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Manitowoc County Sports Officials Association August 2014.

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1 Manitowoc County Sports Officials Association August 2014

2 Announcements / Games Any games—Tom Frieder Special Olympics Football September 6 at Manty Luth. Contact (Gene Meidl) to volunteer and for more details. October 4 State Tourney at Neenah. Contact Bob Kilas home phone: 920-725-6963 cell phone: 920-915-2232 rkilas@sbcglobal.net920-725-6963920-915-2232 Playoff Availability—Crew Chief—Due August 16 th via WIAA Video—available online NFHS Part I – Test is due August 21 st NFHS Part II – Not available as of yet—Due September 5th

3 2014 New Rules Targeting added to Rule 2-20-2 Separate foul created (9-4-3m) Act of taking aim and initiating contact to an opponent above the shoulders with the helmet, forearm, hand, fish, elbow or shoulders. Fine line…be vigilant. Targeting Part ITargeting Part I- Education Video Example #1 Example #2 Example #3 Example #4

4 2014 New Rules Defenseless player definition added (2-32-16) A player who because of positioning and focus on concentration is especially vulnerable to injury. Another fine line….beware, watch, process, respond. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

5 2014 New Rules Free kick formation (6-1-3b) and run up (6-1-3c) At least 4 players on each side of kicker No players (except kicker) 5 yards beyond free kick line. Foot needs to be IN FRONT OF the 5 yard line. If 1 player is 5+ yards back, and another kicks, this is a dead ball FOUL for encroachment.

6 2014 New Rules Force clarification (8-5-1b) Muffing or batting of a pass, kick, or fumble in flight is not a new force Accidental touching of loose ball by player who was blocked into the ball is ignored and not a new force.

7 2014 New Rules State associations can require officials assume authority earlier. (1-1-7) Currently 30 minutes What does your crew do??? WIAA does have recommended pre-game procedure for coin toss at 20 minutes before kickoff. Status of ball following illegal kick. (2-24-9) Retains same status as prior to illegal kick. Roughing the passer (9-4-4) Added all personal contact fouls listed in 9-4-3 against a passer as roughing the passer fouls. Any of these against a passer are now 15 yards and automatic first down. End of period changed (3-3-3 and 3-3-4) when clock expires during a down Only extend a period under these conditions Foul by either team that is accepted except for fouls in 3-3-4b which are: Unsportsmanlike, non player fouls, loss of down fouls, fouls enforced on subsequent kickoff, and fouls that result in a safety by rule. Double foul Inadvertent whistle A try after a score, except at end of 4 th quarter if points do not affect the outcome.

8 2014- 5 Person Kickoff Mechanic Goes back to old mechanic Chains Side: back judge (40) and head linesman (30) Press Box Side: line Judge (50) and umpire (20) Referee: goal line on chains side Hashmark Verify at least 4 people on each side of kicker until ball is kicked Are you going to signal this to reinforce that it is being done? Back judge: no K players more than 5 yards behind free kick line (except kicker) Move toward CENTER of the field. Move only 10-15 yards down field, stay ahead of the play.


10 2013 Rules Review Helmet coming off during play had 2 new rules. Initiating contact with helmetless player is illegal personal contact foul. Players continuing without helmet is illegal participation. Unchanged…….Ball becomes dead if the player who has possession of the ball loses his helmet. Player must sit out one down unless halftime or overtime intermission occur. If helmet comes off due to foul, player can stay in the game.

11 2013 Rules Review Pass interference revised Offensive pass interference - loss of down removed Defensive pass interference - automatic first down removed Kick catching interference Team R may choose an awarded fair catch after enforcement of the 15 yard penalty from the spot of the foul. After enforcement, team R may snap or free kick. R may still enforce from the previous spot and replay the down.

12 2013 Rules Review Definition of a catch Airborne player who has forward progress stopped inbounds and is carried out of bounds by an opponent before contacting the ground is awarded a catch at the spot of forward progress. Blocking on free kick Last year’s rule change stated K players could not initiate contact until the ball broke the plane of R’s restraining line or kick was touched/able to be recovered by K. Update allows for all K players to block if R initiates a block before the ball breaks the plane or the ball is recoverable by K.

13 2013 Rules Review Electronic devices may be used by coaches to communicate with players only during conference OUTSIDE THE NINE YARD MARKS and during HALFTIME. Non-players and coaches can use them on the sideline as long as they are not directly communicating with players.

