time. Then we realized that Edmund was gone!!

6 Dear Journal, 2-9-44 So, it appears that Edmund has already been to Narnia and that the first person he met was the White Witch. That isn't a good thing!! The White Witch is the most evil person in Narnia. She wears a crown on her head and calls herself the queen of Narnia! But, it turns out that the Turkish Delight was magic. Also, when when Edmund got to the White Witch's castle it was filled with statues! After that she turned on him and he was held prisoner for about four days.

7 Dear Journal, After the devastating event about Mr. Tumnus we started we started to explore. Then we all decided to take the path that was straight ahead. We heard a bunch of jingling bells. When the jingling stopped there was a sleigh in front of us and a big man that looked like Father Christmas. It turns out that it was him! He gave Peter a big shiny sword, Susan a bow and some arrows, Edmund didn't get anything because he wasn't there, and he gave me a dagger also a small bottle of healing medicine.we were all very grateful for these gifts.

8 Dear Journal, It was last night. They did it last night, at the stone table. The White Witch and her group of horrifying creatures killed Aslan!! She had a knife of stone and they tied Aslan up with ropes that cut into his skin. He had his mane cut off and he just looked like a big cat. Of course Susan was there with me, and She covered her eyes and I covered mine too. I just can't explain it!

9 Dear Journal, After the mice had chewed off the ropes Aslan came back to life. It felt so good to feel Aslan's soft mane and fur again!Aslan came back to life the morning after his death. He told us that there is something called "deep magic".he didn't say much after that but I was just glad that he was back.

10 Dear Journal, After Aslan was done speaking we started to get on his back to ride to the White Witch's castle to free all of the statues to help in the battle. So, we rode out into the woods faster that any horse could ever go! When we got to her castle it was empty and quite. Except for the statues of course. When we entered through the gates I immediately got off of Aslan's back and started to look for Mr. Tumnus. Not long after my search for him I found him. I got out the bottle of healing medicine but Aslan stopped me and did a soft silent roar. It unfroze him! As soon as he was unfroze he almost collapsed on top of me! But after he regained his balance his arms were around me and Susan.

11 Dear Journal, When we reached the battle field the White Witch was on one side and we were on the other. The White Witch had Giants, hags,and other gruesome creatures. All we had were some senators, animals,faun warriors, and ourselves. It all seemed hopeless! So, we went up to Aslan and asked what we could do. He told us that we could help by trying to get to the castle of Cair Paravel. Susan got her bow and arrow ready. And I got my dagger out ready to fight. We both took off running towards the castle where we would soon be crowned queens of Narnia! When we reached the castle we found a surprise behind us. It was Edmund and Peter! They had followed us all the way from the battle field to the castle. When we were all there we heard a huge scream. The White Witch was dead! All of her hags soon retreated. There were so many statues! After we cured them they went to the castle. It was time!!

12 Dear Journal, So, we won the battle. The White Witch was defeated and her army had fallen. Everyone was in the castle. For it was very ,very big. Peter was crowned and nicknamed king Peter the magnificent as he became a great warrior, Susan was crowned and nicknamed queen Susan the gentle, Edmund was crowned and nicknamed king Edmund the just, and Lucy was crowned and nicknamed queen Lucy the valiant.

13 Dear Journal, Today there were many romuers going around about the White Stag being in Narnia! As soon as we were told we set out on our horses. In one certain area that we searched it felt very familiar to us. Like we had been there before. Then we found a meatless rod, what was it doing here? Once we saw the bushes that were behind it we got off our horses and started to cut down the vines. When we saw what was behind all of the vines we were all astound. It was a door!

14 Dear Journal,

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