14 2013 Rules Review Team A’s coach is using tablet and shares it with the players who are on the field, between the 9 yard marks. Illegal. Coach is penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Team A’s coach is using tablet during conference between the 9-yard marks and does NOT share it with players. Legal Team B’s coach is using a tablet. He shares information with players who are gathered around him during a conference between the 9 yard marks. Illegal. Coach is penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.

15 2013 Rules Review Player Towels Towels do not have to be white - 1 solid color allowed. Other than color of the ball or penalty flag. When worn…all players must wear the same color. 1 logo allowed - 2 ¼ square inches Other restrictions remain No less than 4” wide No less than 12” long No bigger than 18” wide and 36” long. Moisture absorbing material Scoring on a Try New language makes it clear that only team A can score on a try.

16 WIAA Rule Change 35 Point Rule Traditional “mercy rule” was modified. A running clock will continue in the 4th quarter even if the score drops below 35 point difference. Still applies only in the second half.

17 Delayed Flags We have all had them. Coaches scream, fans scream, kids overreact. They can look bad, they can look good, but they are for a point. Sometimes they are not only OK, but required. The most common is on intentional grounding.

18 Delayed Flags Couple things need to happen: Pass must be thrown into an area with no eligible receiver. Must to thrown to conserve yardage or time. If a pass goes to an area without a receiver, but there is not threat of loss, it is just a bad pass. If a pass goes to an area without a receiver, but there IS a threat of loss, a late flag would be the correct procedure. Note – Doesn’t have to be incomplete to be intentional grounding! If intercepted – could still be a foul.

19 Delayed Flags How does this late flag happen? Referee is responsible for the quarterback. If there is defensive pressure, referee will stay with him a little longer so a foul does not occur. Referee has little vision of the pass flight. Referee rarely knows if there is an eligible receiver in the area. Crew members must assist by running in immediately to share information and the referee can then throw a delayed flag – good idea to drop a beanbag at the spot anytime there is such pressure. Not recommended to have other officials throw flag on this. You can wave them off, but it is not recommended mechanic.

20 Delayed Flags What other situations does this happen? Player count Can have a late count. Be careful - throw flag before snap. Live ball vs. dead ball foul Dead ball foul is 5 yard penalty—illegal substitution Live ball foul is 15 yard—illegal participation Passing fouls A passer is beyond the neutral zone. Ineligibles beyond expanded neutral zone before forward pass is thrown. Blocking beyond expanded neutral zone before pass ends or been touched. Ball must cross the neutral zone If this is observed, throw the flag, discuss the play, then wave off if warranted

21 Self Evaluation Can be neglected aspect of the job Good officials use post-game and post-season critique What should you think about? Post-game and/or post-season Did I maintain focus during each play? Did anything unusual occur? How did I react to it? Was I comfortable that I knew the rules that came up during the game? Was I in shape to stay on top of the plays? Did I get rattled by coaches, weather, or fans? Watch film (if available) Read reports from observers…if there are any!!

22 Self Evaluation With the Crew Did you work together seamlessly in your area, but still help partners when needed? Where there too many sets of eyes off the play/other players and not enough where they were needed – or vice versa? Consistent in counting players and signaling the crew mates? Did you call fouls outside your area? Communication with the crew Conduct Mannerisms Choice of words

23 Self Evaluation Great time to do this is during halftime and post-game Take out rule books…look things up!!! Look up ruling and penalty enforcements Inform the coach before the start of the 2 nd half so the situation is remedied and done correctly if it happens again. Between periods pick the brain of the veteran and if they have any advice on the play you just had. Avoid arguments or heated debates…could be bad for the crew harmony. Be calm, reasonable discussion Reviewing the work you just did can be as refreshing as that shower. Must be honest and other input is needed to be helpful and a learning experience. Tip – use bookmarks. If something odd happens, tell crew to “bookmark” that play. Will help you remember to discuss it later.

24 Self Evaluation Video….let ’s have a critique. Might be our crews….might not be. Look past the individuals, but watch the play and how things were handled. (Hudl Video---nothing specific, just going to pick some games and watch some film)

25 Discussion Shirts WIAA is allowing the larger stripes like in college. Thoughts? Anyone going to use these shirts? Discussion on protocol like we had with the black pants coming into play. Lets have an association protocol for lower level games.

26 Next Meeting September 11 7pm Jackson Elementary School

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